Zach Piester

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Zach Piester is a seasoned keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur having worked with the worlds leading brands and companies. Zach's early career as a Paramedic Firefighter was characterized by extreme highs and lows - from witnessing profound compassion to unimaginable human suffering.

His journey in the chaos of life-saving and the harsh reality of human suffering fostered in him a resilient spirit and a profound understanding of resilience and transformation. He uses these learning and insights to transform teams and companies around the world. 


Key successes:

  • Co-founder of a global influencer / creator automation platform
  • Co-founder of a global fintech redefining modern banking and finance
  • Founded and produce a monthly Music and Art Festival that attracts 1k people+ each month
  • Produced 150+ invite only events for C level executives, founders and disruptors
  • Launched the first global insurance innovation lab in Singapore for the largest insurance company in the world
  • Co-Founded Asia's first Blockchain and Web3 Venture Studio
  • Launched a global talent marketplace, which grew from zero to a global community of 30k invite only members
  • Launched a solo headhunting firm hiring over 1000 senior executives
  • Launched multiple products around financial inclusion and banking
  • Delivered very sick babies, saved people from burning buildings and held hands with the dying

Zach Piester is not just a speaker; he's a storyteller and motivator, painting vivid pictures of the human capacity to overcome adversity. His talks are infused with personal philosophy and the wisdom gained from diverse experiences. With his masterful use of music and powerful imagery, Zach creates an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact. His keynotes go beyond traditional presentations, infusing energy and emotion into every story he tells. 


I regurarly utilizes the sounds and images of  Metallica, Jay-Z, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Yo-Yo Ma, and John Coltrane in my keynotes. It's really fun! Schedule a call with me to learn more. 

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