Ryan Berman

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Ryan Berman is the founder of Courageous. With more than 20 years in courageous reinvention, Ryan is a speaker, practitioner and authority on the subject. His methods for unlocking change inside organizations have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Forbes. Ryan has spoken all over the globe to C Suite, teams and professional services audiences on the topic and shares the learnings he uncovered for his book: Return On Courage: A Business Playbook For Change. This includes leading brands like Google, Snapchat, Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz and charity: water.


Ryan hosts The Courageous Podcast where he talks with thought leaders in business, sports and entertainment to uncover what it means to be courageous in today's world. His ultimate goal is to inspire more people to choose courage. Change is hard, but the hardships of not changing are harder! If you wish your team could be more courageous, Ryan will share a practical step-by-step approach you could start implementing across your organization the moment Ryan leaves your stage. Ryan also has his own Courage Brand:, an altruistic company that strives to “sock” the world’s problems with socks. 

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Virtual In-Person

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Ryan was Incredible. He challenged us to have the courage to evolve or end up as a cautionary tale.

Dustin Bomar, Head of Industry, Travel at Google

Highly recommend Ryan to any organization that needs a reminder to never settle.

Jordan Hunter, People & Culture, Charity: water

He captivated 200 of us for 2 hours.

Michael Gregory, Marketing, Red Bull

Ryan is an inspirational leader who knows how to think out-of-the-box.

Bill Warren, P&G

Ryan Berman wowed attendees with his take on branding and courage. It was the highest-rated keynote to date for the Golf Inc Summit.

Golf Inc