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Top Emotional Intelligence Speakers

  • By Brendan Egan
  •  Aug 15, 2022

Our Top Emotional Intelligence speakers don’t all come from the same mold. From the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, NFL head coaches, and Holocaust survivors, it seems that emotional intelligence is a skill that spans continents, generations, and professions. Our presenters can lock you in with a wink, and then take you on a journey full of laughter, learning, and tears throughout the course of their keynotes.

Elements of emotional intelligence have been instrumental to how these 65 individuals lead, build, and earn trust. Whether you are seeking a brain scientist to talk about EQ in terms of synapses and neurons, a CEO to talk about how they use EQ to gain trust and drive performance, an athlete to talk about how EQ made them a championship teammate, or dozens of other perspectives on one of the most relevant frameworks of the 21st century, Engage has you covered.

“There is an old-fashioned word for the body of skills that emotional intelligence represents: character.” - Daniel Goleman

Below, we share our list of the top 65 emotional intelligence speakers. Ready to book one? Submit a request through their profile or email to get started today.

  1. Travis Bradberry

Dr. Travis Bradberry is a scientist and keynote speaker who is considered the world’s leading expert on emotional intelligence. His bestselling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is considered an industry classic, and he further publishes his condensed findings on LinkedIn, where he has amassed over 2.6 million followers. He speaks regularly at Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo. He has a dual Ph.D. in clinical and industrial-organizational psychology, and holds the record for the most-viewed LinkedIn post of all time.

  1. Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore is a keynote speaker, business leader, and one of the four Australians to ever be inducted into the USA Speaker Hall of Fame. She is an expert on communications and performance, which has allowed her speaking engagements at companies like Google, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Disney, and Hilton. She is fluent in both virtual and in-person presentations, which has helped her guide companies into a hybrid or virtual workplace model in a way that increases efficiency and productivity. She believes in the power of feeling when working, and seeks to specifically transform the spirit of those in her audiences in order to improve organizational dynamics. She looks to create cultures of joy in the spaces she affects.

  1. Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount is a bestselling author and a coach for world leaders on their interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence for business relations and consumer image. He has written thirteen books, including Fanatical Prospecting, Virtual Selling, Virtual Training, Inked, and People Follow You . He is the founder and CEO of Sales Gravy, and is among a select few thought leaders in the space of prospecting, sales, leadership, and customer experience. Forbes was quoted describing him as "One of the most influential authors and speakers of the 21st century.”

  1. Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa is a renowned author and the founder of Science of People. She is an expert on communication and uses her endless charm, quick wit, and infectious personality to educate and entertain thousands on how to maximize their success with interactions in their personal and professional lives. Vanessa has garnered a sizable Youtube presence and has honed and developed her skills in effective group and interpersonal communication in a manner that she helps companies like Google, Facebook, Comcast, Amazon, and Microsoft understand.

  1. David Horsager

David Horsager is a leadership guru and the CEO of the Trust Edge Leadership institute, as well as the Trust Expert in Residence at High Point University. He is the bestselling author of The Trust Edge, and has administered life-altering presentations for audiences like FedEx, Toyota, MIT, and the New York Yankees. David believes that trust is a fundamental ingredient for success, and that it facilitates creativity and productivity at a higher level. David is an avid researcher in this subject and his presentations reveal the science and practicality of how top leaders push their companies to the next level.

  1. Renée Smith

Renée Smith is a writer, researcher, award-winning executive, and the founder and CEO of A Human Workplace. Her company is the catalyst for the systems of work established in the 19th century to transition into the new age, and she and her consultancy are furiously committed to making work a more loving and human environment. Renée has a background as a behavioral scientist with 20+ years of experience, and her addresses and philosophy is derived from the insights and stories she has accumulated over the years. Renée is a powerful figure in any setting, and her audiences draw from her fervent energy and her commitment to kindness to revolutionize their workforce.

  1. Tommy Spaulding

Tommy Spaulding is a community-oriented leader, entrepreneur, and civil servant. He is the founder and president of Tommy Spaulding Companies, a leadership development, speaking, training, and executive coaching firm based in Denver, Colorado. His first book, It’s Not Just Who You Know: Transform Your Life and Your Organization by Turning Colleagues and Contacts into Lasting, Genuine Relationships , published by Penguin Random House in 2010, quickly climbed to the top of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestseller lists. He leads civic and leadership programs across the state of Colorado in his ultimate goal of inspiring a generation of dedicated and emotionally intelligent leaders.

