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Scott Deming is a highly accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of success within agriculture, franchising, restaurants, food & beverage, not-for-profits, automotive, healthcare, retail, pharmaceuticals, utilities, visitor and tourism, financial and professional services, insurance, technology, distribution, manufacturing, and real estate. He leverages extensive brand development and strategic planning experience to improve an organization’s standing while implementing innovative solutions to support growth. Scott has proven his ability to build and motivate teams while developing unparalleled customer experience, innovation and leadership initiatives with his internationally acclaimed keynote presentations, training sessions and consulting arrangements.


Scott works with companies spanning any industry with current clients including Kansas Hospital Association, Canadian Association of Fairs & Exhibitions, Daikon Heating & Cooling, New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc., McDonald's of Russia, Hershey Foods, Pfizer, Delta Airlines, Verizon Wireless, General Motors, Farm Credit Bank, AT&T and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Scott works closely with clients to identify core requirements and develops solutions with an emphasis on culture transformation, employee motivation and engagement, and corporate goal attainment, drawing on 30+ years of corporate experience. Key indicators of his success are represented by his training and workshop sessions that have been considered so impactful, that The Vision Council issued CXO Certification to all attendees.; his consultancy input to a national manufacturer recognized in supporting the company’s achievement of record sales figures; and assisting a Verizon Wireless subsidiary franchisee with customer service improvements which resulted in an 80% increase in sales.


From 1986 to 2003, Scott managed his own advertising company, establishing Deming Advertising and building a client portfolio prior to a company merger in 1991. By 1993, Scott had negotiated a buyout and returned his company to standalone status, rebranding the business as Ryan Communications Inc. He worked with B2B and B2C companies to formulate advertising solutions and grew the business to 70 employees and $30 million in annual revenue. His clients included Mom & Pop businesses and companies such as Benjamin Moore Paints, The Scotts Company, Bryant, Carrier, TroyBuilt, and Oki Data.


In addition to his executive career, Scott is President and Chair of Safe & Sound with Amaya; Founder and former Board Member of Service Nation / Service Roundtable; and former Board Member with Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation. He has also served as an Advisory Board Member with United Way, American Heart Association, Salvation Army, Children’s Cancer Foundation, and Upstate Medical. He has also served as an Advisor and Lecturer on the topic of Career Development at various Universities and an Advisor and Mentor at Prison Engagements. Proving his thought leadership, Scott regularly contributes to blogs and Magazines. He has published articles in media including Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Boston Globe, Sales & Service Excellence, and the Huffington Post. Scott is a confident and prolific public speaker. He has spoken at national leadership retreats, global leadership, sales and customer events, and user conferences. Scott has been interviewed for Fox News and national radio shows and has participated in live radio Q&A.


Speaking Topics - 


Creating A Customer-Centric Culture For The Ultimate Customer Experience

In an era where innovation and expertise are revolutionizing the business landscape, Scott Deming's session stands out. This is not your typical “customer service” presentation. This program is a vital part of your focus on 'Transforming the Customer Experience.' Scott emphasizes that a truly customer-centric culture extends beyond direct customer interactions; it's a comprehensive ethos that encompasses everyone in the organization, regardless of their role.


In his engaging presentation, Scott will explore how every team member, even those who never face a customer, plays a pivotal role in shaping the customer experience and the overall brand. Through actionable strategies and insights, attendees will learn how to foster a culture where every action and decision aligns with the needs and expectations of the customers.


Join Scott Deming as he guides you through the principles of creating lasting customer relationships and driving growth in your organization. Discover how your team can transform every engagement into an opportunity to reinforce your commitment to the Ultimate Customer Experience and establish your company as a trusted partner in every customer’s journey.


A Guide to Unique and Effective Leadership 

Most companies have a mission statement, but it's merely a well written paragraph, mounted on the wall of the conference room and visible on the company website. Very few organizations live that mission statement, because it was written by a few people at the top who thought the words would resonate with their customers, with very little thought put into where the words came from.


