Tara Nesser

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Tara founded Level Up, a dynamic leadership coaching and development resource for growing startup teams.


With experience at hyper-growth technology startups in roles such as Director of Talent Strategy, Head of Training and Development, and Head of People, as well as previous leadership and executive positions in talent acquisition and development, Tara has been there.


At her core, Tara believes in startups and wants them to succeed. In her leadership roles, she has come to believe in investing in the right people resulting in productivity, creativity, and efficacy gains.


Passionate about people development, Tara founded Level Up to help tech startups move through various stages of growth by keeping their people central to their culture and development and, therefore, their success.


Level Up is uniquely positioned to help new founders, leaders, and managers develop a high-achieving mindset and the fundamental skills to build best-in-class teams and businesses.


Speaking Topics - 

  • The Importance of Creating People-Focused & Value-Centric Environments

  • Creating an Empowering & Safe Space for Leadership Development

  • Why People Development is Critical, Especially for Startups

  • How to Evolve Your Startup Culture Into a Training & Development Culture

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