Growing up on the west coast and attending college in the east, Spencer Williams is a well-rounded individual. Family comes first, and includes biological kin as well as close friends and teammates. He is passionate about volunteering and giving back to his community. As Northridge Little League’s Challenger Baseball Volunteer Coordinator, he finds that not every reward is monetary. Hard work and a balance of academics, sports, and volunteer responsibilities helped get Spencer to play baseball at Harvard University. Achieving success is not absent of adversity. Set backs are inevitable: a pandemic, cancelled seasons, and Tommy John surgery, were unforeseen crosses to bear. Rather than sit and sulk Spencer kept busy and upbeat and tried his luck at songwriting and even went viral on TikTok. A few quality beats, friends, and connections were made in the process. He loves to make people laugh, works hard, plays hard, and is making a difference in all the lives he touches. Everyone counts on Spence, and he effectively juggles relationships and responsibilities to achieve success in life. Spencer Williams is a friend, a leader, and a role model trying to make the world a better place one challenge at a time.

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