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At the age of 10, Wallace Peeples, better known as "Wallo 267" was charged of his first criminal conviction. 7 years later, Wallo 267 found himself doing five years in a juvenile detenion centre and was later arrested and sentence to 20 years in prision. 


During the initial years of his two-decade prison sentence, Wallo 267 cultivated a philosophical outlook on life that prioritized taking responsibility and discarding excuses. Motivated to empower individuals in finding their true purpose and attaining remarkable success, he artfully transformed this mindset into genuine and meaningful messages intricately woven into a narrative of unwavering perseverance.


After serving his 20-year sentence, Wallo 267 made a positive name for himself through his social media influence.


Over the past five years, Wallo267 has skyrocketed his modest social media presence, backed by a "who's who" network of pro athletes, music industry giants, actors, entertainers, and business leaders. Today, he has over 21 million social media impressions weekly. As a mega influencer, market disruptor, and global inspiration, he has partnered with household names and continues to gain recognition for his motivational talks and his personal story of transformation.


He has used his experiences, including serving time in prison, to inspire others and promote positive change and is currently the Co-host of "Million Dollaz Worth of Game". 

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