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Vishen is one of today’s most influential minds in the fields of personal growth and human consciousness. He is the founder of Mindvalley, the world’s leading online personal growth education company, and behind several top-ranking health and wellness apps. He is also a New York Times bestselling author with several more books on the way. With an incredible passion and drive to unite humanity and challenge the status quo, he has built a movement of growth-seekers, spanning across 195 countries, engaging more than 15 million followers on social media, and nearly half-a-million students online each year.


Vishen grew up in Malaysia surrounded by diversity and describes his childhood schooling experience as “forgettable.” As a young adult, he dreamed of going to school in the United States. He applied and was accepted into the University of Michigan’s highly touted Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program. Despite being among the top five ECE programs in the U.S., Vishen barely graduated because he didn’t click with the formal concept of education. These experiences ignited a passion within to evolve the education system. After creating Mindvalley, Vishen launched Mindvalley University, a yearly rotating school centered on holistic growth, and he built Mindvalley’s learning platform called “Quest”, which shows 5x higher completion rates than the average online course.


Vishen penned his New York Times bestseller, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, which challenges you to reject the inherited Bullshit Rules (Brules) that hold you back. The book hit the coveted #1 spot on Amazon five times and twice he became the No. 2 author in the world on Amazon Kindle, overtaking JK Rowling and Stephen King. His book has since been translated into 20+ languages which led him to winning many awards and being featured on several magazine covers in Malaysia.


Vishen’s newest book, The Buddha And The Badass, ranked as high as #1 in Leadership and Motivation on Amazon and is a New York Times Business Best Seller, USA Today Bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller. This book is about awakening the twin powers of the Buddha–the spiritual master–and the Badass–the changemaker who challenges the status quo. According to Vishen, you already have both inside you. Once awakened, they will transform the way you work.


Vishen believes in work-life integration, which is reflective in the company culture he created at Mindvalley. In fact, the company was recognized as one of the top 10 coolest offices in the world by Inc. Magazine and Vishen regularly contributes to media sites like Forbes and Thrive. He is a passionate health and education activist (read his exposé on Nestle in Malaysia, shared over 20 million times). He is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.


As a father of two, Vishen hopes for his children to grow up in a borderless and awakened world with extraordinary education options. His goal? For Mindvalley to reach 100 national schooling systems and every company in the Fortune 500 over the next decade.

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