Top 100 Organizational Culture Speakers

  • By Aaron Peterson
  •  Jan 04, 2024

Top 100 Organizational Culture Speakers

What is organizational culture and how does it grow your business or organization? When members, employees, consumers, and stakeholders align on a brand or organization’s experience, it benefits everyone. It’s key to a positive, enjoyable workplace and means to how others see your company, brand, or organization. It’s also one of the hardest things for people to understand and implement. That’s where our top 100 organizational culture speakers come in.

Book the best organizational culture speaker for your needs to learn how to take the attitudes, beliefs, rules, and values and use them to build positive, effective relationships. Our speakers excel at developing, implementing, and making sure everyone does their part.

1. Freddie Ravel

You’ve likely seen or heard of Freddie Ravel and not even realize it. Freddie toured with Sergio Mendes, directed Earth, Wind, and Fire, and performed with Madonna. He’s worked with Prince, Kanye, and Carlos Santana. He’s a master at leadership and organizational culture, having worked with Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lady Gaga. His talent in leadership and workplace culture specializes in integrating different generations.

2. Safi Bahcall

Safi Bahcall’s insights into organizational culture delve into business, history, and physics. It’s a unique approach to analyzing and improving group behavior. He wrote “Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries” and is happy to share his expert tips.

3. Lt Col Waldo Waldman

Lieutenant Colonel Waldo Waldman is the author of “Never Fly Solo” and specializes in building collaborative cultures that include commitment, courage, and trust. Lieutenant Colonel Waldman is an expert on overcoming adversity and adapting to change when establishing a strong organizational culture. Ask him about his “One Team, One Mission” strategy.

4. Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan is the author of “Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence.” She’s an expert at implementing proven strategies that create a culture of trust and develop strong teams. By getting a workplace that is engaged, competitiveness begins.

5. Cy Wakeman

Cy Wakeman’s leadership strategy starts by closely looking at personal accountability and becoming innovative by tossing any workplace or organizational drama aside. She’s been called “the secret weapon to restoring sanity in the workplace” and is a Certified Speaking Professional named #1 on the Global Gurus list of “Top 30 Leadership Professionals.”

6. Ken Schmidt

During his time with Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Ken Schmidt used three questions to change the company’s structure and business mindset. By focusing on what humans want from a business, an effective business and brand strategy becomes clear. Since leaving Harley Davidson, he’s co-founded Torque Sessions Leadership Training, where one lesson is building a people-first culture of innovation.

7. Polly LaBarre

Polly LaBarre’s expertise in organizational culture and resiliency makes her one of our hottest speakers. She co-founded the Management Lab and the “hacking management” strategy that builds powerful organizations by improving collaboration, creativity, and accelerating change. Her keynote “The Human Edge: Designing Work to Create a Cultural Advantage” is ideal for improving workplace culture.

8. Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson shares lessons she’s gained as the CEO of Disruption Advisors, a talent development company that relies heavily on the advantages of tech. She’s the author of “Build an A-Team,” a helpful guide when it comes to organizational culture and team building.

9. Alan Stein Jr

“RAISE OUR GAME: How to Increase Organizational Performance, Communication, and Cohesion” is one of Alan Stein, Jr.’s top keynote topics. He coached some of the nation’s top athletes during his 15 years as a basketball performance coach. Using his strategies on the court, he brings his expertise to the business world. Learn more about the methods athletes use to improve collaboration, build a winning mindset, and become effective leaders.

10. Steve Farber

He’s Huffington Post’s “#1 Business Speaker to See” and an Inc. “Global Top 50 Leadership and Management Expert.” Steve Farber’s expertise in organizational culture comes from his experience as the VP at the Tom Peters Company and founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, where he shares his Radical LEAP framework with educators, business professionals, and non-profit workers.

11. Dan Pontefract

When you want a speaker who specializes in gaining a competitive advantage through organizational culture, Dan Pontefract is an outstanding choice. He’s worked in senior roles at Business Objects, SAP, and TELUS, helping lead culture change that inspires growth. HR Weekly named him one of its “Most Influential People in HR,” and PeopleHum calls him one of the “Top 200 Thought Leaders to Follow.”

12. Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour left her military career and entered the private sector, where she became a business consultant. Through VAI Consulting & Training, LLC, she helps companies and organizations find the eagerness and structure to achieve company goals. With her Zero to Breakthrough™ Success Model, the ideal organizational culture is within your reach.

13. Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is an expert speaker on employee experience and leadership. He customizes his presentations and talks to match the business’s or organization’s exact needs. As Jacob’s family were immigrants from the Republic of Georgia, hard work, vision, and dedication are criteria he feels are important to growth. His work received endorsements from many CEOs for firms like Audi, Best Buy, Mastercard, and Unilever.

14. Ichak Adizes

Dr. Ichak Adizes developed the Adizes Methodology for Organizational Therapy and Development. His company specializes in international change management and rapid change without conflict. Ask him about his many speaking topics, including information shared in his book “Managing Corporate Lifecycles.”

15. Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett is the Chairman of C-Suite Network and author of “How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures.” He’s been named to five business halls of fame, including the Speaker Hall of Fame and Business Marketing Hall of Fame.

16. Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim is the CEO of Delivering Happiness, a company focused on building happy workplace cultures. Using years of insights that she picked up working in the corporate world, she evolved into a position running her own business consultancy focusing on organizational design.

17. Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham holds a degree in social and political science, and he uses his insights into social sciences to help businesses improve their management training programs. It’s work he does through his company Marcus Buckingham Company and as a noted organizational culture speaker.

18. Jim Knight

Jim Knight’s bestselling book “Culture That Rocks: How to Revolutionize Your Company’s Culture” receives high praise from Entrepreneur Magazine. He followed that book with “Leadership That Rocks: Take Your Brand’s Culture to Eleven and Amp Up Results.” He’s come a long way from his career at Gatorland Zoo, but his message is always the same. Organizational culture is crucial and easier to achieve than you may realize.

19. Shane Feldman

The “Leadership Passport” framework is the creation of Shane Feldman. Its focus was to center a company’s culture around the community. He’s helped major companies like Disney, Google, and TD Bank. He shares his expertise with the world’s Count Me In movement that helps build cohesive, supportive organizations and workplaces.

20. Ram Charan

Ram Charan is an expert at cutting through the clutter to solve problems that hold a business back. He’s worked with Bank of America, Humana, Key Bank, Novartis, Toyota, and many other businesses. Business Week gave him a rating of “Top 10 Resource for In-House Executive Development” and people have named him “One of the Most Influential People in Corporate Governance and the Board Room.”

21. Robert Richman

Zappos has one of the best employee cultures around, and Robert Richman helped create Zappos Insights, a program that taught Zappos secrets. He’s an authoritative voice on organizational culture and provides unique ways to create methods that work, including the use of improv comedy in the workplace. Book this member of the Transformational Leadership Council and learn how work and fun go hand in hand.

22. Jessica Kriegel

Jessica Kriegel is a Doctor of Leadership & Management and expert workplace culture strategist. She has more than 15 years of experience helping Fortune 100 organizations build and cultivate cultures that support multi-generational workers and create workplaces that grow revenues.

23. Dr. Marcus Collins

In the past 10 years, Dr. Marcus Collins has developed some of the world’s biggest ad campaigns. These ads circle strong teams who are eager to share their brand thanks to effective cultures in the workplace. Dr. Collins’ “Contagion Cookbook” is the key to assessing how culture influences everything in the world of commerce.

24. Sara Ross

Leadership Vitality is Sara Ross’s strategy for reducing stress and improving energy management, emotional intelligence, and resilience inside and outside the workplace. She’s the founder of BrainAMPED and offers coaching and training to help create beneficial organizational cultures.

25. Tsedal Neeley

Tsedal Neeley is a Harvard Business School professor and organizational change expert. She’s the go-to expert if your company or organization is looking into large-scale changes in the digital world or globally. Tsedal is especially knowledgeable about building strong workplace cultures when workers are remote.