In this dynamic leadership and teamwork driven program, based on Scott Deming's second book - "Powered by Purpose" he challenges you and every attendee to "understand your values and where those values came from, and how those values dictate your decisions and drive you to your purpose". Next, he shows the process for surrounding yourself with people who share your values and desire your purpose. This does not mean to surround yourself with yes men and yes women. In fact, Scott discusses the importance of tossing out ego and welcoming healthy debate and contrary ideas.


Case studies will be discussed, corporate heroes will be highlighted and proof will be shown, that companies without a purpose driven and value oriented culture cannot survive in a world where people are seeking meaningful interactions and trusting relationships.


During his presentation, Scott will help you:

  • Define your values
  • Understand where those values came from
  • Understand the difference between functional purpose and mission purpose
  • Understand the importance of staying true to your values in the face of temptation or profit
  • Recognize employees and colleagues who's values are either aligned with your values or out of alignment


Scott Deming is a seasoned business professional with over thirty years of corporate experience and over twenty years as owner/operator of a national advertising and marketing firm. He has helped managers and executives from just about every industry, across the globe, become stronger, more effective leaders.


Beyond The Platform Virtual Presentations

The most common response after one of Scott's keynote presentations or training programs is this - "That was amazing, relevant and transformative. But now what? How do we keep the message alive and the momentum going?"


If you're like most companies, you don't have the time or the budget to bring your staff together several times a year and hire someone to conduct ongoing training. For most, it's simply not viable. Until Now!


Enter... Beyond the Platform, a highly affordable and convenient virtual training program, created to address the most common challenges and solve the most troubling issues companies face every day. Each component of the training program is tailored to your specific industry and organizational needs. Beyond the Platform was developed to address and improve:

  • Leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Innovation
  • Brand
  • Sales
  • Culture
  • Morale
  • Customer and Employee Loyalty


What Exactly is Beyond the Platform?

Beyond the Platform is a virtual training program that utilizes the latest audio, video and streaming technology and combines it with our nearly forty years of corporate experience and the expert speaking and communication talents of Scott Deming. Each tailored program is designed and presented in a way that helps organizations get past the road blocks and continue on the road to growth and profitability. What are the Program Components?


Depending on your needs and budget, Beyond the Platform includes all or some of the following:

  • Training Videos
  • Live Video Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Teaser Videos


Your Beyond the Platform program is uniquely branded with your company logo, style and information and is designed to be delivered from your corporate website, email and any other platform you wish to use. And, each component is professionally produced in our own production studios, which means we can be extremely responsive with your changes and updates and most important, keep your costs down!


Once we've discuss your needs, we will prepare a proposal. Your customized proposal will include a schedule with proposed content, as well as itemized costs for each component.

Scott Deming's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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“Scott has served as a keynote speaker at a number of our events over the past several years. In short he delivers a quality program whether he’s speaking to a team of our front line sales personnel or high level leaders. His vast years of experience in sales, marketing, advertising, and business in general allow him to offer a multitude of content. His stage presence and ability to connect with an audience is second to none. Scott is a master in tailoring his message to captivate audiences and provides them with practical take-aways everyone can use to grow their business, leadership, and overall self-worth. I highly recommend Scott for anyone looking to inspire their team to the next level.”

Steven Witges, Senior VP Lending, Farm Credit Mid-America

“Over two decades ago I attended one of Scott's keynotes on branding and customer service. I never forgot what I learned and used his training throughout my career. When I started at my agency, I wanted our staff to benefit from the same training and I brought Scott in for a keynote. The impact was immediate, and this keynote turned into a three-year staff training program focusing on leadership, customer service, and building our brand. Creating a thriving culture and improving staff leadership improves productivity, morale, and customer service. Scott brought decades of real-world experience and polished presentation skills to help our organization further develop our culture and leadership skills. This doesn't happen overnight, but with continual training and skill-building, the results were transformative. By helping our staff look at the customer from the customer's perspective, incremental improvements are made. The sum of these incremental improvements is massive over time. Scott Deming will help you transform your organization."

