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Award-winning author, and acclaimed Professor Tali Sharot is a leading expert on decision-making, emotion, influence and motivation. She is on the faculty of MIT and UCL and directs the Affective Brain Lab. Sharot’s thought-provoking insights have helped organizations induce behavioral change, create decision-making policies, and improve the well-being of employees and customers.


Sharot’s ground-breaking work at the intersection of behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience has been used by businesses to improve leadership skills, rethink messaging and refine strategy. Her books – The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals About Our Power to Change Others and The Optimism Bias: A Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain – have been widely praised, including by the New York Times, Time magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post and more. Her new book will be out Spring 2024.


Sharot is known for delivering engaging talks that are simultaneously lively and informative –explaining deep ideas about human behaviour in a simple way and highlighting how those insights can be implemented in a range of fields including finance, marketing, health and public policy. Her TED talks have been viewed over 13 million times in total.


Sharot has been a repeated guest on CNN, The Today Show, MSNBC, co-presented BBC’s Science Club. Her speaking audiences also include Google, Microsoft, The European Parliament, Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Citibank, Deloitte & Touche, Johnson & Johnson and the World Economic Forum, among many others. She has written for top publications including TIME magazine, The Guardian, The Washington Post and the New York Times.

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