Priya Iyer

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As President at Capacity Interactive, a premier digital marketing consulting firm for culture and the arts, Priya Iyer Doshi champions the value of cultivating empathy and open-mindedness through engagement with the arts, especially through storytelling. She believes that by encouraging people to seek out and understand diverse perspectives, we can create a more compassionate and interconnected world. As a thought leader in the field, Doshi is dedicated to promoting the transformative power of the arts in fostering empathy, promoting social change, and driving cultural dialogue. 


Doshi’s love for the arts stems from its ability to communicate stories. As a keynote speaker, she leads and facilitates conversations for thousands of people on big stages, believing that art is essential for nurturing understanding and belonging. 


As a former digital marketing practitioner, Doshi excelled in managing and coaching a team of agency consultants to support a 20+ client portfolio, contributing to the company’s overall growth through her leadership in cultural iterations, marketing strategy, and external ambassadorship. 


After a brief hiatus, her exceptional solution-building skills led her to rejoin Capacity Interactive as the second President in the company’s history (the first after the Founder), where she now opens doors for others by connecting communities to the arts, helping them experience the impact of storytelling and marketing on their lives. Even early in Doshi’s tenure, Capacity Interactive clients have accomplished great things including half a million dollars in new revenue for the San Francisco Opera, revitalizing a declining subscription base for The Denver Art Museum, and many more. 


With years of experience managing paid digital media campaigns, interpreting trends, and analyzing campaign performance, Doshi is well-positioned to transform her industry from the inside out. And as the Director of Brand & Account Management at Raindrop, a creative marketing agency, Doshi honed her leadership skills by identifying opportunities for organic improvements within the agency and among clients. 


Ultimately, Doshi strives to create psychologically safe environments that promote a growth mindset. She is a people-first leader who inspires others and provides guidance and clear direction. By galvanizing others, she drives impact through relationship-building. Doshi seeks to help people overcome obstacles, bring stability to chaotic environments, and inspires others through sharing diverse cultural perspectives and unlocking the power of empathy and compassion through storytelling. Doshi is forging a path as a humanistic, mission-driven leader, committed to helping others reach their maximum potential and leave a lasting mark on society. 


Doshi lives with her husband, Neil, and their dog, Bibo, in Los Angeles, where you can find her soaking up the sun, spending time with dear friends and family, and practicing mindfulness as much as possible.


Speaking Topics:


  • The Future of Storytelling 
  • Inspiring Empathy and Compassion to Build Community 
  • Championing the Power of the Arts to Inspire Perspective 
  • How to Tap Into Authentic Leadership

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