  1. Colette Carson

Colette Carson is an expert on human behavior, with a Masters Degree in the subject. She knows how to create effective connections in the workplace and across organizations, and she hosts fun, energetic keynote speeches with takeaways at every corner. She is also a leader in regards to women in business, and programs material for accelerating your position as a woman with aplomb. Colette also teaches about focus, mindset, overcoming obstacles, sales performance, company culture, and gendered workplace dynamics.

  1. Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan has made himself a household name. He was named the 20th head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2017 after serving two seasons as the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. The 49ers struggled in 2018 after a series of devastating injuries, but Kyle made history by turning the 4-12 team around to a Super Bowl run the following year. Kyle was only 26 years old when being named the wide receivers coach for the Houston Texans, becoming the youngest position coach in the NFL at the time. Kyle’s obvious success relative to his inexperience sets him apart from other coaches in the league. The enormous pressure he has handled as the head coach of an NFL team doesn't seem to faze him as he yet again led a struggling 3-5 49ers to an NFC championship appearance in 2021. Kyle Shanahan routinely brings out the best in his players and personnel with the level of wisdom of those on this list twice his age.

  1. Anne Harbison

Dr. Anne Harbison is a leadership expert and corporate educator well-regarded for inspiring the world’s greatest leaders to transform themselves and their communities. Anne began her career in Brand Management at Procter and Gamble, and then moved into management consulting. She then began consulting in the healthcare, retail, and government sectors. Anne received her doctorate from Harvard researching effective leadership practices, and the best practices for thriving through adverse conditions. She has spoken at Fortune 100 companies such as Toyota, Cargill, Boeing, and Toyota among others. One of her most popular books, Never Waste a Crisis, is a roadmap from heartache to hope, and she conveys her own personal story overcoming grief. “You will be a better person, professional, colleague and friend by listening to Anne's message”, says Suzanne Foster, the President of Stanley Health. “She challenges us all with the right dose of nurturing and challenge.”

  1. Lonnie Mayne

Lonnie Mayne is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and leadership expert. He is the CEO and founder of Red Shoes Living, Inc., which is a philosophy and framework that guides development on leadership abilities, customer experience, and life goals. Lonnie has previous experience as an executive in the tech industry, and has used the experience he has accrued to boost companies like McDonalds, Make-a-Wish, Spartan, Nike, Microsoft, and Bose. He has worked with Olympians, entrepreneurs, and top-level CEOs.

  1. Tahl Raz

Tahl Raz is a business icon and bestselling author well known for his multiple Now York Times bestsellers, includingNever Eat Alone, Never Split the Difference, and The CEO Next Door. His primary focus is important business topics, with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships, which Never Eat Alone breaks down thoroughly. Tahl’s works have been translated into over 40 languages and appeared in over 40 publications. He has a bachelors in Philosophy from Vassar College, from which he launched an inspiring business career, which currently manifests itself in work on digital content strategy.

  1. Audrey Grunst

Audrey Grunst is a presenter and therapist who is a leading figure on a variety of topics such as emotional intelligence and anxiety management. Audrey has had over 100 speaking engagements at nonprofits and conferences, and has acquired expertise in types of therapeutic solutions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Exposure Response Prevention. She is the founder of Simple Bee, which is an organization that educates on ways to improve mental health. She is also the owner of SHEBE, which is a community of female athletes striving to reach their full potential. She is a former D1 volleyball player at Loyola University, and hopes to improve the mental health of the communities that she works with.

  1. Najwa Zebian

Najwa Zebian is a creator, activist, educator, and abuse survivor who is the bestselling author of The Nectar of Pain, Sparks of Phoenix, and Welcome Home. She uses her past experiences with healing young refugees to self-publish inspired poetry and prose, and the words of those she has guided are now tattooed on her body. Her unique ability to articulate soul-feeling is what allows her to connect and move audiences worldwide, which has led her to collaborate with Google, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, CBS News, and Kohl’s. Najwa is an Arabic poet, a Lebanese immigrant to Canada, a current doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership, a TEDx speaker, and a women’s advocate. She currently resides in London.

