Ryan Campbell

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Ryan Campbell is one of the world’s leading mental health and resilience keynote speakers. His gripping story of adventure and adversity leaves audiences in laughter, tears, and inspired into action. As a teenager, Ryan became the youngest solo pilot to fly around the world and was named one of Australia's 50 great explorers. But everything changed after a tragic plane crash that left him with a paraplegic diagnosis, told he would never walk again.


Over the next several years, Ryan’s incredible recovery back to walking and flying again defied the odds. While he ticked the boxes that defined success, his mental health had never been worse. Like many in today’s world, Ryan was struggling with burnout, anxiety, and depression.


His missing puzzle piece wasn’t found in a massive global expedition or miraculous recovery. Ryan’s greatest lesson was parked right in his driveway.


Today, Ryan speaks to organizations around the world about the life-changing power of prioritizing joy. Through the story of his Elvis-inspired 1960 pink Cadillac, he shares accessible and attainable frameworks that will immediately improve mental health, fuel performance, and transform culture.


Through harnessing the power of joy, Ryan helps audiences shift their thinking so that they can step back in order to show up better. All by asking one simple question…


What’s Your Pink Cadillac?

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What's Your Pink Cadillac? The Transformational Power of Prioritizing Joy


Dive into the joy-fueled resilience hidden in our hobbies, interests, and simple pleasures. In a fast-paced world where our challenges are relentless and the solutions seem out of reach, Ryan delivers a message of accessible, attainable change. From the highs of a world record-breaking expedition to the most unimaginable low of a plane crash and paraplegic diagnosis, Ryan uses his story to highlight the realities of adversity and the role of resilience. A message built on the importance of mental health and self-care, What’s Your Pink Cadillac? uncovers the most unexpected, transformational tool discovered in the most unexpected place, the purchase of a 1960 Pink Cadillac. Get ready to smile like a kid, step back, and show up better.


As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Develop a new understanding of adversity and the role of resilience
  • Discover the hidden power of our hobbies, interests, and simple pleasures
  • Unlock the tools to improve mental health, fuel performance, and improve culture
  • Identify and share their own personal Pink Cadillacs
  • Identify the five steps to driving our Pink Cadillacs

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