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Stephen Frost is a globally recognized diversity, inclusion and leadership expert, and founded Frost Included in 2012. He works with clients to embed inclusive leadership in their decision-making. Stephen worked in-house at KPMG as Head of Diversity and Inclusion from 2014-2015. From 2007- 2012 Stephen designed, led and implemented the inclusion programs for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games as Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the London Organizing Committee (LOCOG).


From 2004-2007, Stephen established and led the workplace team at Stonewall; growing the Diversity Champions program to the largest of its kind in the world with over 600 members, launching the UK’s first LGBT recruitment guide, establishing the Stonewall Leadership Program and developing the Workplace Equality Index, which has become a standard across most leading employers.


He was a Hertford College Scholar at Oxford and a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard. He was elected recipient of the 2010 Peter Robertson Award for Equality and Diversity Champions, named a 2011 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and voted one of the top 100 influential LGBT people in the UK. He has recently featured on the Management Today ‘Agents of Change’ 2019 list.


He teaches Inclusive Leadership at Harvard Business School, Singapore Management University and Sciences Po in France. He serves as an Advisor to the British Government, The White House, and KPMG’s Diversity and Inclusion Program.


Stephen is author of The Inclusion Imperative: How Real Inclusion Creates Better Business and Builds Better Societies (Kogan Page, 2014), Inclusive Talent Management: How Business Can Thrive in an Age of Diversity (Kogan Page, 2016) and Building an Inclusive Organization: Leveraging the Power of Your Diverse Workforce (Kogan Page, 2019). 


Speaking Topics:


Inclusive Leadership: How to Develop an Inclusive Mindset and Behavior for Business and Personal Success
There’s a simple contradiction in the way leaders manage their people and run their organizations that is too often overlooked; they are addicted to sameness in an age of diversity. That is fundamentally an unsustainable position to be in. Understanding and being adept at inclusive leadership will help leaders thrive in their increasingly diverse environment. Inclusion is not just about accepting people’s differences – it’s about leveraging colleagues’ and employees’ unique experiences and backgrounds, as well as understanding your customers’ needs, to drive innovation and results. Reframe inclusion for leaders to benefit them and the wider organization. Learn from real-world examples and understand what being an inclusive leader looks like.

Creating Inclusive Cultures
A diverse workforce doesn’t mean your organization is a safe and inclusive place to work. It doesn’t mean that your employees are able to perform to their full potential. In order to leverage the true power of a diverse workforce, your organizational culture must be inclusive. Learn how to make this a reality.

Embedding Inclusion into Strategy
Without inclusion, diversity can fail. Stephen offers a powerful, humorous and compelling argument for inclusion, based on empirical evidence from around the world combined with the latest Harvard research. It is a thought provoking, challenging and informative opportunity to refresh the believers and convert the currently unconvinced that inclusion enhances. In order to be successful and make a real impact, inclusion needs to be central to organizational strategy. It must be fully supported by the CEO and have buy-in from key stakeholders and be central to how your organization operates day to day. Learn how to make this a reality and why inclusion will benefit your organization as a whole.

Inclusion 4.0: What does Inclusion of the Future Look Like
Many organizations have talented Diversity Officers and operate Diversity 101 programs; however, they may find a way to get the most out of their program they need to upgrade to inclusion 4.0. Diversity is great, but so is bringing differences together in one team, and often this second imperative is forgotten in the pursuit of the former. The next phase of inclusion needs to address the realities of living in a digitally equipped world. Inclusion 4.0 looks at where organizations must now develop. It looks at how to embed inclusion into overall strategy and operations, as well as how to attract, recruit, retain, and upskill a diverse team that gains competitive advantage and is greater than its parts.

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"Stephen Frost's work on diversity and inclusion focuses on how organizations can better actualize their mission through diversity and inclusion practices. He works in partnership with line managers and leaders throughout giving them new tools to manage their operations and achieve desired outcomes. He takes diversity from the sidelines to the center by enhancing capacity and improving talent pipelines."

Victoria Budson, Executive Director, Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School

"[Stephen's] client focused, can-do attitude, combined with expert knowledge and rapid delivery made working with Stephen a delight."

Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Google, London, UK

"Steve helped design and facilitate our Global Culture and Inclusion leadership summit. The design was outstanding, with a perfect balance between intelligent provocation, humor and respect, enabling him to guide over 250 of our top people through an intensive two day journey. This is testament to his vast knowledge, credibility and thought-leadership. The process of working with him in advance exceeded my expectations, as he was always in contact, always willing to go the extra mile and came up with several original ideas we had not considered, that improved the summit. His performance was world-class, as the feedback demonstrated. I appreciated Stephen being very present - his calm and professional demeanor in a high-stress environment, and the way he was consistently respectful, encouraging and transparent. He embodies inclusive leadership and successfully and skilfully navigated between our CEO and junior staff with seamless effort. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen to work with your organization."

Richard S. Spada, MA, CPC, Sr. Global Manager Diversity & Inclusion, Novartis