  1. John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author, and his books have sold over 33 million copies and been translated to 50 languages. He is the founder of the John Maxwell Company, EQUIP, and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, where he translates his teachings and uses them to train millions of leaders across the globe. He is a receiver of the Mother Teresa Prize, and is regarded by many as the foremost leadership expert in the world.

His work has influenced Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders of nations. He is also a thought leader, podcast host, and philanthropist.

  1. Robert Richman

Robert Richmann is the co-creator of Zappos Insights, which is an organization which helps companies inspire and implement a positive company culture. Robert single-handedly built the organization from a small website to a multi-million dollar business which has over 25,000 students every year. As a culture strategist, he is also well-versed in keynote speeches, and he has been a popular hire at companies like Google, Toyota, and Eli Lilly. Robert is a graduate of Northwestern University as a film major, and is currently based out of San Diego, California.

  1. Jim Knight

Jim Knight is an expert team-builder and culture icon. His career started in the Gatorland Zoo in Florida (he has the scars to prove it), but after cutting his teeth he moved into hospitality training and eventually became the lead for Global Training for Hard Rock Inc. His experience as a global team-builder and delivering world-class service is unparalleled. His signature spiky hair has been across the stage of many Fortune 500 companies, and his best-selling book, Culture that Rocks: How to Revolutionize Your Company's Culture was featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine as one of the “5 Books That Will Help You Transform How You Do Business”.

  1. Janine Driver

Janine Driver is the founder of the Body Language Institute. While working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, she trained thousands of police officers on how to detect deception and danger before it happens. She is the New York Times bestselling author of You Say More Than You Think, and she now travels the globe educating the corporate world about how to save time, negotiate better, and grow business. She also specializes in training HR agents on gathering the unspoken information, and training executives on commanding a better stage presence and earning the respect of those in their work environment.

  1. Adrian Gostick

Adrian Gostick is an expert in the field of corporate culture, effective leadership, and workforce engagement. He writes weekly for Forbes on topics like leadership strategy, and his work has been praised as “fascinating” by Forbes and “creative and refreshing” by the New York Times. He is primarily an executive coach, and his consulting clients include Danashe, Bank of America, Cisco, Procter & Gamble, and Rolls Royce. He is also the founder of the workplace assessment company, and is the author of the New York Times Bestsellers All In,The Carrot Principle, Anxiety at Work, and Leading with Gratitude. His books have sold over 1.5 million copies and been translated into 30 languages.

  1. Tara Renze

Tara Renze is a blogger, entrepreneur, emotional intelligence practitioner, wife, and mother who empowers organizations and individuals to live their fullest life, and unlock their purpose and goals in a healthy, fulfilling way. Tara was a top sales leader at, and she led and built two multi-million dollar sales teams as well as led national trainings and seminars. She has since left the corporate world and has published her book Be Who You Came To Be. Tara has studied at University of Kansas, Wharton, University of Chicago, and Northwestern, and is also the mother to two children, Ben and Jack.

  1. Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin, when he isn’t playing basketball with Barack Obama, is a world-renowned motivational speaker and the author of the New York Times bestseller What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? He is also the star of the iTunes and Amazon show The Buried Life, which originally premiered on MTV. He has had appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, FOX, and NBC News. His experience as a motivational speaker has taken him through Amazon, Harvard, Microsoft, and Verizon. His book is about his experience creating the world’s greatest bucket list with his friends in college, which included seemingly impossible feats of kindness, empathy, fun, and shooting hoops with the president.

  1. Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson is a dynamic leader and military veteran. Caroline was one of the rare women in the Navy flying fighter jets–specifically the F/A-18 Super Hornet. She is the author of her memoir, JET GIRL: My Life in War, Peace, and the Cockpit of the Navy's Most Lethal Aircraft, the F/A-18 Super Hornet, and she has completed 16 national book tours as a part of the launch. Her career as a speaker has launched off her rigorous military experience, and her national charisma engages audiences, and she educates on building authentic connections, aligning values with team goals, and harnessing the individual strengths of team members.

