Top 15 Cybersecurity Speakers

  • By Declan McManus
  •  Apr 12, 2023

<h1>Top 15 Cybersecurity Speakers</h1>

Cybercrime rose 10% in one year. Fraud increased by 70%. IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach is now almost $9.5 million, higher in the healthcare industry. Cybersecurity is not something any business, organization, or individual should ignore. Book one of our top 15 cybersecurity speakers and learn what the experts believe are the keys to protecting yourself, your clients, your company, and your employees.

1. Janet Lawless

Who better to learn about cybersecurity than from the creator of the Certified Threat Intelligence Specialist Certification (CTIS)? Janet Lawless held leadership roles in compliance and security at Cisco and Microsoft. She’s a member of InfraGard, a private sector and FBI partnership) and the U.S. Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force.

She left her job with a cybersecurity start-up to found her own company, Center for Threat Intelligence, to help private and public sector organizations identify and prevent attacks and threats. She’s an engaging, enthusiastic keynote speaker on cybersecurity topics and is an approved provider for the Department of Homeland Security’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

2. Eric O’Neill

Have you ever heard of Robert Hanssen? Three years after joining the FBI, he became a double agent selling U.S. secrets to Russia. From 1979 to 2001, he sold U.S. intelligence documents to the Soviet Union/Russia. Eric O’Neill was a key player in Hanssen’s arrest, a story that’s shared in the movie “Breach” starring Ryan Philippe as Eric O’Neill.

After graduating from the FBI’s Intelligence Program, O’Neill worked as a special surveillance group field operative monitoring and surveilling domestic, national, and international terrorists and spies. He now is the National Security Strategist for VMWare-Carbon Black, a company that specializes in next-gen endpoint protection and cybersecurity, and founding partner of an investigative and security consultancy, The Georgetown Group.

3. Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson’s expertise in cybersecurity stems from her 15 years with the NSA, during which she ran the organization’s counterterrorism operations and worked in the U.S. Embassy in London to identify and stop terrorist and cyber threats during the 2012 Olympics.

In 2017, she became the Head of Cybersecurity for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Investment Technology. In her spare time, she advises and educates organizations, individuals, and companies on the optimal practices and strategies to identify and prevent cybersecurity issues.

4. Bryan Seely

Bryan Seely is a former U.S. Marine who became one of the most famous ethical hackers of all time when he managed to wiretap both the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service. His actions landed him accolades from the Secret Service and helped solidify his role as one of the top cybersecurity keynote speakers in the U.S.

He’s a Senior Security Architect for Cyemptive Technologies and co-founder of Mobileyme. He’s a top speaker on cybersecurity, consumers’ rights and privacy, and online safety.

5. Scott Schober

Advanced wireless test and security solutions are part of his job. He’s presented talks, appeared on several news programs, and is a live security event expert with skills in surveillance, hacking, ransomware, and wireless threats. Scott Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems and the author of “Senior Cyber,” “Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business,” and “Hacked Again.”

6. Jen Wolfe

As the CEO of Dot Brand 360, Jen Wolfe specializes in C-suite digital strategy and was a managing partner at an intellectual-property law firm. She’s an expert in digital patents, workplace disruption, and cybersecurity. She’s helped many clients over the years, including Duke Energy, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and Nestle.

7. Tom Koulopoulos

Tom Koulopoulos is the founder and chairman of Delphi Group and founding partner of Acroovantage Ventures. He’s an expert in business innovation where those businesses must both grow and thrive while also focusing on cybersecurity and risk assessments, AI, digital disruption, and cybersecurity, especially in the realm of c-suite security.

8. Kate Fazzini

She’s a professor of cybersecurity at Georgetown University and a former reporter for cybersecurity at the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. Kate Fazzini has a master’s degree in strategic cybersecurity enforcement and has helped companies like JPMorgan Chase and IBM establish disaster communication plans. Her talks on cybersecurity are story-driven experiences that drive home the teachings and messages.

9. Robert Siciliano

Robert Siciliano is the CEO of Safr.Me and the CSI Protection certification training program’s architect. He’s a security expert and private investigator specializing in the education and empowerment of people to better protect themselves in person and virtually against cybercrime and disinformation.

10. N. Macdonnell Ulsch

In one of his roles, N. Macdonnell Ulsch advises the U.S. government and private sector organizations on global cyber threats, especially with China. He’s the founder of The China 863 Analyst and author of “Cyber Threat! How To Manage the Growing Risk of Cyber Attacks.” He also is an analyst and commentator for Homeland Security Off The Record.

11. Scott Klososky

He’s the founding partner of Future Point of View, a company that specializes in digital strategy. Through his expertise, Scott Klososky discusses the intersection between people and digital transportation and his concept of the HUMALOGY Scale for calculating the amount of human vs. machine involvement in systems and processes. He’s able to predict digital trends and analyze how they will impact the economy and society, which is important in detecting risk.

12. Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw brings more than three decades of expertise in changing an organization’s digital ecosystem as technology shifts and changes. He’s on’s list of the World’s Top 25 Speakers and the Top Five Technology Futurists. In addition, he’s very comfortable in front of audiences of all sizes. He’s given more than 1,000 keynotes around the world and has talked to executives and leaders in all 50 states.

13. Matt Klein

He’s a quantitative futurist specializing in marketing, innovation, cybersecurity, and trend forecasting. Matt Klein has a unique viewpoint on emerging technology while also considering the sociological and psychological aspects of this technology. He’s an expert commentator who’s often quoted by professionals like Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington.

14. Scott Brady

With more than three decades of experience in operational management and sales, Scott Brady is a leader in finding new, exciting ways to increase sales and revenues while never losing sight of security. In 2013, he transitioned to technology and joined Future Point of View, a technology-strategy firm. He’s helped the company develop effective cybersecurity practices. He’s here to help business leaders become informed while making sure their business is built with security in mind.

15. Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne specializes in science, society, and technology. She’s a Ph.D. researcher at University College London, focusing on corporate futurism. She’s also the co-host of Radical Science, talking about the ethics of science and technology within society. She’s presented or talked to companies like Google, Microsoft, Pfizer, TEDx, and the World Economic Forum.

No company or organization is completely safe from hacks, breaches, ransomware, and other cyberattacks. The only way to protect your company is by becoming educated and prepared. Our top 15 cybersecurity speakers aid you in creating solid practices that offer the utmost in prevention and protection.