Top 10 Creativity Speakers

  • By Aaron Peterson
  •  Oct 25, 2023

When you need your audience to better understand the creative process and how to spark creativity, our top 10 creativity speakers provide expert advice. They excel in small workshops or large conferences. All of our speakers share personal experiences in their work and personal lives and share exercises and tips that attendees put to use in their own lives.

1. Natalie Nixon

She’s the author of “The Creativity Leap” and one of Real Leaders’ “Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World for 2022.” Natalie Nixon is one of our top creativity speakers and has the nickname “The Creativity Whisperer for the C-Suite.” Her background in cultural anthropology, design thinking, fashion, and dance provides a wealth of creative talents that she uses in her ability to tap into creativity and innovation. Book this Certified Foresight Practitioner for your keynote or workshop on creativity.

2. Matthew Luhn

It’s impossible to deny the creativity that goes into every Pixar movie or short, and Matthew Luhn plays a part in it all. He’s worked on three Toy Story movies, two Monsters Inc. movies, Cars, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, and UP. He has more than 20 years of experience in creativity and animation to share with his audience.

3. Jay Ward

Jay Ward is a creativity speaker with a wealth of experience as Pixar’s Creative Director of Franchise. He’s worked on all Cars-related projects around the world, including consumer products and theme park attractions.

4. Deanna Marsigliese

Deanna Marsigliese works for Pixar as a character art director. She’s worked on films and shorts including Bao, Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4, and others. Deanna’s known for her passion for vintage fashions and travel and once taught Classical Animation at Toronto’s Seneca College. She’s a passionate creativity speaker who specializes in workshops and panel talks.

5. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty’s path to being a creativity speaker started with his time as a monk. He taps into all he learned as the host of a #1 health and wellness podcast and Chief Purpose Officer at Calm. He’s an award-winning Health and Wellness Creator with more than 10 billion views and 50 million followers.

6. Gabor George Burt

Gabor George Burt’s specialty is in re-imagining market boundaries and creative transformation. His book “Slingshot” focuses on the steps that are needed to draw new boundaries to grow and become innovative. His insights and experience have helped him land a position as a judge at the E.U. Innovation Venture Awards and design and host the Forum for Partnership of the Americas.

7. Juliet Funt

Are you looking for a speaker who holds no punches? Juliet Funt specializes in keynotes on creativity and growth using a tough-love approach. She is the founder and CEO of the Juliet Funt Group, a firm specializing in freeing talented workers from busy work to help them achieve everything they want and help companies excel. She’s helped companies like Costco, National Geographic, and Spotify grow.

8. Kai Kight

Music soothes the soul and sparks fires that help people and organizations find fulfillment and achieve goals. Kai Kight uses music in his creativity keynotes and talks. He was inspired by his cancer-stricken mom who regretted not sharing her ideas with the world. Using all she shared, Kai hopes to get others to embrace their creative natures and feel that ingenuity is normal.

9. Bruce Turkel

Branding is Bruce Turkel’s forte, and he shares his experiences as a creative entrepreneur with individuals and organizations. His goal is to help others find creative solutions, even when constant disruption interferes. Bruce is the founder of Turkel Brands, a global brand consultancy that’s worked with Bacardi Limited, Discovery Networks, and many others.

10. Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan’s work with celebrities like Woody Harrelson taught him that celebrities may be creative, but they’re no different from everyone else. They’ve learned how to use their innovation and creativity to their advantage, and anyone can learn what they’ve learned. He shares the points he realized and helps his audience tap into their creative nature in order to achieve greatness.

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