Shayla Rivera

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Shayla Rivera is an Aerospace Engineer and former Rocket Scientist with NASA turned corporate trainer, Int’l Speaker, TEDx Speaker, TV & Radio Host, Emcee/Host, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Seminar Facilitator, Panel Moderator and Awareness Expert. As of 2017, Shayla is also Director of the ENGR[x] (pron. Engineering X) program and Professor of Practice for the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. However, none of these labels tells you much about her. She best describes herself as a spiritually irreverent Mystic and Awareness Expert. What many would call a Renaissance Woman. Keynotes include subjects that span Inspiration, Motivation, Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity, Education, STEM & STEAM Education, Awareness, Stress Management, Communication, and Self Growth, always using the power of humor and her life story. Shayla was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After obtaining a degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Psychology at Texas A&M University, she spent 5 years working with NASA.


From there she moved on to stress management corporate training and motivational speaking, where Shayla discovered her comedic talents. She applies her expertise as a speaker to help non-profit, charitable and educational programs. She has spoken to clients around the world, including corporations, organizations and schools from middle school to college for students, parents and faculty. As of 2020, Shayla has a 1/2 hour stand-up comedy special streaming on HBO Max. She hosted the 13 episode TV series “You’re Not The Man I Married” for the Lifetime Real Women Network. She has appeared on numerous television programs and networks, including Comedy Central & HBO Latino, was named "Funniest Latina Comedian" by the organization "Latin 2015" and serves as host/emcee for award shows, gala’s, fundraisers and festivals.


Shayla is most proud of her tours to entertain U.S. troops in Iraq and around the world. A self-proclaimed Awareness Expert, Shayla has come to know one basic truth, “The best way to learn, grow and change, in other words be enlightened, is to lighten up.” Approaching very serious subjects with a very light heart, Shayla helps young and old alike become clear about the personal beliefs that might be getting in the way of their real desires. With numerous awards and accolades throughout her engineering, speaking and comedy careers, Shayla is not easily placed in just one category or class, she defines her own. Shayla has been giving keynotes in both English and Spanish for 28 years. Shayla says, “My number one goal is to inspire through laughter.”

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