Victoria Cramer

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As a three-time breast cancer survivor, author, and inspirational speaker, Victoria is sought after for her humorous, practical approach to being a warrior.  Her talks combine her decades of leading global teams who executed flawlessly and her experience in being a winning athlete, juggling twins, and battling cancer as if it was a minor hiccup in life. 


Victoria was raised in the hotel industry and has 25 years of experience with companies like Marriott International and Choice Hotels.  She has run hotels and she has run hotel companies.  She is known for building winning teams who produce inspirational results.  Now you’ll find her designing and facilitating workshops, prepping for the launch of her second book, doing key-note speeches, and coaching on health and wellness strategies.


She is the author of the book, “Living Life Loudly-How Will You Face Your Speed Bump?” and the release of her second book, “Do Epic Shit. The Power of Showing Up.” Is due out Fall of 2022.


Victoria’s clients say she brings passion to every engagement, whether public speaking, strategic planning, coaching, or training.  She has an acute understanding of the value of strong relationships which form the bedrock of her practice.  They also say they leave speeches feeling inspired to grow and her genuine interest in people are what set her apart.  It has also been said that “Her story is not only inspirational, it’ll leave you processing how you spend every minute of every day. You won’t leave a session with Victoria without going on an immensely emotional journey.”

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Victoria's engaging style and personality kept our group riveted as she discussed her journey and positive outcomes.

Blaine Anderson

Victoria came to speak to my yacht club. She did an incredible job. She is a powerful speaker and everyone enjoyed her presentation very much. We can't wait to have her back hopefully soon!

Ryan Hunter

Victoria is a transformational leader who has a gift for strategizing, solving complex situations and getting teams over obstacles. When you are in Victoria's presence, you feel the energy. It's been incredible working with her over the years. Victoria is who you want to be standing with when evaluating complex and challenging situations and when building a strategic plan. Victoria inspires leaders and teams and can m make the impossible possible.

Julie Tuisl

Victoria was too wonderful to work with. She called and talked with me ahead of time to get a feel for the needs of our team so she could tailor her presentation specifically to us. She was personable yet professional and my team was immediately drawn in by her fun personality. She is a great person with a great story to tell. We'll have her back!

Kris Heap

The experience with Victoria and learning more about myself has been invaluable to my growth. She has the ability to tease out your strengths and help you develop them. It goes without saying she is an inspiration and motivating! When you work with Victoria you will automatically up your game. Enjoy the process!

Shellie Molina

Victoria is an amazing, visionary leader who brings a dynamic energy everywhere she goes. Her creative ideas help push people's boundaries in a positive way and she gets them out of their comfort zone in order to make work fun and exciting. She enjoys challenging the status quo to ultimately make the environment better for all and has a rare ability too bring high energy and life into the workplace. I have very much enjoyed working with Victoria and value the relationship as a friend and mentor.

Kevin Tanzola

Victoria is truly one of a kind! She is positive and resilient even in the darkest moments and puts her ideas and strategies into action creating successful and long-lasting results. She is committed to increasing her footprint in creating stronger awareness for cancer patients and survivors through her efforts with her book Living Life Loudly and applying this to the business world as well. Her book was not only inspiring but guides individuals and business executives through a process to develop strategies for success. I highly recommend Victoria and her to book to any individual, executive or business looking to gain insight into how to persevere in hard times and create and implement strategies for success. I am anxiously awaiting her 2nd book!

Mandie Benavidez

Victoria was energized from day 1 and her work was extremely valuable to our organization. Victoria possesses skills that allow her to quickly get into the details without over complicating or over talking the program's fundamentals. Victoria is extremely positive but isn't afraid to dig deep into the flawed processes and have difficult and constructive conversations. Victoria's skills and expertise allow her to create immediate value. I sincerely appreciate what she contributed to our team. I hope to work with her again soon.

Tom Gilliland

Victoria you are a wonderful person. It is not easy to find such an open minded and energized person like you. Always prepared, full of ideas and examples on a side ready to share, very detailed orientated and focus on topic. You are one of the most trusted partner I've worked with. It was a great pleasure to work with you. Hope it is just the beginning, Robert.

