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Let me ask you, do you find it difficult to connect with people on a deeper level in our fast-paced world, or see it as nearly impossible to inspire large crowds who are concerned with the dark, uncertain times we are living in today? Well you see, I actually never thought I’d be standing right here. In fact, nobody would have dreamed I’d be here. Not after the traumatic history of mental health issues I suffered when I was younger. From mental institutions, to the seemingly endless voices that rattled my thinking, I didn’t see any hope for a future. But I write before you today, not knowing what struggle or obstacle you might be currently facing, telling you that God delivered me from my years of anguish and mental hardships literally overnight in a mental institution. At my rock bottom, I kneeled and asked God for freedom, revealed to Him my true despair of feelings of hopelessness. This is why I’ve devoted my life ever since that day to help others be free from their challenges, whether it’s in business, relationships, finances, mental or physical, you name it, I’ve experienced all of it. I know what it’s like on the dark side of the tunnel and on the other side seeing light at the end of it. Since then, for more than three decades, I’ve used the simple principles and truth to connect with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This simple principle of transparency allows me to light a spark in the individuals that listen to my story, hear my transformation, and learn the fact that it only takes 1 simple action or word to inspire someone to pursue their calling. I use my simple but powerful speaking connection with audiences to help improve businesses, save marriages, and resurrect careers. I’ve found that the beauty of speaking from my truthful experiences is that it sparks a fire in any audience setting, from entrepreneurs, senior executives, and even visionaries in the non-profit sector. I’ve gone on to author 20 best-selling books and currently have worked closely with organizations to bring food, clothing, medical and dental care to those in need. My hope and only goal is to care for people and change lives while helping people.

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  • What is your favorite quote? A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; and optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. -Winston Churchill
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? Cars, watches, electronics.
  • Who do you look up to as a mentor and why? Peter Daniels (Australian Multi-Millionaire) because he is the greatest man I’ve ever met. He has overcome so much adversity. He files bankruptcy 3x and paid everyone every penny back.