Toju Duke

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Recognized as one of the top women in AI, Toju is a popular speaker, author, thought leader, and advisor on Responsible AI with over 18 years of experience spanning across Advertising, Retail, Not-For-Profit, and Tech. Toju worked at Google for 10 years where she spent the last couple of years as a Programme Manager on Responsible AI leading various Responsible AI programs across Google’s product and research teams with a primary focus on large-scale models and Responsible AI processes. Before her time in Google’s research organization, Toju was the EMEA product lead for Google Travel and worked as a specialist across Google Travel and Shopping.


Toju is also the founder of Diverse AI, a community interest organization with a mission to support and champion underrepresented groups to build a diverse and inclusive AI future. Her passion for improving Artificial Intelligence and representation in the field led to the birth of Diverse AI which is focused on 3 main activities: Education, Research, and Events targeted at people who identify with underrepresented groups and either want to up-skill, join the field or have a sense of belonging and community with like-minded people. Toju was previously the UK lead for “Women in AI”, a non-profit global organization with a mission to drive gender diversity in AI.


Toju’s dedication and commitment to the development and deployment of Responsible AI practices led to the writing of her book “Building Responsible AI Algorithms”. The book introduces a Responsible AI framework and guides readers through processes to apply at each stage of the machine learning (ML) life cycle, from problem definition to deployment, in order to reduce and mitigate the risks and harms found in AI technologies. The book provides practical tips and guidance on how to develop models that are fair, transparent, safe, secure, robust, and ethical. “Building Responsible AI Algorithms” is available for order across bookstores worldwide. “Building Responsible AI Algorithms” has been adopted by several international universities and is currently used as a reading lecture in the University of Pavia, Italy.


Toju is in the process of writing her second book which covers regulation, AI governance, risk taxonomies and risk assessment frameworks, a guide on safe and responsible AI using statistical and programming languages, and real-life case studies.


Toju provides consultation and advice on Responsible AI practices and has been featured across several national and international media outlets such as the BBC, Sky News, El Pais, La Nacion, La Vanguardia, Sifted, etc., and has been recognized as one of the top women in AI by several media outlets, such as Daily AI, Xantage and the AI Speaker agency.


Speaking Topics -

  • Building Responsibly in an AI Driven world: Understanding the concept of Responsible AI and how it applies to AI technologies.
  • Mitigating AI's risks with Responsible AI: A walk-through of the various ways AI impacts humanity both positively and negatively.
  • Balancing Innovation and Responsibility: Insights into Responsible Generative AI: Insights into generative AI, its pros and cons, and how to develop it using a Responsible AI framework.
  • Empowering Education: Navigating AI with the Responsible AI Framework - Understanding AI, its history, timeline, and how it applies to the education sector with an emphasis on ethical and responsible AI principles.
  • The AI Paradox: Pros, Cons, and the Dawn of a New Era - AI's timeline, history and the AI arms race; AI for good, areas where it's failed and how to mitigate its risks with a Responsible AI framework.
  • Towards a New Customer Paradigm: Balancing Generative and Responsible AI: A glimpse into AI in the customer experience landscape and how to ensure AI applications remain customer-centric.
  • AI's Promise, Finance's Future: A Blueprint for Responsible AI: AI's uses, risks and mitigations, with a purview in the financial sector.
  • The AI Dilemma: Building safe and trustworthy AI using the principles of Responsible AI
  • Using AI to drive growth and innovation with Responsible AI: In recent times, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been seen to be a growth enabler for some, a disruptor for most, and a setback for many. To utilize the opportunities AI brings to the workplace and society at large, it’s crucial to understand its benefits, uses, challenges and shortcomings/risks. Responsible AI helps to mitigate AI’s risks and limitations.

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Virtual In-Person

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I was in the audience for your session, and I have to say I found it probably the most insightful and inspiring of the whole event. Pointing out that over 60% of people worry about trusting AI systems right now despite the hype, and advocating a more holistic approach to its use, mindful of privacy, energy consumption and data leakage is in my opinion the only responsible way forward… Keep up the good work! All the best

Gilbert (Privacy Technologist)

As a dyslexic please can I just thank you for using slides yesterday and talking in a pace where I could follow along! Best talk of the day. Really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Victoria Owens, Multiple Business Owner

I wanted to say a personal thank you for today’s event. I was fortunate to be able to join the session virtually. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to listen to you educate and inspire. I learned so much about the importance of diversity in the data sets and diversity in the building and creating of AI. You were brilliant. Thank you.

Thembe, Managing Lawyer, Dentons

Hi there, just caught the recording of Toju's session and wanted to say how fab it was - really informative, thought-provoking and accessible, so thanks for organising.

A TotalJobs employee

Thank you for the fantastic presentation and experience at the USF MBA residency. I have so much respect for what you have been able to do in your career and appreciate you taking the time to share your insights with us. You are a fantastic and eloquent sheppard of knowledge.

Joseph Katz - Director of Member Experience, Griffin Concierge Medical

Your insights and expertise added tremendous value to the discussions, and your keynote session and panel participation were truly enlightening. We received excellent feedback from our attendees who were captivated by your thought-provoking ideas and deep industry knowledge.

Lucas Gomez Rios - Infobip

Your presentation was one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your expertise in such a tangible and practical way.

Sharayah Fore

We're sending our heartfelt thank you for your insightful chat at our impact investing conference this week. Your discussion was both inspiring and a bit terrifying, and attendees often mentioned it as one of the plenary (main auditorium) discussions they liked the most.

Lynda Radosevich - GIIN

What a pleasure having you yesterday. Could have listened to you for the whole 30 minutes. Such insightful remarks you delivered in a measured, authoritative manner.

Sal Mohammed

I had an amazing experience attending Peak's AltitudeX event in Manchester. One of my favourites was "The science behind Responsible AI frameworks" by Toju Duke

Disha Rajpal

Another week, another great data event. Highlights of the day was the talk on Responsible AI Frameworks from Toju Duke.

Anna C.

Had a brilliant time attending the second annual AltitudeX summit in Manchester yesterday! Some really inspiring and insightful talks covering all aspects of Data Science, ML and AI. A personal fave of mine had to be hearing more on Ethics in AI and Responsible AI Frameworks from Toju Duke.

Olivia Meadows

Really enjoyed your talk, Toju. Thanks for the insights. I look forward to your upcoming book!

Nicholas Hurdoyal

Toju Duke, thank you for intentionally shedding light on what would otherwise be a scaring evolution in technology. AI is here to stay, those who learn to understand it can steer in the right direction that’s beneficial for all. ○ Matilda Okufi

Matilda Okufi

I had a fantastic time at BrightonSEO last week. Toju Duke from Google summed things up perfectly for me in her keynote on Friday afternoon - "AI is here to stay and it's important we master the art of leveraging its benefits".

Frazer Lloyd-Davies

Toju Duke just wrapped up an insightful presentation at BrightonSEO on "The New Era: Embracing AI Technologies in Marketing." Toju provided an overview of the current market picture of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and the Global AI Adoption Rate Year Over Year..

Nikola Minkov

I just want to say a big thank you to Scottish AI Alliance for an informative and inspiring couple of days at the #scotaisummit 2023. Toju Duke’s keynote on building responsibility in an AI-driven world was one of the highlights of the event. She spoke passionately about the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we are currently observing with the rise of AI, and how we must manage this rise to ensure corporate accountability.

John Rodigan