Robert Siewerski

I have had the pleasure to participate in the coaching sessions led by Victoria and my feedback is extremely positive. The sessions were held during aa very intense period of transformation in my career, and Victoria was always able to raise the right questions and challenge me towards the "storm". Additionally, Victoria is a permanently available and accessible coach, who incentives me to think and react differently, and contact whenever needed. I think that her strong knowledge of corporate environment and processes is a key success factor for these results.

Luis Peixe

Victoria has had an extraordinary effect on how I think and act. She is a wonderful role model who made me feel so much at ease whilst talking to her but at the same time so energized. Not only is Victoria extremely knowledgeable in her field se has the most brilliant, and might I add painless, way of bringing the best out in me. After our coaching sessions my brain feels 10 times bigger.

Scott Smith

Victoria has a give that epitomizes the talent of "coaching". Great coaches don't give or make talent, they maximize the talent already there to make it great talent. She sort through all of your experiences to focus in non where your strengths lay and lessen your weaknesses. She reminds you who you really are. She helped me re-focus on my brand and get rid of all of the "noise". She is an energizing and driving force. She is a catalyst for change; the force to convert your potential energy into kinetic energy!

John Lane

Victoria defines excellence with a contagious energy. Her ability to deliver results while motivating teams is exceptional.

Brad Leblanc

I highly recommend Victoria; she is an exceptional executive and leader. Victoria's strong work ethic and focused attention to detail help her deliver both quantity and quality at the highest level. A strong team player, she makes those she works with better, either by supporting her team's efforts or by setting a high standard and being the type of role model others look up to. Victoria excels at everything she does, her skill set enables the unique ability to develop, communicate and execute on complex strategies. A summary of Victoria's personal qualities would include friendly, genuine, and ethical, in short she is a joy to work with.

Ted Coleman

Victoria is an exceptionally gifted individual with passion, purpose and focus. She is incredibly purpose driven professional with the energy, tenacity, and intensity of a true winner. She is a superb leader and coach that motivates others and Moore importantly coaches and support people to reach their goals. Victoria has a passion for life and for her work that is unparalleled. Her positive attitude is infectious. Most importantly, I have seen when things get tough, Victoria rises up and takes charge. When others step back, she steps up. Victoria is truly one of the most talented and gifted people I've encountered in my 33 year business career. She has the skillset and mindset to excel in today's market.

Phil Styrlund

I had the privilege of working with Victoria in the spring of 2006 for just two days. She made an unforgettable impression with her integrity, heart, and intelligence. She had an amazing influence on everyone associated with the project. She's a natural leader - the right kind- one that earns trust, builds confidence in others, and inspires action. Thanks Victoria.

John Wright

Victoria was an outstanding resource and advocate for us and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with Victoria.

Toni Jacaruso

Victoria is an extremely diligent and conscientious person. Her dedication to professionalism is only surpassed by her quick wit and charming personality. My interactions with Victoria have always brought a smile to my face and left me feeling that she is genuinely interested in understanding my needs and perspectives. The main impression that I get from Victoria is that if she says she will do something, she'll not only do it, but do it right.

Tom Hayes
  • What is your favorite quote? You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be - Marianne Williamson or Be yourself; everyone else is taken - Oscar Wilde
  • Are there any moments that stand out as having a significant impact on your career? Yes - leading in spite of a shattered glass ceiling. I naively kept climbing up the corporate ladder at a record pace when at 28 I was told that if I wanted to go into hotel development, I'd
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? My hobbies have varied over the years and change often to continue to learn and explore. I am an avid cyclist, competitive mountain biker, skydiver, scuba diver, snow skier, pickle ball play
  • Who do you look up to as a mentor and why? Richard Branson because he is an innovator, family man, and epic human making an impact on the world. Brene' Brown because she is an innovator, female leader breaking down barriers, and be
  • Is there anything else we should know about you? This rather ordinary small town country girl was raised by parents who were dedicated to philanthropy, world exploration, and education but who believed that women had no place in sports, pol