Bryan Burhans, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Game Commission

“He was incredible and perfect for our business session. We had some technical issues, but he was so patient and rolled with the punches. We debriefed the group following his presentation and had some lessons learned. They took away extraordinary messages from his presentation. It was very fitting for our theme and topic for this year. I have no doubt we will crush the competition. I would highly recommend Scott for any business looking to energize and engage their leadership. Thank you, Judy for recommending him and thank you Ellison for making all the arrangements. I couldn’t have been happier! If there is any testimonial you need for future clients for him, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to get the word out about Scott! Please let him know.”

Desiree Khoury, SVP, Marketing & Business Development Tokio Marine HCC – Cyber & Professional Lines Group

“I have known Scott for nearly a decade. Scott worked with us in a variety of ways when I was the CEO at True Value – from big stage presentations to smaller group leadership development. Recently, he was the keynote speaker at our inaugural senior leadership team meeting at Ascend Wellness. He was one of the highest rated agenda items over the 2-days, delivering highly relevant and motivational content.”

John Hartmann, CEO, Ascend Wellness

“On behalf of the Mortgage Bankers Association, I wish to sincerely thank you for the captivating, meaningful and timely presentation you made to our members at our 94th annual convention in Boston. I have been working at and attending events such as these for several years. As a staff member and coordinator for our conferences, I am pulled in many directions. I rarely sit through more than a few minutes of a speaker’s presentation, because I need to be in too many places at one time. I planned to watch for a few minutes and make sure you had everything you needed, then skip out, but there I was 90 minutes later. We’ve had nothing but wonderful feedback regarding your breakout session. I’m confident we will be speaking with you in the future about participating in additional conferences. Thank you again for your participation. You truly helped make our 94th convention a huge success!”

Deanna Johnson, Mortgage Bankers Association of America

“It was a pleasure having you as Armstrong’s speaker at our spring management retreat. It is important to Armstrong to provide a program that will motivate, stimulate and develop our team. Your message and method was both educational and entertaining. Our goal to provide an excellent customer experience has been enhanced, and our awareness of the relationships with customers strengthened as a result of your efforts. I know that members of our team were inspired to implement some of your techniques, ideas and message into their relationships with employees and customers."

Jeffrey A. Ross, President - Armstrong

“Scott, thank you for a great workshop. It was very engaging and very informative and the group truly loved it. Thank you so much!”

Peter Sirgy, VP of Sales and Marketing - Reser’s Fine Foods

“I wanted to send you a follow up letter regarding the recent training session you presented for our sales and business teams. I heard feedback like, “by far the best we have ever had”, “Mr. McDonald, Mr. Deming just set the bar real high for any other training we ever have” and one National Salesman said, “my suggestion is we have Scott Deming come speak to us at least twice a year.” As you can see, you’ve made me look very good Scott and all 54 attendees were extremely satisfied with the 4 hours of training they received from you.”

Scott McDonald, Director of Sales - GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE

“There are speakers with sizzle, and there are speakers with substance. Scott Deming is one of the few speakers we’ve experienced who delivers both. We found Scott to be great to work with and eager to tailor his presentation to our audience. He’s an authoritative and entertaining speaker who makes a lasting impression, and I’m proud to recommend him.”

James S. Calvin, President - New York Assoc. of Convenience Stores

“Your presentation was right on the mark in terms of style, subject matter and audience engagement. You obviously have a great deal of relevant expertise and experience, but your unique ability to share that in a way that is relatable, meaningful and entertaining is very special.”

Stan Ray, VP of Corporate Relations - Farm Credit Bank of Texas

“Your engaging presentation and the way you involved the group in the presentation made a long day of presentation seem not so long. Amazing energy!”

Alice Norsworthy, Sr VP Marketing - Royal Caribbean

“The speaker evaluations are in and you scored “Excellent!” Your “Team and Leadership” and “Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience” seminars were both very well received. Some of the comments we received included “High Energy”, “Insightful”, “Engaging”, “Very Knowledgeable”, “Thought Provoking”, “Great Audience Participation” and of course “Fun!”’

