Stephanie Devine

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As an Executive Director at Teach for America (TFA), Stephanie Devine is reimagining the educational system to drive economic progress for unconsidered communities.


Her decade of experience in leadership and community development, a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Bachelor’s degree in Education have positioned Devine to lead change with a holistic perspective on how the places people live can best support how they live.


Raised in a family of community leaders with Appalachian roots and unfinished dreams, Devine is driven by an internal motivation to lead development for this unique region, beginning with its most foundational structure: Education.


Today, she leads a high-performing regional team that supports four Central Appalachian States and hundreds of TFA leaders and alums. Certified by the nonprofit organization’s Rural School Leadership Academy, Devine is passionate about rural education's role in increasing economic mobility throughout the region – and beyond.


From her time as a Special Education Teacher at Baltimore City Public Schools to quickly rising in the TFA ranks, Devine’s focused career has enabled her to develop strategic visions for the communities responsible for her development.


Inspired by a belief that more is possible through collective power, Devine is actively bridging societal gaps to create more possibilities for all. As a DEI Advisory Counsel & Core Values Committee Member at TFA, she has seen the benefit of diverse beliefs, orientations, and values in eliminating biases and developing well-being. And as a Top 10 Parliamentary Debater and lifelong music guru, Devine has proven to be an intrinsic connection-builder motivated by learning, solidarity, and harmony. 


Devine aims to infuse equity into traditional systems and structures to improve people's lives. And as she blazes the way forward, she is creating space to help change the perceptions of where they live.


Speaking Topics - 

  • Rebuilding our systems with a community-first approach

  • How Appalachia can inspire the rest of the country

  • How perspective drives understanding

  • How our individual actions impact our collective society

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