Tom Turcich

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Tom Turcich, the tenth person to walk around the world and the first to do so with a dog, captured the world's imagination with his remarkable journey. After the death of a close friend, Tom resolved to make the most of life. The day before his twenty-sixth birthday, he stepped out his front door to begin an adventure spanning seven years, twenty-eight thousand miles and thirty-eight countries.


By traversing the globe on foot, Tom immersed himself in the diverse cultures and landscapes. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the tranquil beauty of the Kyrgyz mountains, Tom embraced the challenges and triumphs of an extraordinary pilgrimage. But his expedition was not just a physical feat but a profound introspection. Each step was a testament to an unwavering commitment to self-discovery and a search for understanding. Through encounters with strangers, weeks of solitude, and a sheer resilience of spirit, Tom emerged as a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals yearning to find purpose in their own lives. His tale serves as a reminder that fulfillment lies not solely in reaching a destination but in the transformative power of the journey itself. Tom has been featured on CNN, BBC, Good Morning America, The Guardian, and countless other news outlets.


Speaking Topic:

Accomplish Anything: Forge Your Unstoppable Path

Tom Turcich isn't just a world traveler – he's a testament to the power of unwavering determination. Faced with unpredictable terrain, diverse cultures, and countless adversities, Tom's seven-year, 28,000-mile walk around the world is an odyssey that transcended the physical and delved deep into the realms of self-reflection. Too often, we lack direction. We feel unmotivated, and our grand plans wither under the weight of everyday challenges. Tom's story reveals the answer lies in building a powerful internal compass based on your core values – the 'why' that ignites your drive and sparks innovation.


In his transformational keynote, Tom shows you how to set audacious goals – your "flag in the distance" – to change obstacles into stepping stones towards your boldest achievements. He'll teach you the unexpected truth; that constraints are actually, your secret weapon. Demonstrated through stories of Barcelona’s innovative superblocks and the remarkable economic success of Jains in India, learn how embracing limitations fuels creativity and unlocks the solutions needed to forge your path forward. Whether it’s braving months in the desert or navigating Wyoming's extreme winter, Tom's stories prove one thing: resilience isn't inherited, it's built. Tom will teach you how embracing the journey, not the destination, creates a growth mindset that turns motivation into discipline – the key to unstoppable progress.  Imagine waking up each day energized by your purpose. Imagine seeing setbacks not as failures but as catalysts for creative problem-solving. This isn't a dream – with Tom's guidance, it's your future.


Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

  • Values-Driven Action: Understand how core values fuel decision-making and keep you on course towards your goals.

  • Audacious Goal-Setting: Set your bold "flag in the distance" and break down big dreams into achievable milestones.

  • Transform Constraints into Fuel: Learn to view limitations as innovation catalysts.

  • Unbreakable Resilience: Develop the grit to overcome setbacks through consistent action.

  • Celebrate the Journey: Embrace a growth mindset, finding joy in the process and learning from every step of the way. 


Tom Turcich is the guide you need. He'll empower you to take the first step, build resilience, and unlock the extraordinary potential within yourself. 

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