Susie Moore

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Susie Moore is a life coach, bestselling author, and keynote speaker, born in Britain, but based in New York City. She helps her clients lose their limits - allowing for them to let go of outdated beliefs that hold them back from their future potential, both in work and in life.


Before launching eight years ago, she had an extremely successful and lucrative career as a former sales director for a Fortune 500 Company. However, an unforeseen ultimatum set her life in a direction she could have never imagined. Through her talk, “The Magic of Another Way,” Susie shares to us her experiences and lessons about about owning your truth, launching a business, the power of loss, and the freedom that questioning fear brings. 


Susie's coaching and her three bestselling books have been featured on many famous outlets such as, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan and many more. 


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