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Reema Zaman is an author, screenwriter, and speaker. Her books include the critically acclaimed memoir I Am Yours and Paramita: A Dystopian Matriarchy. She is the creator and writer of the TV show Snap. I Am Yours was adopted into the curriculum of several high schools through an Innovation Grant from the Oregon Department of Education. The New York Times states that "Zaman writes beautifully of the pain and frustration of being a woman in a man's world, an immigrant in a world suspicious of outsiders." 

For media appearances, Reema is best known for her interview on Dear Sugars with Cheryl Strayed, her interview, Speaking as a Revolution on Layla Saad’s Good Ancestor Podcast, her interview on VICE News' Strongman and her TEDxTalk, "The power of your no and the authority of your yes.” All of Reema’s podcast appearances can be found here.


As noted by Forbes magazine, Reema's life and career have been "A fabulous trajectory of powerful transformation." Reema’s work has appeared in Vogue, Ms. Magazine, The Guardian, Salon, and other leading outlets. A "spellbinding performer of exceptional presence," Reema is a renowned speaker and has been performing worldwide since she was six years old. She was the 2018 Oregon Literary Arts’ Writer of Color Fellow, two-time RACC Award recipient, and has won multiple other grants and awards. She is also facilitates the award-winning Become a Good Ancestor Book Club.


Born in Bangladesh and raised in Thailand, Reema graduated with degrees in Theater and Women's Studies from Skidmore College, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her rescue chihuahua, Fia the Fierce.

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Reema’s keen editorial eye is the best I’ve worked with in the business, bar none. She is not only skilled in the meticulous work of copyediting, but also in zooming out to craft the most impactful story possible. She doesn’t merely project her style onto your work, as so many editors and coaches do, but instead helps you bring your vision to fruition in your own authentic voice. My work would not be nearly as powerful as it is today without her expertise guiding me along the way. I hope I will never have to write another book without her by my side.

Gemma Hartley, author of Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward

Reema has the distinct ability to listen deeply - peel the layers of a story - to create a unique vision that's just about you and your words and your story - not filled with buzzwords of what you think you want to say or how you think you should be seen. Instead, Reema helps you find the words and the confidence to be who you are and share why you, as you, should be seen, heard, and presented. She has a gift with words.

Vivek Mahapatra, Senior Director of Competitive Intelligence & Marketing Strategy at Salesforce, Entrepreneur, Career Coach

I asked Reema to read the three chapters I was including in my book proposal and I am forever in her debt. Immediately she spotted my strengths and had me write to them, course correcting the path I was to toward something far more authentic. Her attention to detail is stunning, every paragraph was examined and discussed. The resulting pages exceeded my expectations and more importantly, prompted my agent to sign me the day after she'd read them. I would and will go to Reema again and again for guidance because I know that whatever she gives me will be invaluable.

Laura Cathcart Robbins, writer, podcaster, and author of the forthcoming Simon & Schuster memoir, STASH

Simply put, I didn't believe I was a writer until I worked with Reema and experienced her steady, loving hand. First I was struck by the unfathomable vastness and depth of her skills. Her bird's-eye vision for the potential in a given piece was always balanced by the concentrated power of her magnifying glass. Her thoughtful edits were always forward-thinking, encouraging a brisk momentum and the opportunity for reflection in perfect measure. She spotted themes and currents beyond my conscious awareness, and always seemed to know of exciting places where we might be headed next. All of this was anchored in a profoundly caring approach, instilling a calm confidence that together, we would navigate any challenge and reach our destination. If I was a boat lost at sea, Reema was the lighthouse, and collaborating with her is a gift I will always treasure. In short, Reema heard my voice, honed my voice, and elevated my voice.

Daniel Demento, essayist, songwriter, musician

Reema worked as a developmental editor on my memoir. Every week for nine months, she patiently guided me through less exclamation points, more room for interior thought, and more space to hone my voice. She challenged me and edited my manuscript sharply with generous kindness and wisdom—not only did my book improve immensely but so did I as a writer. Writing a book takes a village. Reema has been such an important part of mine and has helped me grow as an author. If you’re looking for that kind of help, Reema is incredible. She will elevate your voice.

Amy Bond, writer, essayist, and author of Becoming California

Reema and I first connected through the sharp writing in her memoir, I Am Yours. In the years since, she’s become a trusted advisor on my writing projects. I look to Reema for her meticulous read on voice and craft, for which she has a visionary eye. Because her mind works in details, I entrust Reema to give me careful editorial feedback that takes into account both a structural view of the work, as well as the fine tuning of specific language. We have engaged in countless creative discussions that have helped me to identify the tone and specific angle needed to bring an idea to life. I look to Reema for the holistic lens she brings to every creative endeavor, helping writers and artists more succinctly and memorably tell their story.

Abby Maslin, author of the bestselling memoir Love You Hard

After reading I Am Yours by Reema I had this strong desire to connect with her. First, to express how much her book touched me, and next to see if she was available to coach me through writing a book that has been tucked inside of me for a decade. She immediately offered to work with me and all of a sudden I felt nervous. Would I measure up to her expectations or would I be a chore for her? During our first call I felt a calm come over me—she is deeply sincere and thoughtful. She is brilliant. She is inspirational. Reema grasped my story quickly and began sharing what she heard, as I shared my thoughts. She is beyond an editor—she is part coach, part teacher, and part friend. The person you want on your side. She hears your voice and helps hone your style with poise and precision—she wants you to succeed and delivers success. She opens up the creative brain on an advanced neurological level and is capable of guiding the writer's lens with one sentence—it’s her magic. Her line edits and narrative structure edits were superb and guided me to become the writer I am today. I felt that she invested every cell into what I was trying to accomplish. She challenged me at times and that push is what I needed. I’m thankful for every step we took together.

Michelle Judge, author of Suburban Therapy

I came across Reema Zaman while listening to her interview in Cheryl Strayed’s podcast. The way Reema spoke about unpacking and healing abusive relationships made me decide to purchase her book I Am Yours. I reached out to Reema on Instagram to tell her how much her book had an impact on me. She responded and we had a conversation. She is truly one of the kindest authors and so willing to help any one who reaches out to her. I was then lucky to work with Reema as my book editor. In particular, she is a voice strategist. Her phone calls and edits were insightful and helpful while she made sure the sentences stayed true to my own voice. She was pleasant, knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Reema clearly has a knack for crafting a story and making the reader want to continue on. Reema became a treasured mentor as well as a friend. I would highly recommend her editing skills as well as her book to anyone I know!

Carolyn Spellman, author of Lemons