26. Sydney Finkelstein

Sydney Finkelstein is a Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College Professor of Management. He’s also the bestselling author of “Why Smart Executives Fail” and Global Thinkers “50 List of Top Management Gurus” speaker. As a management consultant and speaker, he’s able to guide any organization into one with a strong culture that draws talent.

27. Kaiser Yang

Kaiser Yang advocates for global innovation not needing to be drawn out and difficult to achieve. He’s spent over 25 years helping startups and major companies create and maintain strong cultures in the technology sector. Among his many clients are Disney and Microsoft. Kaiser is the co-founder and CEO of Platypus Labs, a consultancy specializing in boosting engagement to gain a competitive edge.

28. Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor’s experience in organizational culture comes from a unique place. He holds a master's from Harvard Divinity School in Buddhist and Christian ethics. He’s traveled the world finding ways to increase potential without forgetting happiness and shares his insights. While he offers many keynote topics, “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance” is an ideal choice for establishing a happy, cohesive workplace.

29. Simon Mainwaring

We First is a strategic consultancy focused on accelerating growth. Simon Mainwaring shares some of his insights and tips in two bestsellers: “Lead With We” and “We First.” His message shows the importance of a strong, involved team in any business and not just focusing on what one person wants.

30. Jim Massey

He created and managed Ambition Zero Carbon and played a major role in establishing the first Corporate Trust Report. Jim Massey’s skills focus on building and maintaining trust with your stakeholders. He’s also dedicated to building organizational cultures focused on DEI. Ask him about his prepared keynotes, including “Building Company Culture: Employee Activation.”

31. Chester Elton

Chester Elton created Find MoJo, a global assessment company, to teach leaders how to build a strong culture, establish employee engagement, and encourage innovation. His tips for high-performing cultures come from years of research and work with Duracell, GE, Novartis, Pepsi, and the World Bank. With Chester’s impressive knowledge, any organization becomes a strong, positive, enjoyable place to work.

32. Stephen Drum

After 27 years of building strong, high-performance teams, Stephen Drum retired from the Navy SEALs. He now travels and shares his leadership and performance techniques with audiences in need of powerful organizations. His “Life on the X” talk or workshop empowers the audience to act with courage, confidence, and readiness.

33. Jason O. Harris

Lieutenant Jason Harris is a fourth-generation military pilot and expert in the value of strong teams. Using his experiences, he created the “No Fail Trust” practice to help leaders and management establish workplaces where productivity and responsibility go hand in hand with mutual trust.

34. Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins’ book “We’re All in This Together” provides insight into his belief that a strong company culture is needed if you’re going to have strong teams and leaders. He travels the country, empowering companies and their employees. As a former professional baseball player, Mike has stories to tell, but it’s his experiences working in sales after career-ending injuries that help people understand the value of a cohesive organization.

35. Vineet Nayar

He’s an author and social change leader with a lot of experience in putting employees first and customers second. While with HCL Technologies, his focus on trusting his employees over customers helped him grow revenues by 6x. His innovative methods work well for building strong, happy teams.

36. Emil Michael

Emil Michael built Uber, Tellme Networks, and Klout. His insights into building a company from the ground up are clear, and he’s guided two of his companies into acquisitions. Outside of his businesses, he mentors young CEOs, too. Emil has invested in dozens of start-ups, helping cement the skills he’s gained while building strong teams through positive cultures.

37. Eric Termuende

Friction has no place in a company, yet it exists and often destroys trust and innovation. Eric Termuende is an American Express “Top 100 Emerging Innovators Under 35” who uses a one-degree shift methodology to end this friction. His expertise helps leaders build a culture of trust and experimentation while reducing friction that stifles employee engagement. He’s helped IBM, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Zoom, and many others over the years.

38. David Horsager

David Horsager is the CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute. He’s a leading Trust Expert at High Point University and has spoken to audiences on six continents about building workplace culture surrounding trust. Without trust, sales fall, employee turnover increases, and teams fall apart. He’s an expert in building trust in yourself, your business, and your workers.

