Tim Hines

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Tim Hines is a global keynote speaker and business coach who believes that an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success and helps travel industry professionals accelerate their growth by guiding them to be more collaborative, innovative, and influential. He’s the author of the book, The Marketing Starter: How an Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Make You a More Savvy Marketer and he also hosts The Marketing Starter Podcast


He is a 3-time founder and for nearly 20 years, Tim has been teaching individuals, teams, and audiences around the world how to use an entrepreneurial mindset to elevate their brands and themselves and has worked with companies like AmTrav, Dialpad, Tribune Media, Ticketmaster, and the CIA.


Tim served on the Community Advisory Board for the Future Founders Foundation helping underserved youth explore entrepreneurship and is a graduate of the Startup Leadership Program. Tim also taught marketing and entrepreneurship classes with the University of Illinois Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies program.


Fun fact; he’s a trained standup comedian and a licensed marriage minister!


Speaking Topics - 


Human Communications: The Way to Win in the Relationship Era of Business


Within this digitally-saturated and AI-intrigued world, the demand for authenticity and real human connection is greater than ever. No matter the business or product, it's ultimately made by people for people, and it's time we use a human communication strategy to win back our customers' and employees' hearts and minds.


This talk highlights trends and shares real-world winning examples while inspiring audiences to take immediate action by looking within to be human-centric.



  • Learn how you can be more human-centric in your business
  • Understand how to human speak to better connect with customers and employees
  • Develop a communications plan that will allow you to lead with empathy



  • Save time and money in developing a more winning communications strategy
  • Increase relationship retention of your employees and customers
  • Create an overall happier and more helpful business environment
  • Audiences
  • Business leaders (C-suite, directors, and managers)
  • Sales, marketing, and human resource


Starter State of Mind: Driving Growth with an Entrepreneurial Mindset


What sets entrepreneurs so special? They dream, they plan, and they start. The good news is that entrepreneurial superpowers aren't reserved for only techies and Ivy grads. With the right mind shift, we can start thinking like entrepreneurs to empower ourselves by creating value for others.


In this fun and engaging keynote, speaker and 3x entrepreneur, Tim Hines, reveals how when everyone is emboldened to be a Starter within the organization, it fosters stronger collaboration, higher performance, solution orientation, greater resiliency, and more overall success.



  • Learn how to apply an easy, 5-step framework to obtain and utilize an entrepreneurial mindset in their work and lives
  • Gain valuable insights into how successful entrepreneurial thinkers make decisions and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business.
  • Leverage examples from many other companies across industries that have been successful with these simple, practical, and inexpensive ideas


Gen Y & Gen Z Influencers: Harnessing the Power of the Next Generations


The next generations have arrived and have changed the business landscape as we know it. Together, we’ll learn how to bridge the generational gap to live, work, and do business together.


This talk provides a deep dive into the curious habits of Gen Y and Gen Z-ers and reveals the unavoidable impact they are already having in business - from consumer and employment trends to their ever-increasing demands that impact the bottom line.



  • Understand the needs and expectations of these generations in business and the workforce
  • Learn how to build a compatible strategy between the generations to keep them engaged
  • Get actionable steps to make your products, services, and work environment more attractive to Gen Y and Gen Z


Your ROI:

  • Save time and money on hiring & retention of these generations
  • Increase customer retention by better articulating your product and business values



  • Business leaders (C-suite, directors, and managers)
  • Sales, marketing, and human resources professionals


AI for Business: How this New Tool can be Used for Good, Not Evil


The robots are coming - to take your jobs or make them better? The dramatic rise of AI has everyone both excited and concerned about the future. This presentation will dive deep into what AI business is, where it's heading, and how you can capitalize on this new technology. It will also cover key tactics and tools that you can get started with right away that will make AI work for you, not against you.



  • Learn all the in’s and out’s of the AI do’s and don’ts
  • Get insight on how you can start using AI in your marketing today



  • Generate more impactful campaigns with less effort
  • Save time and money when doing research and setup
  • Optimize for better outcomes all around



  • Business leaders
  • Marketing & sales professionals of all shapes and sizes

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