Rebecca Balyasny

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Rebecca is a life athlete and always has been. She enjoyed a childhood filled with sports, which led her to play tennis in college, and as an adult and working mother, she still finds joy, fulfillment, and a moment for herself in the routine of fitness classes.


When the COVID pandemic hit and in-person workouts became virtual, Rebecca— like so many others—found herself missing the connections she had formerly enjoyed in person: working out with friends she loved and instructors who knew her name.


bande was born from Rebecca’s desire for connection and community in this ever-changing world. She created a beta version of the concept and invited some of her best friends from all over the world to attend a virtual barre class with one of her favorite instructors. There, something amazing happened:


‘There was a magical micro-moment at the beginning of class, where I waved to my friend and knew we were sharing the same experience. Then more magic came when the instructor called my name, taking a real interest in what I was doing and helping to push me along and coach me. At that moment, I knew I was on to something that was going to change the way people experience and connect through fitness.’

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Virtual In-Person

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