39. Karin Hurt

She’s the founder of Let’s Grow Leaders, an international human-centered leadership development firm. Karin Hurt’s firm focuses on improving results without giving up the human touch. She shares this insight in four bestselling books, including “Winning Well – A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul.”

40. Timothy Chou

As the president of Oracle On Demand, Timothy Chou took the driver’s seat when introducing that cloud business. Before that, he worked for Tandem Computers. He’s been in the world of computers, IoT, and cloud computing far longer than many. As he’s seen the tech industry grow and expand, he’s seen a lot, which makes him a sought-after speaker on organizational challenges facing the tech industry.

41. Ben Newman

Do you want a performance coach with experience building winning cultures for a team or organization? Ben Newman is the perfect solution. He’s the author of “UNCOMMON Leadership'' and has experience working with professional athletes, business professionals, and sales teams. In his career, he’s helped strengthen sales, management, workers, and teams for companies and organizations like AstraZeneca, Boys & Girls Club of America, and the Minnesota Vikings.

42. Frank Bucaro

What keeps your company or organization from having an efficient, cohesive team? Leadership problems often destroy trust. When you have a destructive workplace culture, no one wants to put in their best effort. Frank Bucaro is a former moral theology instructor and expert in a company’s ethical vs. unethical practices. Learn how ethical practices boost morale and grow your business by arranging Frank as your speaker.

43. Kathy Varol

Kathy Varol is an expert in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) with insights you need to know. When you need to improve your customer loyalty, boost innovation, and attract talent, Kathy is a great choice for a talk or workshop. She established The Brand Purpose Model, a four-step methodology that helps an organization become purpose-led and thrive.

44. Guillem Graell

Guillem Graell is an expert in FMCG and sports brand building and global business. While he was the CMO at FC Barcelona, he turned the team from a sports club to the biggest football brand in the world. Digital product revenues tripled. Instead of a typical talk, he aims to make his presentations and workshops stand out with strategic perspectives.

45. Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is a performance management expert with additional expertise in employee engagement. For three years, he led the research team for Quantum Workplace’s Best Places to Work Program. He’s analyzed the practices of thousands of companies to understand what works and what leads to failure. Learn how and why to make work fulfilling for every level of employee.

46. Jeff DeGraff

He’s known as the “Dean of Innovation” due to his expertise. Jeff DeGraff is a busy consultant specializing in “The Innovation Code,” a strategy that helps senior executives and officials build strong work cultures and organizational ecosystems.

47. Matt McFadyen

For over 20 years, Matt McFadyen’s helped organizations around the world build strong cultures, teams, and leaders. He reached this point by being an amazing adventurer who had to put his faith in himself and others. He rowed, sailed, and walked across the Canadian Arctic’s Northwest Passage, sailed to Antarctica, and went to the North Pole three times. He understands better than anyone the importance of creating a strong culture of trust.

48. Alain Hunkins

Turning high-achievers into high-performing leaders is Alain Hunkins’ area of expertise. Working with people of all ages and walks of life, Alain shows them how to unlock their full potential and use that to become empowered and influential, which leads to heightened engagement, employee retention, and happiness. It’s all insights he shares in “Cracking the Leadership Code.”

49. Pandit Dasa

Establishing a mindful workplace is Pandit Dasa’s forte. As a mindful leadership expert, he helps employees and leaders embrace and celebrate the contributions and successes of everyone in a company and not just a select few. When everyone feels like part of a company’s success, trust is established and performance improves.

50. Colette Carlson

Colette Carlson uses her master’s in human behavior and interest in communications in her work. She’s been in personal development for two decades and has several available speaking topics, including “Connection Culture: Create a Cohesive Team That Thrives.”

51. Anton Gunn

Anton Gunn was a senior advisor to President Obama and a Socially Conscious Leadership expert. He holds a master’s in social work, Certified Speaking Professions, and is the author of “The Presidential Principles.” It’s his expertise in building strong, diverse teams and exceptional workplace cultures that makes him one of our top speakers. His keynote “World-Class Culture” teaches you three actionable steps and the five things that employees want in the workplace.

