Shawn Stevenson

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Shawn Stevenson is the creator and host of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Fitness and Nutrition podcast on iTunes. He’s the best-selling author of Sleep Smarter, a nutrition expert and founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, where he has helped clients reverse chronic illnesses, achieve stunning levels of fitness, and lose thousands of pounds collectively. His new book, Eat Smarter: Use the Power of Food to Reboot Your Metabolism, Upgrade Your Brain, and Transform Your Life, explains how changing what you eat can transform your life by affecting your ability to make money, sleep better, maintain relationships, and be happier.


Shawn’s wellness journey began with a devastating illness at the age of 20 – diagnosed with an “incurable” spinal condition known as degenerative disc disease while in college. Seemingly overnight he was in excruciating pain and lost a great deal of function in his leg. His spine was deteriorating at an alarming rate – coined by his doctor of having the spine of an 80-year-old person. He was living with excruciating pain.


In the years that followed, expert after expert shared a grim prognosis. There was no cure, only advice on “managing” the disease – taking it easy, wearing a back brace and taking a variety of prescribed medications.


That’s when Shawn stopped accepting his perceived outcome and took a proactive approach on improving his health & well-being. He devoured content related to health and the human body, changed his diet (even though his doctor insisted that it wouldn’t have any impact) and adopted a specific exercise regimen. Gradually, his body began to transform and the pain disappeared. Months after, scans of his spine revealed that Shawn not only regenerated a significant amount of spinal tissue, but that two herniated discs had retracted on their own.


University peers noticed Shawn’s physical transformation and continuously asked him questions, seeking answers to their own chronic ailments… inevitably breathing life into Shawn’s personal mission of helping others achieve the health and well-being that they rightfully deserve.


These days, Shawn puts his heart and soul into creating eye-opening episodes, beyond textbook knowledge, to empower millions of listeners to create amazing relationships, master financial health, and strengthen physical, mental and emotional fitness. Shawn interviews world-renowned experts on the topics of health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, and insights to help his audience live their best lives.


On the stage, Shawn delivers empowering, fun, value-packed presentations that drive meaningful outcomes for audiences. He is the perfect blend of entertainment and practical strategy. Every presentation is customized to create the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, riveting visuals, and packed-full of takeaways that the audience can implement immediately to step into the best version of themselves.

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