Ted McGrath

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Ted McGrath is a motivational speaker and performer, as well as a consultant and coach, who aims to connect the entertainment and transformation industries and their influencers in order to most effectively spread messages through the internet and information products. Ted is a brilliant sales and marketing mind who, after a drugs and alcohol overdose and a realization that his career in business did not satisfy him, changed his life direction to become an incredibly successful figure in a unique space. 


Ted performs a popular one man show called “Good Enough,” where he plays 15 characters from his life story. He leads the “Message to Millions and Superstar Speaker” seminar, which has a global reach. Ted has also created “The Good Enough Movement” that is meant to uplift people to feel adequate enough to share their message and act on their calling.  


After his own overdose experience, Ted partnered with Drug Free Word to educate people about drugs and help them find their way in life.


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