52. Lonnie Mayne

Red Shoes Living is a philosophy and model that involves living your best life in order to do your best work. Lonnie Mayne is the author of “Red Shoes Living – Stand Out for the Positive in How You Work and How You Live. He’s also the founder and CEO of Red Shoes Living, Inc. Using his 30+ years of experience in technology and business, he’s built strong teams and leaders. Among the many clients he’s helped are Make-a-Wish, McDonald’s, Nike, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

53. Mark Mayfield

Mark Mayfield’s history shapes him into one of our most unique organizational culture speakers. He was a Washington, D.C. lobbyist for a decade, he’s performed in nightclubs, and he’s owned and operated a livestock business. Mark can infuse his presentations with comedy while also delivering solid advice. “People Power” is a great speaking topic when it comes to learning the value of workplace culture.

54. Afdhel Aziz

Afdhel Aziz is an expert speaker on social entrepreneurship and “Business as a Force for Good.” He spent 20 years at Procter & Gamble, but he left that position to follow his heart. He’s the founder and Chief Purpose Officer of the Conspiracy of Love, a consultancy that helps companies learn how to grow and “be a force for good.”

55. Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is a 5x NBA champion with the Lakers and former GM and head coach with the Los Angeles Sparks. From 2006 to 2013, he was the President of the NBA Players Association. He’s seen winning teams from both the coach’s and player’s perspective, which gives him special insight into forming a winning culture.

56. Angie Witkowski

“SPARK” is one of the three books by Angie Witkowski that shares her insights as a Marine Corps vet and business consultant. She’s spent two decades helping organizations form winning cultures, including Boston Scientific. Her “Be a Spark!” keynote empowers people to inspire teammates who are burned out or disengaged while also building trust.

57. Nick Santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso was born without one arm and both legs. His rare genetic condition didn’t stop him from defying the odds. He became a high school athlete, bodybuilder, fitness model, and social media star. Nick is an expert on achieving your dreams, never making excuses, and refusing to let your limitations define you. He travels the country sharing his empowering speeches at Fortune 500 companies and schools.

58. Rich Bracken

Rich Bracken has over 20 years of research to back the lessons he has to share on building cultures where employees want to stay engaged. His insights cover empathy, emotional intelligence, and mental awareness. As he’s also a former DJ and media personality, his talks are engaging and provide entertainment that leaves the audience with lasting memories.

59. Joseph Michelli

Dr. Joseph Michelli is a bestselling author with impressive insights into customer experience and how strong leaders learn from their mistakes. He’s a Certified Speaking Professional and a 5x Global Guru's “Top 5 Thought Leader in Customer Experience.” In his talks and presentations, he strives to help workers and leaders invest in both their work and personal lives to grow.

60. Rob Fazio

As the managing partner of Onpoint Advising, Dr. Rob Fazio spends his workday helping organizations and leaders succeed. He’s spent over two decades in sports psychology and consulting, but his efforts during the pandemic shifted to helping hospitals thrive. He created the “Flattening the Anxiety Curve” and spent months offering presentations on “Growth Leadership in Times of Crisis.” Ask about his “Motivational Currency® Calculator and how it’s a handy tool for determining what motivates people.

61. Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore is a favorite keynote presenter in Australia and the U.S., and her message is fitting for organizational culture talks. Business success always comes down to feelings. Amanda uses her training and research in emotional intelligence, epigenetics, neuroscience, positive psychology, and quantum physics to help leaders know how to engage employees, stakeholders, and clients or consumers.

62. Tahl Raz

Tahl Raz is a master negotiator. He’s helped rescue high-stakes international kidnap victims and knows the FBI’s secrets of negotiation. He shares a lot of his experiences in “Never Split the Difference.” Arrange to have Tahl talk about the transformations that make the balance of life and work a huge success.

63. Mike Domitrz

Mike Domitrz’s keynotes are undoubtedly one of the best you’ll come across, and he’s been doing this for 30 years, so he’s seen a lot of competition. In just one presentation, he can have 95% of your organization changing how they engage with each other, leaders, clients, and vendors. Everyone who sees Mike's talk ends up with actionable steps they can take immediately.

64. Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams created the Human Factors Leadership methodology after years of leading USAF teams of both men and women. Being an Air Force Pilot is challenging enough, but there has to be a culture that supports everyone, and he uses all he’s seen and done to become a human factors expert.

65. Jennifer Moss

“The Burnout Epidemic” is a guide to better understanding the pitfalls of having your workers or your leaders burn out. Jennifer Moss is a workplace culture strategist who’s helped just as many startups as she has Fortune 500 companies. Four of her most popular speaking points are:

  • Combating Burnout to Reach Our Goals

  • Reducing Stress and Increasing Engagement in Changing Times

  • Unlocking Happiness at Work

66. Derek Daly

Using the lessons he’s learned as an Indy 500 and Formula One driver, Derek Daly shares the lessons he’s learned behind the wheel to help people understand the winning culture of a successful team. He knows that people and equipment must work well together if you’re going to perform well on all levels.

67. Dr. Shawn Andrews

Dr. Shawn Andrews is the author of “The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional, Intelligence, and the Gender Divide.” She teaches courses on “Women” and “Leadership and Organizational Behavior” at Pepperdine University Business School and the University of California Irvine. With 20+ years in bio-pharmaceuticals, she has a lot to share when it comes to inclusive workplace cultures.

68. Ian Beacraft

Rethink Retail said this about Ian Beacraft, “Engaging Ian is like bringing a tactical nuclear weapon to a knife fight.” Ian’s the founder and Chief Futurist of Signal and Cipher. He’s an expert at guiding organizations through changing technologies and discovering the best path toward cultural change, innovation, and creativity.

69. Brent Gleeson

Brent Gleeson left SEAL Team 5 to become one of our most popular speakers on transforming your organization by building a strong culture while ensuring you have effective leaders and teams. He’s the founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership, a management consulting firm focused on leadership development. His bestseller “TakingPoint: A Navy SEAL’s 10 Fail-Safe Principles for Leading Through Change” ranked #1 on the Organizational Change and Business Structural Adjustment list.

70. Sunny Grosso

Sunny Grosso is a founder of the Delivering Happiness Coach|Sulting® team. She’s spent more than 10 years helping organizations around the world become purposeful and create better human experiences. One of the key messages is that there will be highs and lows, and a smart organization adapts and perseveres through them.

71. Donnie Campbell

Have you watched “Ted Lasso?” If so, you know the main character, a football coach in Kansas who ends up coaching an English Premier Soccer League team. Donnie Campbell, a high school basketball coach who coached Jason Sudeikis in the 1990s, inspired the character of Ted Lasso. Donnie travels the nation sharing his insights on helping your team or workers develop strong values and maintaining a positive attitude.

72. Paul Epstein

Paul Epstein is an expert in a “come-from-behind win.” He believes that all victories start from within and that people need to be encouraged and empowered to believe they have unlimited potential. If you do that, your organizational culture becomes empowering and beneficial.

73. Jeff Kreisler

Jeff Kreisler is the Head of Behavioral Science at JP Morgan Chance and founding editor of PeopleScience, a platform for applied behavioral science. He’s masterful at using comedy to share insights on how to understand, explain, and change your workplace’s culture and develop strong teams.

74. Adrian Gostick

Adrian Gostick is the go-to person to learn how to build and lead high-performing teams by driving innovation and creating a positive workplace culture. He’s an executive coach and member of Marshall Goldsmith’s MG100 “Pay It Forward” Coaching Cohort. His book “Leading With Gratitude” is a good place to start when looking at how to improve the organizational culture in your business or organization. Arrange a keynote or talk on the pointers shared in his books.

75. David Burkus

David Burkus holds a master’s in organizational psychology and a doctorate in strategic leadership. He’s written several bestselling books on leadership and business, including “Best Team Ever: The Surprising Science of High-Performing Teams.” Learn more about his advice and expertise in helping individuals develop effective habits and practices before a team is going to take shape.