  1. Ichak Adizes

Ichak Adizes is the developer of the Adizes methodology for Organizational Therapy and Development and the founder and CEO of the Adizes Institute. He is regarded as one of the “Top 30 Thought Leaders on Leadership,” by Leadership Excellence Magazine and in 2019, Dr. Adizes received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Management where he is a Fellow. Dr, Adizes lectures and four languages, is a Holocaust survivor, bestselling author, recieved 21 honorary doctorates from universities, along with his first Ph.D. at Columbia. He has several million followers on social media channels, and lives with his wife, who together have raised six children.

  1. John Baldoni

John Baldoni is a leadership coach and the author of 15 books, which have been translated into 10 languages and landed him on Global Guru’s 2022 Top 20 Leadership Experts. John has published over 800 columns, and is the host of LinkedIn Live’s GRACE Under Pressure Series. He frequently incorporates piano improvisation into his keynotes, and is a charismatic and larger-than-life figure. He is a member of the highly regarded Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches, which works with thought leaders in business, academia, and everything in between. John is a true icon in his domain which has led to hundreds of keynote appearances worldwide.

  1. Jenn Donahue

Jenn Donahue, Ph.D. is a former military engineer, U.S. Navy Captain, and Regimental Commodore. She led a series of high-profile projects, such as building a bridge across the Euphrates River in the midst of the Iraq War, and designing and building combat outposts in hostile desert environments. She now runs JL Donahue Engineering, and lectures at UC Berkeley and UCLA. In speaker roles, Jenn focuses on overcoming imposter syndrome and being an effective leader in high-pressure situations.

  1. James Beck

James Beck is a relationship-building expert, Structural Integration Therapist, and abuse survivor. He is the creator of the Beck balance Workshops and the founder of Give Beck, which seeks to alleviate past anxiety and bolster relationships by doing kindnesses and services to others. James Beck founded his ideas by starting a “Pay-It-Forward” social experiment, where he donated to and helped a family in each state for three days, and in the end he found a deep sense of meaning and purpose in his own life, as well as significant healing from his PTSD and anxiety from his abuse-ridden childhood. Beck’s work has led him to the TEDx stage, CBS, FOX news, many non-profits, and The National Charity League.

  1. Jeff Bloomfield

Jeff Bloomfield is an experienced sales and marketing executive from a blue-collar family. From humble beginnings as a farm boy, Jeff carved out a thriving corporate career in biotechnology, where he managed several product launches for cancer gene therapies. Through this, he stumbled upon neuroscience, where he learned the science behind sales and marketing, and created a vision to update the current training practices. Jeff is now a passionate speaker and author, with his new book NeuroSelling becoming a quick bestseller, and his keynotes adding new tools to his audiences’ communications toolbox.

  1. Brandon Williams

Brandon Willaims is a leadership coach and United States Military veteran, where he flew F-15E Fighter Planes. His experience as an officer leading men and women from all backgrounds shaped his ethos as a businessman, and his course on Human Factors has been borrowed from and implemented at several universities. He has served in hundreds of speaking engagements across Fortune 500 companies, where he focuses on leadership development and human development in the business world. In a fast-paced world with challenging environments, Brandon harnesses the intensity of flying a jet plane to deliver compelling models of positive culture and leadership in stressful situations.

  1. Charlene Li

Charlene Li is an expert on customer experience, digital marketing optimization, and business leadership. She is a thought leader on the future of work, which has led to her being the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller Open Leadership. She is passionate about the evolution of the individual in the workforce, and explores the psychology of a leader to strengthen her arguments.Charlene is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder and a senior fellow at Altimeter, which is a disruptive analyst firm acquired in 2015 by Prophet. Charlene also serves on the regional board of YPO, an international network of 28,000 CEOs. She was named one of the Top 50 leadership innovators by Inc., and is well-regarded as being one of the most creative people in the industry. Charlene graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College, and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. She is currently residing in San Francisco.

  1. Bert Oliva

Bert Oliva is a world-known bilingual public speaker, who is an expert on communication, team-building, morale, and workplace productivity. He delivers each address with energy and infectious enthusiasm, which has translated into a career that has spanned over 26 years. Bert entices audiences with interactive seminars and compelling presentation experiences, in which he details stories from his personal life as lessons on overcoming obstacles, self-doubt, communication hurdles, and organizational effectiveness. Bert is fluent in Spanish and works with Spanish-speaking audiences regularly.

