Shep Hyken

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Shep Hyken has worked with companies and organizations renowned for building loyal relationships with their customers and employees for decades. 


His in-depth focus allows him to assess what’s really happening at the best organizations and how to fix what isn’t working. 


His books have been read by millions, and his articles have been featured in hundreds of publications. 


He is the author of Moments of Magic®The Loyal CustomerThe Cult of the CustomerThe Amazement Revolution, Amaze Every Customer Every Time, Be Amazing or Go Home, The Convenience Revolutionand I’ll Be Back.


Speaking Topics:


How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Our customers are smarter than ever before. They no longer compare us to a direct competitor, but instead to the best customer experience they have ever had from anyone in any company. The customer service and CX bar have been raised. Now, more than ever, we must deliver an amazing customer experience that sets us apart from our competitors. In this fast-paced and informative presentation, Shep shares strategies and tactics that the best organizations use to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create fierce customer loyalty. He will pull the best content from his books and articles most appropriate for your audience. This could include simple, common-sense strategies to create a customer-focused culture and more! The audience will walk away with ideas they can put to use almost immediately.


The Convenience Revolution

How easy are you to do business with? Whether you know it or not, your customers compare you to the easiest companies to do business with, such as Amazon, Apple, and others. They set the benchmark when it comes to an easy and friction-free experience. A convenient customer experience could be what differentiates you from your competition. When all else is equal (your products and service), the company that offers an easier—as in more convenient—experience will win. Shep reveals the six Convenience Principles that will give you a competitive edge. It’s time to join the revolution—the Convenience Revolution!


Creating An Amazing Customer Experience in Scary Times

We’ve experienced (or are currently experiencing) scary times, such as a rocky economy, employment issues, supply chain issues, and even a worldwide pandemic. Amid tough times and/or a crisis, we must stay focused on taking care of our customers and employees. Shep shares ideas and tactics to help maintain and improve customer service and CX during tough times and beyond.


Be Amazing or Go Home

Business is about relationships… relationships with both customers and colleagues. People want to do business and work with companies and people who are amazing… people who consistently meet and even exceed expectations. It’s not as hard as you might think. Many people see the word amazement as a WOW experience that goes over the top. On the contrary, being amazing is within everyone’s grasp. In this fast-paced, entertaining and informative presentation, Shep shares specific tactics and tools to help the audience, as individuals, build stronger relationships that create confidence and deliver an amazing experience to their customers and colleagues. Being amazing is about being consistent and predictable. It’s a mindset and a choice. And the choice is simple… Be Amazing or Go Home!

Shep Hyken's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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"The Customer Focus program has made a huge difference in our business - I truly look forward to these calls where we share insights, strategies, and lessons to improve our interaction with one another and our customers."

CMA Technology Solutions

"Many thanks to Mr. Hyken for sharing a lot of valuable information that I can put into practice immediately! I especially enjoyed the stories and examples of great customer service from real companies and businesses.Very informative and well put together!"


"Thank you for delivering a brilliant, commanding, and well-prepared program. Your remarks were very well received and appreciated, and your expertise in the area of customer service is second to none."

The Professional Golfers' Association

"From start to finish, you offered nothing but ‘Lexus-like’ professionalism and courtesy to our program staff and dealership associates, and you tailored your presentation to the overall theme of our conference."


"Some who have attended a number of conferences over the years told us this was the best keynote they had ever seen. Shep, your participation helped make the conference what it was."