Zion Clark's life journey of overcoming obstacles and challenges from a young age is something we can all admire. Born into the foster care system with a rare birth defect called Caudal Regression Syndrome he faced a lot of struggles he had to overcome to survive. His heart, tenacity and mentality of not giving up when he had every reason to make him an inspiration to the world. He is known for his Netflix documentary Zion which won two sports Emmys. An accomplished international speaker, humor and infectious energy allow him to connect with his audience. An All-American wrestler, Guinness World holder and world class musician. He magnetically draws people in with his personal stories of defying all odds through personal stories of struggle and triumph. He has the ability to connect to his audience on a deep emotional level.


Zion delivers a heartfelt message through his journey and early struggles in life, and the lessons he learned from it. He provides value and insight into what it takes to overcome challenges and how he can teach an audience to relate. His charismatic personality, energetic soul and drive to create RESULTS gives the audience key takeaways that they can apply to their own lives and their businesses. Zion is an articulate speaker who simplifies his talks in a way that is easy to interpret and provides actionable steps that anyone can apply to their lives. His message really instills his mentality of NO EXCUSES which he has tattooed across his back.

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