Top 20 Futurist Speakers

  • By Aaron Peterson
  •  Aug 10, 2023

What is a futurist? A futurist is an expert in trends and forecasts whose insights help businesses and individuals prepare for changes in the world of the economy, science, and technology. A futurist speaker provides must-know information about where the world is headed and how people can prepare for the future.

1. Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus is one of our most prolific speakers with more than 3,000 keynote speeches under his belt. He’s one of The New York Times’ top three business gurus and is known as being a “World Leading Futurist on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation.” He’s the author of “Flash Foresight” and “The Anticipatory Organization,” which highlights his Anticipatory Organization Business Model.

2. Tom Koulopoulos

He’s the founder and chairman of Delphi Group, a Boston-based think tank established 30 years ago. Tom Koulopoulos is the past director of the Dell Innovation Lab and executive director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation. He’s also the author of “Gigatrends,” a book on the seven tech trends that will shape the future.

3. Pablos Holman

Pablos Holman is a technology futurist with 70 patents to his name. His unique insight in building and breaking new technologies and problem-solving are unheard of. Among some of his inventions are lasers that shoot mosquitoes from the sky to end malaria and the first 3-D printer for food.

4. Ian Khan

Ian Khan is the author of “Metaverse for Dummies” and the LinkedIn Learning course “Securing the Metaverse.” He’s a skilled technology futurist who created the Future Readiness Score, which is designed to help you become disruption-proof. Among his many speaking topics are “The Future of Work Debunked” and “Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier.”

5. Scott Klososky

Future Point of View is a digital strategy firm founded by Scott Klososky. He specializes in digital transformation and how it intersects with people. He developed the HUMALOGY Scale for assessing the amount of human and machine involvement in a system and the High Beam Process that helps set organizational strategy.

6.Anders Sörman-Nilsson

Thinque is a think tank and trend analysis firm founded by futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson. He’s the author of “How Artificial Intelligence is Powering Australian Retails in 2020 and Beyond” and the host of “The 2 nd Renaissance” podcast. His specialty is in taking experimental ideas to get people to embrace change.

7. Amber Case

How computers and humans interact and form relationships is a key area of expertise held by Amber Case. They are recognized around the world for their expertise on the internet and society. Their TED Talk “We Are All Cyborgs Now” has more than two million views and is a great topic for audiences of all sizes.

8. Dr. Bertalan Meskó

Dr. Bertalan Mesko is the director of The Medical Futurist Institute and the Medical Futurist himself. He’s an expert in the use of science-fiction technologies that could be used in global medicine and healthcare.

9. Ian Beacraft

Ian Beacraft specializes in emerging technology. He’s the founder and chief futurist of Signal and Cipher and helps companies and organizations find the best routes to innovation in order to create new, exciting services and products. Arrange for him to talk about where culture and technology collide and the future of technology.

10. Brian Solis

Brian Solis is a famous digital anthropologist and futurist. He’s been referred to as “one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time” by Forbes. He’s an expert in Digital Darwinism and is happy to talk on topics ranging from the future of technology to Web3 and digital transformation to experience design.

11. Andrew Busch

As the former 1 st Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the U.S. government, Andrew Busch has to analyze the markets and economy and use his insight as an economic futurist to brief the House, Senate, SEC, Federal Reserve Board, U.S. Treasury, and White House on everything from interest rates to the economical impact of Chinese trade. He is currently a popular futurist consultant and keynote speaker through

12. Rafael Grossman, MD

Dr. Rafael Grossman is a healthcare futurist specializing in the use of technology for supreme medical care. He was the first doctor to use Google Glass during live surgery, and he also has superior insight into AI in healthcare and education.

13. Ian Morrison

When you need a futurist specific to the healthcare industry and business environments, Ian Morrison is a top futurist. He’s especially knowledgeable on long-term forecasting and planning using a combination of consulting expertise and in-depth research.

14. Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is the futurist-in-residence at The New York Times. He’s also the founder of Practical Futurist, an agency that helps businesses and organizations embrace and use future trends and technology to their benefit.

15. Ben Hammersley

Ben Hammersley is the founder of Hammersley Futures, an international strategic forecasting consultancy. He’s an expert at helping others think about the future and smart reactions to innovations in technology, workplace transformations, and cognitive tools that help you adapt and embrace change.

16. Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell was the first Chief Digital Officer for MARS and excels in telecom and IT. He’s especially knowledgeable on emerging digital trends and disruption. He’s the expert speaker you need to talk about digital disruption and staying one step ahead.

17. Zach Piester

Resilience and transformation are two of the expert skills Zach Piester shares with his audience. He’s a former paramedic firefighter who used all he witnessed to learn how to use the worst situations to work harder and push boundaries. Using that insight, he co-founded the first Blockchain and Web3 venture studio in Asia. He also co-founded a global fintech firm that is modernizing banking and finance. Book him for a talk on rapid digital transformation, AI, and the future of work.

18. Emil Michael

Emil Michael has built a trio of highly successful companies, you’ve likely heard of Uber, but he’s also built Tellme Networks, a speech recognition technology firm that he sold to Microsoft, and Klout, a social media analytics business that he sold to Lithium Technologies. His exceptional insight into how to use technology to meet future needs is undeniable.

19. Gemma Milne

As the author of “Smoke & Mirrors: How Hype Obscures the Future and How to See Past It,” Gemma Milne specializes in a variety of futurist topics. Among her specialties are biotech, AI, quantum computing, and corporate futurism. She is a Fellow of the Institute for the Future of Work and an Innovation Jury Member for SXSW.

20. Jeff Fromm

Jeff Fromm is the president of Futurecast, a trends consultancy firm that uses his expertise in economics, marketing, and forward-thinking trends. He’s an expert in understanding consumer behaviors and how they’re changing with each generation. Jeff is an excellent choice for keynote speeches on future trends or customized appearances and talks.

Book one of our top 20 futurist speakers to prepare your organization for the increasing role of artificial intelligence, the future of work, and other forces that are impacting businesses, towns, cities, and daily living. Reach out to the expert futurist who best suits your needs as you begin to look towards the future and where it’s heading.