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What To Look For When Booking A Keynote Speaker

  • By Emma
  •  Jan 03, 2019

Finding the right keynote speaker for your event is crucial to the event’s success. Not only is the keynote speaker someone who people want to hear from, but someone who people can learn from. The process of searching for a speaker is often daunting and tedious, but we have a few tips to help you find the right person with the right message. 

Follow this advice before hiring a Keynote speaker for your next event:

Outline Event Aims & Goals 

It is important to have an agenda set before reaching out to talent. The logistics of the event will help guide an agency or speaker’s bureau to connect you with the right fit. Knowing the time slot in the program, as well as the duration and type of the speech you are looking for, can determine the tone and mood of the event.

For example, in a traditional event structure with three speaking slots throughout the day, you would choose the most energetic and impactful speaker for the after-dinner slot, when the audience is less focused and ready to go home.

What do you want your audience to come away with? What are the goals of the event? These questions can help guide you when sifting through an array of inspirational and motivational messages. 

Understand Audience Expectations

Knowing your audience is an additional part of having an agenda. You want to make sure the speaker and the event are a perfect fit for each other. To master this connection, you must align the audience’s expectations with the speaker’s personality, message, and structure. Not every Speaker will be a good match for the event, which means you have to understand the character and preferences of your audience. 

The “Big Name” Speaker is meant to impress, but if you don’t have a solid understanding of your audience, your choice may fall short. The truth is, it isn’t about hiring the Biggest Name, but rather the scale and impact of the Speaker’s message in relation to the identity of the audience. 

Investigate Cost & ROI

Putting a price tag is on experiences and speeches is difficult, especially with a tight budget. This requires you to have a careful eye when scanning for hidden prices. 

When researching booking fees, be aware that Speaker’s prices will most likely not be available online, and if they are, they might not be accurate. In addition, there may be additional expenses that entail the speaking fee. This includes travel, accommodations, transportation, food, equipment, and extra crew that can shrink your profit margins. Therefore, when reaching out to an agent, make sure to inquire about the performance fee as well as the extra expenses.

Social Media and questionnaires are a great tool for feedback so that you can help measure ROI. By investigating previous events that the Speaker has attended, you can start to analyze the audience’s response to their message and ultimately the value perceived. 

Search Through A Digital Platform

Engage is an excellent way to connect with the right talent. This online platforms connects clients to speakers based on specific subjects and types of events. These distinct recommendations help speakers in a range of different subjects find the right audience for their motivational message. 

Whatever sector your event is in- politics, entertainment, sports, business, ect.- Engage can narrow your search and connect you to an expert on your specific topic. 

Not only does Engage increase your odds of finding the right Speaker, but it also simplifies the booking process. With every stage in the booking process consolidated into one space, Engage is revolutionizing the way clients connect to talent. 

The technology is highly efficient and user-friendly for both the client and keynote speakers, so stop wasting time on extra emails and phone calls… the future of booking is in these online spaces. 

In Conclusion

Finding the right Keynote Speaker for your event is possible with these these simple strategies and tactics. Follow these steps to ensure a successful event with many standing ovations.