Philip Cohen

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Phil Cohen is an award-winning keynote speaker and author of the Grief Continuum™, a framework that empowers men struggling with grief. For over 25 years, Phil has helped global technology start-ups grow and flourish. After the sudden loss of his 14-year old son, and struggling to find resources to process his own grief, Phil discovered his true purpose; helping those experiencing grief learn to integrate it in a healthy way. Guiding individuals in despair through the three pillars of; Reflect, Repair, and Repurpose, Phil brings his unique, compassionate coaching to equip men to rediscover their inner resilience in a way that not only serves them but those around them, and to live a life they never imagined possible. His insights have been featured in People and Success magazine, as well as the TEDx stage. To learn more about Phil and his work, you can check out

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