Quinton & Jenn Gibson

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When Lead Guitarist Quinton Gibson, amidst a successful 30-year career in the music industry, fell in love with Jenn Snyder, they were unaware of the problems his drinking would present. After decades of touring, Quinton’s drinking had increased significantly to the point it was impacting his career. Much of Quinton and Jenn’s courtship was long-distance, and when she married Quinton in 2017, Jenn had no addiction experience. 


An intervention was held six months after he and Jenn had married. Quinton agreed to it but did not surrender to a full recovery program, and he relapsed in his first year. 


He and Jenn recommitted together. Throughout Quinton’s journey, Jenn has learned the system of understanding, empathy, patience, and education that creates the family support needed in recovery. Today Quinton marks more than five years of sobriety, and he credits the success of his recovery program to his step work with his sponsor, meditation, ancillary recovery programs, and his solid support system at home. 


Today, Quinton is in his 15th year touring with country artist Darius Rucker and is the S.C. Ambassador to Guitars 4 Vets, which helps veterans cope with PTSD through music. He and Jenn live in Nashville and are proud parents of Quinton’s four adult children and furbaby Bentlee. 


Grateful for the support they have received from professionals, colleagues, friends, and family, Jenn, and Quinton feel called to help others survive and thrive in their recovery journeys. As they travel across the country sharing their story, a portion of their speaking fee goes to Cirque Lodge Foundation, helping patients who need financial aid for recovery.

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