76. Allison Feaster

Allison Feaster moved from playing professional basketball to being the VIP of Player Development & Organizational Growth for the Boston Celtics. She’s an expert in aiding the development and growth of a strong, cohesive team. Her skill in team building and supportive team cultures stands out.

77. Christine Leung

Christine Leung is the former CSO and current President of Chicago International Charter School. It’s her goal to aid in the collaboration between stakeholders and the school’s different departments across the 13 campus organizations. She shares her experience in improving performance and outcomes with audiences that need tools for values-driven crisis management and leadership transitioning.

78. Jeff Henderson

Forbes calls him one of the “20 Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss.” He’s an expert in helping companies and organizations build a profitable, purposeful brand. Jeff Henderson is the author of “Know What You’re FOR,” a book tied to the FOR Company that helps organizations, churches, and businesses grow. Among his long list of clients are the Atlanta Braves and Keller Williams.

79. Anne Harbison

She’s been Gallup’s principal strategic consultant and organizational change and learning specialist at Procter & Gamble. Dr. Anne Harbinson uses her doctorate from Harvard University to help others understand how to excel and thrive during a transition and how to build great leaders who create positive workplace cultures.

80. Mike Sarraille

Mike Sarraille is the author of “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent.” He’s a retired Navy SEAL with incredible insights to share on solving problems by building strong teams and by nurturing and growing the right people. He’s the expert you need to help better understand and excel in talent acquisition and management, leadership development, and organizational culture.

81. Jyllene Miller

Jyllene Miller stresses that the keys to a business’s success are to “think, FEEL, and execute.” They are all part of the methods she used to grow Concentrix from a $50 million business to a $5 billion one. She’s the expert you need for insights on how to grow a group into a major success by not losing sight of your group’s and customer’s emotional needs, as well as their intellectual ones.

82. Dr. Liz Wilson

Ask Dr. Liz Wilson about “The 8 Specific Needs of All People.” It’s a strategy that’s a critical part of her organizational transformation methods. After seeing a loved one experience discrimination, she used that to establish the tools organizations need to ensure inclusivity is a normal part of building a brand or business. Using what she saw and knew from years in the business world, she created the world’s first enterprise software that helps leaders make inclusive real-time choices.

83. Dean Stott

Dean Stott served in the British Special Forces, becoming the first Army member to join the Special Boat Service. He’s trained to pursue excellence, and that’s what he does every day. He’s skilled in using his experiences in the military, the private security sector, and as an advisor on several action movies. Through it all, he teaches people the value of being authentic in order to succeed.

84. Mark O’Neil

Mark O’Neil is the founder of the O’Neil Network, a firm dedicated to helping organizations function well and build strong teams and leaders. He uses his skills developed during a 33-year military career where he was involved in combat several times. Over those decades, he served as the Commander U.S. Army Alaska and Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army Pacific.

85. Kathy Delaney Smith

Kathy Delaney Smith is the winningest head coach in Ivy League History, an honor she gained coaching Harvard’s women’s basketball team for 40 seasons. She’s built and nurtured teams to land more than 610 wins and close to 400 Ivy League victories, which is the most of any male or female Ivy League coach before retiring in 2022.

86. Dr. John Izzo

When Dr. John Izzo considers a person’s true role within a company, he wants them to think beyond what they can do to what they hope to achieve. From there, it’s a matter of building practical steps focused on the principle of “how do you make it happen?” He urges leaders and teams to “dream bigger.” Through this, he’s an expert in sustainability and social responsibility movements for corporations. Ask him about “The Purpose Revolution,” where genuine change comes from having a purpose as you build an organization’s culture.

87. Jess Stewart

Jess Stewart grew up helping in her family’s cattle operation, so she learned the importance of hard work and determination at a young age. After having children, she developed a medical billing software company out of her kitchen. She sold that company 15 years later. She’s a firm believer that by bettering yourself, you better the lives and attitudes of those around you. That’s key to a beneficial organizational culture, and it’s a message Jess shares in her keynotes and workshops.

88. Brenda Batista

Brenda Batista is the president of Inspiring Company Culture and a 5 Voices System certified trainer. She’s spent almost three decades helping companies and teams improve their performance by inspiring everyone on a team or in an organization to “bring their best.” Using computer simulations, she can show a business how it could perform and what it takes to reach that point.