  1. Cindy Mori

Cindy Mori is a top performer in the field of talent relations, with most of her success coming from her career working for the Oprah Winfrey Network and the Harpo brand. Her experience cultivating world-class talent ed her to work with top directors, agents, publicists, managers, music labels, and production companies, and she assembled and executed large-scale events such as the Black-Eyed Peas mob on Michigan Avenue, the Oprah Show Finale at The United Center, and the Olympic Salute Show where 176 Olympic athletes gathered in Millennium Park. She is now the VP of Global Talent Management at Discovery Inc.

  1. Cheryl Mobley

Cheryl Lynn Mobley is the Founder and CEO of reCalibrate, which is an organization that coaches business leaders and organizations to perform at the top level. She focuses on making sure that businesses are internally aligned, profitable, and most importantly that it supports an environment that supports growth and passion. Her background as the president of a major hospital is where she gathered her expertise, as she diligently increased profits, decreased operating costs, and maintained greater levels of employee retention and engagement. Cheryl is passionate about supporting business growth and development and happily shares her wisdom with organizations that are ready to take it to the next level.

  1. Dolores Hirschmann

Dolores Hirschmann is a success coach, speaker, strategist, and TEDx organizer that has over 20 years of experience helping clients restructure their business practices and innovate in order to form a marketable vision and core purpose. Drawing from her history in strategic planning, marketing, communications, networking, event planning, and executive coaching, she founded Masters in Clarity, which is a coaching and strategy company where she and her team work with CEOs, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to revamp their path towards a brighter future. Her first novel, New Beginnings and her book, 18 Minutes of Impact − Moving Your Audience to Action the TED Way, is available on Amazon. Dolores is originally from Argentina, and works in both Spanish and English.

  1. Galit Ventura-Rozen

Galit Ventura-Rozen is an entrepreneur, real-estate icon, business expert, and women’s advocate whose goal is to empower women to break the glass ceiling in the world of business. She is the owner of Commercial Professionals, which is a billion dollar company, as well as the founder of Empowering University, which offers corporate training, retreats, and mentorship to women with business goals. Galit operates primarily in the Las Vegas area, where she is also a big proponent of philanthropic causes as well as women’s health. She has received numerous awards and recognitions, marking her as one of the most influential women in the world right now.

  1. Mike Lee

Mike Lee built a brand out of his college apartment in order to work with top basketball players all over the world–which eventually led him to the NBA. Mike was once dealing with the heroin-like withdrawal symptoms from antidepressant medication, which opened him up to the study of mindfulness. Combining his background in coaching and leadership with his mindfulness studies, Mike now seeks to teach brands, teams, and individuals to unlock the hidden potential in their mind in order to optimize their performance in their respective domains. Mike draws on modern neuroscience, sports, and personal experience to bring the strategies of emotional intelligence and mindfulness to fruition.

  1. Stephanie Cartin

Stephanie Cartin is an entrepreneur and the Co-Author of " Like, Love, Follow: The Entreprenista's Guide to Using Social Media To Grow Your Business ,” and the Co-Host of the Entreprenista Podcast. She left a promising corporate career to start Socialfly, a largely successful influencer agency serving primarily woman-run businesses and organizations. She is also the founder of Entreprenista Media, which shares the stories of female founders scaling and starting businesses. Stephanie is also a recipient of the SmartCEO Brava Award, which recognizes the top female CEOs in New York.

  1. Brandy G. Robinson

Brandy G. Robinson is a jack of all trades. She began as a musical child prodigy, which earned her a full ride to Jackson State University, where she graduated with a degree in political science. Since then, she has earned an MBA, JD, and a Master of Law, while overcoming adversity at every corner. She has served as a prosecutor and a professor. She is also a bestselling fiction author, where she pens under the name “Bea Giovanni”. She is active in the realm of Global NGOs, and is a strong human rights advocate, as well as a TEDx speaker. She is a thought leader in her space, and hopes to create a better world for the underserved.

  1. Courtney Spritzer

Courtney Spritzer is a prominent entrepreneur and the co-founder of Entreprenista Media. She is also the co-host of the Entreprenista podcast along with Stephanie Cartin. Like Stephanie, she specializes in digital marketing and influencer management. She has designed and implemented plans for 200+ companies including Discovery, Girl Scouts, and WeTV. Courney is the recipient of the Smart CEO Brava Award, and is also on Drum’s 50 under 30 in Digital Marketing. She holds a Economics with a Minor in Business from NYU.

