Todd Hewlin

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Todd Hewlin is an author, speaker, and advisor based in Silicon Valley. For two decades, he has been helping market leaders understand the forces of digital disruption and the implications for their companies and careers. Todd’s most recent book Goliath’s Revenge: How Established Companies Turn The Tables On Digital Disruptors was named a must-read by the Financial Times and one of the top 30 business books of 2019.


Todd is a Managing Director at TCG Advisors, the leading growth strategy firm in Silicon Valley, and a noted expert on digitization and business model innovation. He is also co-author of the books Consumption Economics and B4B, as well as articles in Harvard Business Review, Wired, McKinsey Quarterly, and Knowledge@Wharton. He is regularly found in the boardroom of market leaders advising them on how to grow in a digital world, and his clients include GE Digital, Salesforce, Microsoft, Splunk, Cisco, Brambles, Veritas, Telstra, Hitachi, and Macquarie Capital.


Prior to TCG Advisors, Todd ran the $1.5 billion product business at enterprise mobility leader Symbol Technologies. Earlier in his career, he was a Managing Director at Internet Capital Group and a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he co-led the e-commerce practice. Todd also served as a founding board member of talent network innovator TalentSky.

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