Karen JohnsonRetail Training Coordinator - ACE Hardware Corporation

“Thank you for being more than a keynote speaker – you’ve been a valuable part of our team. Our franchisees rated both your style of speaking and content very highly. From city to city and group to group, you effectively tailored your style and delivery to fit each situation. Your content, style and energy were all exceptional and made a great impact on our entire franchise group.”

Jim Darby, President - Super 8 Motels

“…Dynamic and motivating…Great speaker…One of the best ever at the event… Entertaining and shared valuable information on branding…”

Claudia Vecchio, State Tourism Director - Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism

“You kicked off our day doing a breakfast speech, and your super energy and very strong message helped carry a full convention day. Our group was energized and learned more due to how you kicked off the day. I would highly recommend you to any organization looking to get folks focused on the fact that people sell to people, and without the personal sales relationship, the future will be bleak for those selling on price alone.”

Kevin Sinclair, President and CEO - Wireless Zone

“You kicked off our day doing a breakfast speech, and your super energy and very strong message helped carry a full convention day. Our group was energized and learned more due to how you kicked off the day. I would highly recommend you to any organization looking to get folks focused on the fact that people sell to people, and without the personal sales relationship, the future will be bleak for those selling on price alone.”

Kevin Sinclair, President and CEO - Wireless Zone

“…Based on the feedback we’ve received, your ideas are already making an impact within our organization as we focus on the principles of innovation and optimization. Your passion and vision was truly inspiring to all of us. Your unique point of view on building successful brands was perfect.”

Greg UrdockVice President, Business Administration - Wyeth

“Thank you for being a person who ‘walks the talk.’ Your professionalism and timeliness in responding to our needs was second to none.”

Deb FelkerGlobal Training Manager - 3M

“On behalf of the entire leadership, I would like to thank you for the insightful, relevant and powerful presentation you made at our launch event. Everyone from the Chairman to the Product Engineers found your information, processes, and anecdotes to be entertaining and inspiring. You were right on the mark.”

Jared GouldVice President - Panasonic

“Your presentation was instrumental in making this event a successful one. We enjoyed every minute of it, not only for your great delivery and humor, but for its educational and motivational content. Very meaningful.”

José Corujo, President SME Asociación de Ejecutivos de Ventas y Mercadeo de Puerto Rico

“I do not believe I could have made a better choice in selecting a speaker. Perhaps the most impressive feature of your presentation was your ability to connect with our salespeople. Your information and processes made such an impact on our company.”

Tim Miller, Manager - Agco Corp.

“I do not believe I could have made a better choice in selecting a speaker. Perhaps the most impressive feature of your presentation was your ability to connect with our salespeople. Your information and processes made such an impact on our company.”

Tim Miller, Manager - Agco Corp.

“As you can see from the enclosed evaluations, your program was very well received and our attendees found your information to be outstanding. Each one says the same thing…‘WOW!’ I love the one which says, ‘I hope my boss was listening.’ …Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Nancy Jewell, Publicity Director - Husqvarna

“You truly made an impact with your “Emotional Branding” and “Ultimate Customer Experience” message. I believe many in attendance were transformed! In fact, our Divisional Vice President was so impressed with your performance, he is encouraging other regions to bring you in as well. You really hit home on many levels.”

Maureen Cioni, Regional Marketing Coordinator - Countrywide Home Loans

“Your topics were both engaging and entertaining to our franchisees, and provided a wealth of information to help them improve the service, quality and bottom line of their individual businesses. Your professionalism, cooperation and ‘can do’ attitude were greatly appreciated, and helped us to focus our efforts elsewhere, knowing your involvement would be seamless during this hectic event. Thank you for helping Re-Bath to raise the bar.”

Robin Rollando, Vice President - Re-Bath

“Your keynote presentation to MHCA in Denver on August 20 was a sentinel event…you received the very highest evaluation scoring EVER in our 24 year history. We were knocked out! Thank you so much for the considerable preparation for and fantastic delivery of an important topic. Your passion and enthusiasm for the topic was inspiring and educational. Humor and magic added the “unexpected experience.”

