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Rebecca Minor, LICSW is a queer, Jewish clinician, consultant, and educator specializing in the intersection of trauma, gender, and sexuality. As a Gender Specialist, Rebecca partners with trans and gender nonconforming youth through their journey of becoming, and is a guide to their parents in affirming it. Rebecca is the founder of Prism Therapy Collective, where her approach is always trauma-informed and resilience-oriented. In addition to her clinical work, Rebecca is part-time faculty at Boston University School of Social Work and has provided cultural responsiveness training and consultation to organizations, schools, and businesses for the past decade. Rebecca is also the author of the forthcoming book "Raising Trans Youth; What To Expect When You Weren’t Expecting This" (Row House, 2025).


Speaking Topics -


Allyship In Action: Elevating Support for Pride 2024

In the face of 2024's unprecedented anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, the urgency for genuine allyship has never been more critical. "Allyship in Action" emerges as a transformative workshop designed not just to navigate but to challenge these turbulent times. This is not your ordinary diversity training; it's a call to arms for those ready to forge a profound, lasting difference in the world. By delving into the personal "why" behind your support, we equip participants to transform passive solidarity into active, impactful allyship. In a year marked by adversity, this is your opportunity to stand firm and champion the cause of 2SLGBTQ+ rights with unwavering determination and commitment.


Gender & Sexuality Identity Party™
This presentation goes far beyond the basics of LGBTQ+ understanding—it's an immersive and enlightening journey tailored specifically to your organization. Incorporating data and a variety of interactive activities, we'll delve deep into the nuances of gender and sexuality, offering insights that promise to enrich your team, faculty, and staff's comprehension. But we don't stop at understanding; we aim to foster a profound connection with one's own identity, providing a solid foundation for becoming not just allies but true accomplices in the quest for inclusivity. Prepare to embark on an engaging exploration that will leave everyone not only excited to champion LGBTQ+ rights but also equipped with the knowledge and empathy necessary to support and uplift the community in meaningful ways. This is the kind of active allyship that can transform an organizational culture, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.


The History of Pride: From Stonewall to Today

Join us for an engaging talk on the history of Pride, from its origins at the Stonewall riots to the present day. Our expert speakers will take you on a journey through the evolution of Pride, exploring the social and political movements that shaped the LGBTQ+ rights movement.


The Power of Trans Youth: Diversity & Allyship through Storytelling

This is a well-rounded alternative to presenting your staff with the traditional lecture on pronouns and trans identity. Through on-screen images, audio interviews, and personal narratives, queer+trans-identified photographer Jesse Freidin and I will spark a thoughtful dialogue about trans rights in America, and how your community can become more welcoming and effective allies. This presentation uses storytelling to uncover themes of strength, joy, and survival and encourages the audience to reflect on their own commitment to social justice. Included will be a brief overview of current anti-trans legislation and guidance on how to be an active ally, as well as time for Q + A. 


Beyond Labels: Celebrating Workplace Diversity in Gender and Sexuality

An empowering session designed to expand our understanding of diversity beyond conventional categories. This talk dives deep into the complexities of gender and sexuality, moving beyond simple labels to a fuller appreciation of individual identities. Through engaging discussions, personal insights, and interactive exercises, participants will explore the myriad ways people experience and express their identities. The goal is to cultivate an environment where everyone is valued and understood, promoting a culture where differences in gender and sexuality are not just acknowledged but actively celebrated. This session will equip attendees to become champions of inclusivity, laying the foundation for a workplace environment characterized by acceptance and mutual respect. Join us to take a significant step toward becoming more effective allies and accomplices, ensuring our workplace is a beacon of diversity and inclusion.


Navigating Gendered Language with Confidence and Respect

Navigating Gendered Language with Confidence and Respect helps participants develop a better understanding of gender identity, sexual orientation, the importance of pronouns, and how to use them properly. During this workshop, attendees will have an opportunity to explore and acknowledge the abundance of gender identities and expressions within your community, including people who are gender non-conforming (GNC) and trans people. We will also discuss what to do when we make mistakes, the positive effects of support, and have an opportunity for Q&A with a gender specialist. This can be done as a 60-minute session though 90 minutes is recommended.

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"Rebecca has been instrumental in supporting our 2SLGBTQIA+ staff at Arc'Teryx through her comprehensive, multi-module course design and engaging delivery. The lunch and learn session she hosted was a testament to her ability to create an open, educational space that encouraged thoughtful dialogue and connection among our team members. Rebecca's contributions as a consultant have been invaluable, and we are truly grateful to have her guiding us in creating a more inclusive workplace for everyone. She is indeed a treasure to our organization.”

Jessica O’Dowd, Arcteryx, Senior Manager of Education, Diversity, and Inclusion

“Rebecca recently spoke at Google and the talk was absolutely *fantastic*: very well-received, thoughtful and informative. Rebecca showed up with compassion, humor, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. People were very positive about the discussion and can’t wait for a follow-up discussion. I’d highly recommend Rebecca as a crucial and compelling voice on any issues pertaining to transgender or gender-diverse youth. She is a truly wonderful resource."

Zena Fralick, Google, Chair of Transgender ERG

“Rebecca delivered an insightful and thought-provoking presentation that demonstrated an impressive ability to engage the audience while creating a safe and welcoming space for discussion. She is a great combination of subject matter expert and effective presenter with a delivery style both confident and approachable, making it easy for attendees to stay engaged and absorb the valuable insights being shared. I highly recommend her for any event or organization seeking to reinforce and celebrate these important messages for Pride month and beyond.”

India Dittemore, HR Director, Applied BioMath