Tima Deryan

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As a mountaineer, mindset coach, and social entrepreneur, Tima is uniquely positioned to draw from her experiences and perspectives to inspire and motivate people to step out into the unknown to reach their objectives in both life and business. 


Tima is passionate about making a difference and the impact that an empowering thought and dream can have on someone's lifem, career, and organization.


Some of Tima's notable achievements include: being the 1st Lebanese woman and youngest Arab to summit Mount Everest, 1st Lebanese woman and youngest Arab to ski to the South Pole, and #1 Bestseller Author of "Curly Adventures: Mount Everest" children's book.

Tima Deryan's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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“Exceptional! Tima was so inspirational on many levels. She has a unique way of relating lessons from her mountaineering experience in a business context. She also wove in powerful lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and leadership. Her insights into the mental and physical challenges of mountaineering were particularly enlightening, and our team left feeling motivated to tackle their own challenges with renewed vigor.”

A.A Shell VP Key Accounts

“Tima was outstanding! She instilled the team spirit through her stories on the mountain. Can’t wait to see how the team works together after listening to her.”

G.T VP of Strategy at RAKBANK

“I was truly inspired by Tima. Her energy was well received by everyone in the room. We left feeling eager to dream big and never give up.”

D.A Head of Sales at MERCK

“I really liked the connection that Tima made between reaching a summit on a mountain and a goal in business and life. She unlocked a new perspective to finding options and solutions.”

C.G Senior Director of Operations at ADNOC

“Seeing a real-life example of a human with a strong mindset and a clear mental fortitude was a sign for me to get up and take action! Tima really woke me up and reminded me of my why.”

A.M VP of HR at Cundall