Sunny Grosso

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Sunny is a founding member of the Delivering Happiness coach|sulting® team, a master coach, and a global speaker. For over a decade, she's been inspiring and impacting organizations around the world, bringing her expertise to 20 countries and hundreds of teams. She is leading the charge for more purposeful organizations that create better human experiences, leading to more extraordinary business results. As a founding member of DH, she launched the approach that helped propel them to a global brand using her expertise in well-being and experience as one of the world's first happiness consultants. She is also the co-founder of East+West Wellness, CEO of Culture Trails, and founder of SunYoga. Sunny brings her diverse background, enthusiastic approach, and proven methods to deliver genuine outcomes, tapping into highs and lows to create cultures that adapt and thrive through changing times.

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Virtual In-Person

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My favorite part was how engaged our leadership team was, they really embraced it which came as a wonderful surprise to me. And, the activities were fun and engaging. It truly was an awesome day! Thanks again to both of you, you were great through it all


My experience with Sunny & Vero, far exceeded my expectations and left me speechless, which is hard to do. I thought I was well versed in communications & positive thinking, but little did I know they were going take me to a whole other level of understanding who I am. This was by far one of the most intense trainings I’ve been through, yet an experience of understanding authentic happiness I’d do all over again. Their professionalism, dedication, intelligence, fun, down to earth personalities, pushed me out of my comfort zone every day which allowed me to go deeper into fully understanding myself as leader in my organization & who I am with my family. I am forever grateful for the knowledge I walked with & the opportunity to deliver happiness to those around me. My sincerest gratitude to Sunny Grosso and Veronica Fernandez.


It seems like just yesterday you and I had our introductory call to imagine the possibilities of this program. It's hard to believe it's over, but with your team's help WE DID IT! We pulled off a meaningful program that will help our members transform their organizations in a positive way for years to come. I'm so grateful to you and the entire DH team for placing your trust in us and being tremendous partners in learning. You all have created an incredible ripple of impact for us as well. I'm so glad to hear our members have been reaching out to further their engagement with you. This is a strong sign of success!

Alliance for Innovation and Technology

Thank you VERY MUCH for your presentation during Friday's Google Accelerate 21 session. To be frank, while I had originally signed up to "participate" in the session I was so busy on Friday that I tuned in to have it as filler/background noise. Within the first five minutes of your presentation I was blown away by what you were saying and I sat with rapt attention for the duration.


Your ability/willingness to bring your authentic self was refreshing, mesmerizing and instructive, and that's just the start of my takeaways.


Sunny and Jlove you two are phenomenal! you are such experts, the process came together so seamlessly. being in the hands of such high expertise is so valuable, you know some organizations read books and try to do it themselves but being in your hands saves us all that time and money. we are all in. we're going all the way with DH.

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