Tana Goertz

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Tana attracted national attention as a finalist on NBC's blockbuster shows, "The Apprentice" and “Reality Stars Fear Factor,” where she proved fear wasn’t a factor for her! As a professional speaker and coach, Tana shares her tips and knowledge on how to succeed in business and life. She educates, motivates, and inspires people to take immediate action to improve their lives. Her entertaining and highly energetic presentations inspire audiences to level up. Clients have seen how Tana combines a 'can-do' attitude, spirit, and energy with vision and execution to propel individuals and teams to move beyond their current limitations.


Tana's speaking topics include:



*Just Sales, No Politics!*

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level? In this high-energy presentation, Tana will reveal her secrets to Street Smart Sales and fire up your team to make the sale every time! Every aspect of the sale will be examined, from the initial interaction to the service after the sale. Participants Envision everyone as potential customers.

● Identify their “Sales Super-Selves” to brand each sale as their own.

● Overcome obstacles like the word “NO.”

● Have the drive and determination to win every sale.

● Build trust and keep promises to customers.



This presentation is guaranteed to take your team from average to exceptional! They’ll discover how to immediately WOW people with Tana’s Tips for Success that they can put into action immediately! These include:

1. Being Unforgettable.

2. Being Persistent.

3. Being straightforward.

4. How to move on. This will help them to get rid of ALL negativity.

5. How to become a Problem Solver. Teams will return to work Fired Up and ready to make significant improvements in their jobs, projects, and their personal development!


GOD WILL NEVER FIRE YOU! (Religion not incorporated in either of the keynotes above)

Being on The Apprentice has given me many blessings in life – including traveling around the world and motivating and inspiring others. People often ask me how I got to where I am today – and my answer is to give all the glory to God and his plan for my life. This presentation tells the spiritual side of my journey on The Apprentice – from the one-in-a-million opportunity of being selected for the show, to the bonds I formed with my roommate through prayer, to understanding my true gift was not in winning the show, but rather in the endless opportunities to inspire others once the show ended. I am thankful every day for the gifts I’ve received and hope by sharing my story to help others see God’s plan in their lives! This has been a great presentation for Christian Groups, Faith-Based Universities and Colleges, and Church Camps/Retreats.

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