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Susan Summons

Susan Summons is a CEO & Founder, speaks on SusanSummonsSpeaks.Com and Susan Summons Your Success Radio Show. She is also a Six time Hall of Fame recipient, two-time MDC Endowed Teaching Chair Award recipient, Retired professor, world renowned, famed, well-respected and nationally acclaimed motivational Speaker, radio personality, educator (both online and in person), WBL Women’s Pro Basketball Legend, TOP 100 Most Influential Sports Educator in America, TOP 50 South Florida Legacy Magazine/Miami Herald Professional, National Coach of the Year, 3 time USA Olympic Basketball Assistant Coach. A woman of many cross-career expertise in areas like wellness, health, culture, sports, education, self-improvement, motivation, leadership, team, and staff performance. Susan speeches motivates you to change lives, invoke action, increase performance, and achieve success. In short you will rise with results after hearing Susan speeches to win in life, embrace the power of passion and engage in your inner success.

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