Donald Hevey, President and CEO - MHCA

“…a quick “WOW!” and Thank You! Talk about exceeding expectations! The fact that the standing room only crowd quickly erupted into a standing ovation was proof positive of the impact your message had on our group. I really think the extra research you did by calling our customers and getting ‘their side’ of the story” added to the relevance and credibility of your presentation. Thank you so much for coming through for us. You’ve sent away the sales force with a new level of energy and motivation.”

Dean Grossman, National Sales Manager - Cargill AgHorizons

“Scott, you came highly recommended, that’s why we decided to go with you at our first dealer meeting Biloxi. But after witnessing your presentation and hearing the rave reviews from the dealers and Carrier’s management, we had to have you at the rest of the corporate meetings across the country. I know traveling coast to coast over a two-month period wasn’t easy. But you have to know just how much it meant to Carrier to have you deliver our sales and marketing information in a way that no one will soon forget. Your sales and marketing expertise combined with the most amazing stuff I’ve ever seen was a home run! On behalf of the senior management and our regional managers across the country, thank you for your incredible presentation.”

Jim D'Agostino, Vice President - United Technologies Carrier

“I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your outstanding keynote presentation at our annual national directors meeting. As you may have heard, this is a tough crowd to please. But when you finished your presentation, our entire group jumped to their feet for a well deserved standing ovation! We truly appreciate your time in advance of the meeting to really learn about our business. You mixed our challenges, goals and objectives into your presentation to make it not only exciting and memorable, but very relative. Your presentation exceeded all of our expectations. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Eric Hopper, Field Operations Division Manager - Servpro Industries

“We cannot thank you enough for your keynote presentation on Friday to cap off our three day event. It was high energy, informative and extremely entertaining! Your topics and content were right on and the entertaining way in which you delivered the message was just incredible. Your presentation was the perfect ending to a truly fantastic conference. Again, thank you for your contributions to this all important annual event. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any company looking to raise their conference or convention to a new level.”

Suzee Rogers, VP Sales and Marketing - Wells Fargo First Allied

“What can I say? We wanted to introduce our new products in a unique and entertaining way, and man did we ever! I’ve never witnessed audience participation and audience reaction like there was at your show. Truly astounding! Thank you so much for understanding our audience and our mission. I really believe we sent our customers away that evening educated on our products, baffled by your performance and happy with the entire event.”

Wayne Irons, Senior Sales Executive - Glaxo Smith Kline

“I want to thank you for the truly great keynote presentation you made for our group of nearly 1,500 users, staff and management in Las Vegas recently. You truly energized the entire room! Your brand messaging coupled with the astounding mind reading effects was just amazing. Thank you for working our new products and other key Misys business solutions into your presentation. It added a great deal of impact! You were a pleasure to work with. Your willingness to remain flexible and totally cooperative right up to the final minutes was so much appreciated. You’re a real pro!”

Stephanie Ingle, Marketing Event Manager - Misys Healthcare Systems

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation you made at our President Club meeting at Walt Disney World in January. As you well know, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Many people, including our own CEO and President said that yours was the very best presentation they’ve ever seen. And I cannot agree more. The message, humor and energy you delivered on stage were second to none. You really were outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend you HIGHLY to any company looking for a speaker who can truly motivate and send people home with a fresh new perspective on their jobs and their lives.”

Joe Leotta, VP Marketing - Saxon Mortgage, Inc.

“Thank you for speaking at our Marketing Staff meeting on February 23. It was highly praised and I received numerous comments from management and my co-workers regarding how much they enjoyed it. Thank you for your energetic, informative and impressive presentation as well as the smaller break-out sessions in the afternoon.”

Tiffany Burgess, USAA Enterprise Brand Marketing

“These words come from our entire marketing and management staff when I say thank you for helping us to deliver the most successful kickoff meetings to date! Thank you for spending time in our stores, offices and at the call center to really learn our business. Because of the research you did, your message was spot on with our own company issues and objectives. Finally, thank you for delivering the most energetic, captivating, entertaining and meaningful presentations these groups have ever witnessed! You’re a pro’s pro!”

Kevin Schiller, Associate Director of Marketing Verizon Wireless