  1. Chester Elton

Chester Elton is an expert in corporate culture, vision, and values, and his work has spanned two decades in which he has helped clients such as Duracell, Pepsi, American Express, and GE. He is also the author of a New York Times Bestseller called All In, The Carrot Principle , Leading with Gratitude, and Anxiety at Work. His books have been translated to over 30 languages and have sold 1.5 million copies. He has appeared on CBS 60 minutes, NBC’s Today Show, and is ranked by Global Gurus among the top leadership and organizational culture experts.

  1. Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn is a bestselling author and an expert on leadership, customer service, organizational performance, and business growth. He has given over 3000 presentations in every U.S. state, and has even traveled to 14 countries to share his wisdom. Mark’s list of clients grows every day, and includes powerhouses like FedEx, Harley-Davidson, ESPN, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, GM, and IBM. His most popular book, The Fred Factor, has sold over two million copies worldwide.

  1. Paul Epstein

Simply put, Paul Epstein helps organizations find their Why. He has traveled to NBA teams, NFL franchises, and top executive offices to diagnose problems, engineer a solution, and provide relatable, positive-minded techniques to finding purpose and turning one’s visions and goals into tangible success. He has over 20 years of experience as a keynote speaker and podcast host delivering his message. He is also the author of the bestselling book: The Power of Playing Offense.

  1. Joel Manby

Joel Manby is a serial CEO and entrepreneur with a proven track record of turning businesses around when all hope was lost. He was the President, CEO, and Director of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Amidst the brand crisis SeaWorld suffered that slashed sales and profits tremendously, Joel was able to pull a hard reset on SeaWorld’s vision for guest experience and ultimately turned around cash flow while improving customer satisfaction scores. Joel authored the book Love Works. Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders, which emphasized how to integrate love into the business ethos. Joel has an MBA from Harvard, and currently resides with his family in Naples, Florida.

  1. Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson is a business expert whose mission is to inspire and motivate businesses in order to help them grow in a way where profit and purpose go hand-in-hand. His best-selling book, Know What You’re FOR, is a cornerstone for many businesses and nonprofits, Jeff has personally worked with brands such as the Atlanta Braves, Chick-fil-A, and North Point Ministries. Jeff has led three churches over 17 years, and helped to launch North Point Online, which is one of the largest online ministries in the world. Jeff has been married almost 30 years to his wife Wendy, and they share two kids, Jesse and Cole.

  1. Emily Vavra

Emily Vavra is a self-made network marketing icon who moonlights as an international keynote speaker. Her 9-figure company with over 145,000 people worldwide was started while sleeping on a friend’s mattress with zero money or experience in the industry. Emily strongly believes in learning by experience, and her rise to fame has allowed her to connect with anyone, no matter their place on their path in life. On her website, she hosts a podcast and provides digital content on lifestyle and productivity hacks as well as delivering a weekly newsletter. Her story has been featured on FOX news, Forbes, and ABC 10.

  1. John Coyle

John K. Coyle is superhuman. He is an Olympic Medalist at speedskating, a top-15 world ranked cyclist, a well-endorsed intellectual with degrees from Stanford and Kellogg, an NBC sports analyst, a 4x TEDx speaker, award-winning author, and leading expert in design thinking, flow, and innovation. John often speaks like a scientist, where he mixes in data analysis with powerful anecdotes from his multiple walks of life. His keynote speeches have taken him to the UAE, Oman, Jorda, Lebanon, Brazil, Peru, Armenia, Sri Lanka, and Argentina among many more places. His latest quest is about the human perception of time, and the psychology behind it, which he dubs, “chronoception.”

  1. Mike Acker

Mike Acker is an author, speaker, and master communicator. He is the author of seven books, including the best-selling Speak With No Fear, which was listed in Forbes’ “7 Books That Will Help You Conquer The Fear Of Public Speaking.” He is well-regarded for his ability to connect with individuals instantly, and his engaging presence whenever he is coaching in any setting. Mike had a unique upbringing, with his childhood being divided between Seattle and Mazatlán, which resulted in him being fluent in Spanish. Mike has been seen on TEDx, and his past clients have included Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe.

