In 1984, Peter Honigmann started his journey in martial arts in Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster John McSweeney, a pioneer in reality-based self-defense. John served in multiple branches of the military, was one of Ed Parker's first black belts, introduced Kenpo Karate to Ireland, worked as a bodyguard for the Kennedy family, and opened a martial arts studio in Elmhurst, Illinois (which today is still teaching his style of Kenpo). Peter was drawn to John’s powerful style of teaching and streamlined version of Kenpo Karate, which focused on simple and effective self-defense. Peter trained in Kenpo for 12 years under John, John's student Tom Saviano, and Mr. Saviano's student Steve Rigitano.


While Peter liked the focus Kenpo placed on powerful strikes, low kicks, and practical self-defense techniques, he was in search of additional skills that would better address attacks with clubs, guns, and knives, as well as arts that would provide more focus on joint locks and control holds to complement his striking skills. This search lead him to study a number of other styles, including Krav Maga, Kali/Escrima, Hapkido/Aikido, Michael Janich’s Martial Blade Concepts, and Jared Wihongi’s Survival Edge Tactical Systems Inc. Peter is also a Master Instructor for The G.L.O.V.E. (“Generated Low Output Voltage Emitter”), a conducted electrical weapon from Compliant Technologies, which is specifically designed for sale and use by Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, and Security agencies.

In addition to training in martial arts and combatives for 37 years, Peter has been practicing law in state and federal courts for over 24 years. In 2012, combining his knowledge of the law with martial arts, Peter created his company - Best Defense Concepts, LLC. Unlike most other instructors, Peter focuses on teaching students simple and effective self-defense, along with a basic understanding of the law of self-defense and the use of force, as well as trying to de-escalate situations to avoid the use of physical skills. Best Defense Concepts is geared towards teaching adults, seniors, organizations, and businesses, as Peter takes the best techniques from different systems and combines them in a way that students can quickly understand the concepts and put them to use. Students are provided the basic tools they need to continue practicing these concepts on their own, long after the seminars are over.


Best Defense Concepts can provide presentations, seminars, and all-day training on the following topics: Basic Self-Defense Skills (including Situational Awareness and De-Escalation); Defensive Knife Tactics; Expandable Baton Skills; The Use of Pepper Spray; Using Improvised Weapons for Self-Defense; Active Aggressor Training (with a strong emphasis on physical skills that are never taught in virtually every other Active Shooter Training); Weapons Retention; and Legal Presentations that focus On Understanding the Law of Self-Defense in your Location. Presentations and seminars can also be tailored to address specific issues for your audience.

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