Terry Schappert

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Terry Schappert is an Army Special Forces Green Beret veteran and currently the host of the Netflix show Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction. After graduating from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Terry enlisted in the US Army in 1988 and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. He served in the Persian Gulf War as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom. After retiring from the military in 2017, Terry - a classically trained actor – has made several TV appearances on major network shows such as Person of Interest (CBS), Dude You’re Screwed and Shark Week (Discovery Channel), Law and Order (NBC), One Life To Live (ABC), and Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week (BBC). He also makes guest appearances on The Greg Gutfeld Show on FOX News, and has hosted his own show, Warriors, on the History Channel in 2009. 

Now hosting Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction with a platform like Netflix, Terry has truly emerged as someone who blends the grit and toughness of a soldier with an ability to entertain which, taken together, electrifies your audience.

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