Christian Boeving

To get to the very top of any competitive field is pretty tough, to stay there for over two decades is nearly impossible. Add to that it's in the field that I've loved all of my life and one that is finally getting the long overdue recognition it deserves as being one of the most important aspect of a human beings' be fit and healthy. Over the last seventeen years I've had the opportunity to work within nearly every facet of the health and fitness industry as a certified personal trainer/nutritionist, a television and radio personality, endorsed athlete and spokesman, a monthly bodybuilding, health and fitness columnist, an international fitness/cover model and I've worked almost equally behind the scenes planning, developing and implementing marketing strategies for national/ international distribution and sales, formulation of new supplement lines and customer relations. I am grateful to be regarded today as one of the most recognized and respected names within the industry world wide and I look forward to what the future of health and fitness holds for those who choose to live it. Today my goals are pretty simple. I want to be as happy as a person possibly can be and I want to help educate the planet on the most effective ways of both getting and/or staying in shape, regardless of age.