89. Carlos Piera Sierra

Carlos Piera Sierra sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with just a few loved ones and took the time to really get to know himself. After this trip, he headed to India. It’s there that he volunteered and became an HR consultant, specializing in understanding what happiness means to one person and whether it is the same for someone else. This led to his Delivering Happiness career, where he helped create a “Make Happy Work™” model for building an organization.

90. Michelle Stacy

Michelle Stacy may not be a household name, but your household has likely been influenced by brands she’s helped build. She’s behind the growth at large corporations like Gillette, Keurig, and P&G. She’s especially knowledgeable about the value of a focused, positive workplace culture that impacts revenues and the brand’s image.

91. Carol Cone

Carol Cone has spent over three decades helping corporations, organizations, professionals, and nonprofits build and nurture their purpose strategy. In that time, she’s developed and executed hundreds of purpose programs and ESG strategies to boost stakeholder engagement, branding, and fundraising. PRWeek Power List names her one of the “most powerful and visible figures in the world of ‘Cause Branding’.”

92. Louie Gravance

He’s designed so many aspects of the Disney experience – from live entertainment to customer service. Louie Gravance’s 25+ year career at Disney didn’t keep him from continuing to help businesses thrive. He’s continued to help companies learn how to build cultures that put the customer first. One of his many popular training programs and presentations is “Delighting Customers Makes YOU Stronger.”

93. Petra Velzeboer

She’s a popular TEDx speaker and author, but it’s her work as the CEO of PVI, a mental health consultancy, that proves exceptionally useful to companies looking for tips on building a strong organizational culture. Petra Velzeboer specializes in resilience and not just quick, temporary improvements. Build a stronger, happier workforce by focusing on health and sustainability using Petra’s insights.

94. Lisa Walden

Any company or organization should want to create the best possible work environment, and that’s Lisa Walden’s specialty. She’s the co-founder of Good Company Consulting, a consultancy that helps leaders build a strong culture that values its workers. If workers are happy and eager to come to work, a business thrives.

95. Glenn Akramoff

Akramoff, LLC helps improve organizations by “returning humanity to the center of focus.” Glenn Akramoff is the founder and CEO and has a wealth of experience helping municipal government agencies change and develop strong, cohesive teams and departments. He’s worked in seasonal maintenance, as a city manager, and now runs his own business specializing in Human Centered structures.

96. Mark Hoffman

Mark Hoffman brings more than 20 years of experience in resilience and crisis management to the table. He’s the co-founder and managing partner of Resilience Think Tank, a firm that specializes in thought leadership and forming effective organizational cultures.

97. Stephanie Angelo

Stephanie Angelo is an accredited speaker and inventor of the board game “Company Culture – A Game of Workplace Traction Not Transaction.” Her “Built to Thrive” methodology helps companies establish in-house programs that develop strong cultures, get workers engaged, and lower turnover rates.

98. James Jones

Yale University’s “all-time winningest men’s basketball coach” is also one of the most successful coaches in Ivy League history. In his time, James Jones entered the 2023/2024 season with 373 wins for a .624 winning percentage. Off the court, he’s a noted speaker on developing a strong organizational culture. It takes a leadership expert to create such a successful team year after year, and he’s happy to share his tips.

99. Amber Vanderburg

Amber Vanderburg is the founder of The Pathwayz Group, an international learning development company specializing in team and leadership development. She’s especially focused on developing strong team performance, skills she used as an Adidas Gameday Academy football coach.

100. Alicia Korten

Alicia Korten specializes in values-led organizational culture. She’s a Fulbright Scholar with years of experience working in Latin America with several cultures and Indigenous Peoples. She’s developed strong insights into what people want and need, and what leads to their being disengaged.

A powerful organization avoids high turnover rates, has a positive workplace culture, and avoids common pitfalls in leadership and management. Narrow your list of organizational culture speakers and use Engage’s easy-to-use system to check availability and book the best speaker for your needs.