  1. Nikki Lanier

Nikki Lanier is a champion for racial justice, a collaborative leader, and an active member of the community. She is the CEO of Harper Slade, which is a racial equity advisory firm that focuses on helping organizations prioritize equitable practices to ensure justice for all involved. Her 25-year career reaches fields like banking, HR, government, and Employment Law, and she has her diverse background by having served on the board of over 25 non-profits. Nikki received her Juris Doctorate from University of Miami, and her counsel as both a lawyer and an active community member has been sought after by corporate executives and politicians.

  1. Dave Crenshaw

Dave Crenshaw is an expert at building productive leaders. Dave, due to his diagnosis as being “off-the-charts” ADHD, had much difficulty staying focused and productive throughout his endeavors. Because of this, he developed simple techniques to stay organized despite himself, and now hundreds of thousands of individuals use Dave’s methods to stay on top of their game. Dave has decades of experience coaching Fortune 500 companies on his methods, and his natural charisma and attractive personality cause his presentation to come alive and reach a wider audience. David’s courses on LinkedIn learning are very popular, and he is also an author. David, from his home in Utah, is the CEO of Invaluable Inc., a coaching corporation.

  1. Amber Vanderburg

Amber Vanderburg is a prominent businesswoman, keynote speaker, and the founder of The Pathwayz Group, which conducts human resources training and keynote speech for corporations. Amber spent the year of 2016 as the only American, and only female football coach for the Adidas Gameday Academy, as well as the Paris Saint Germain Academy in Bangalore, India. She revamped their organizational design, corporate culture, and training development while gaining valuable expertise in international business. Today, Amber works primarily with international teams to make organizations more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Rich Bracken

Rich Bracken is an award-winning salesperson, marketer, and business coach with years of experience in media and audience engagement. His unique background as a nationally touring DJ, media personality, college football player, and event planner shows his drive, and charisma, talent, and flair for the dramatic, which is massively important for creating special presentations. His various paths in life have led him to become a master of emotional intelligence, and in his keynotes he gives passionate, motivational, and informational addresses.

  1. Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende is the author of the bestselling book Rethink Work, a co-founder of NoW of Work, and a renowned keynote speaker. Eric has been a longtime entrepreneur, and spent some time researching and interviewing thousands of employees and leaders before becoming a serial speaker. Eric truly understands the challenges of life in the workplace, and he has the experience and research to understand what separates good teams and leaders from great teams and leaders. He truly brings a fresh perspective to workplace culture, and has spoken to companies like IBM, Zoom, TD, and BMO.

  1. Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham is an English motivational speaker and author. He attended the University of Cambridge, where he graduated with a degree in Social and Political Science. He is the CEO of the Marcus Buckingham company, which provides business solutions and management training ideas. Marcus has written nine books, two of which were business bestsellers, and he has been recognized for his success in the New York Times, The Oprah WInfrey Show, and The View. He lives with his wife Myshel in California.

  1. JM Ryerson

JM is a motivational speaker, Mindset Coach, and the host of the Let’s Go WIn podcast. JM is also an entrepreneur, and is the CEO and co-founder of Let’s Go Win, which is a company focused on helping teams build teamwork abilities, enhance their culture, and strengthen their leadership. JM’s passion is to help people live their best lives, and he considers it a privilege to be a part of other people’s journeys as he goes through his own. JM was raised in Montana, and lives with his wife and two boys in Boca Raton, Florida.

  1. Keith Lubner

Keith Lubner is a nationally recognized expert on sales, marketing, and leadership. He has over 30 years of experience in the tech industry in executive roles, and is a serial entrepreneur with three companies under his belt. He has published over 100 articles on sales and business topics, and was named the 2016 ChannelPro Visionary. Keith is a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator, and currently serves as the Chief Business Strategist for Sales Gravy. He attended Albright College, and currently resides in New Jersey.

  1. Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang is the owner of the brand Rejection Therapy, which provides knowledge and inspiration for people to overcome their fears of rejection. Jia is famous for his TED talk Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection, which is still one of the most viewed TEDx talks of all time. Jiang became an entrepreneur after taking a leap of faith away from the corporate world, and soon began to study how to overcome his fear of rejection. He realized that it can be less painful than we often imagine, and that fear is often the most destructive part. Jiang moved to the States from China when he was 16, and is a graduate from BYU and Duke University.

  1. Cherylanne Skolnicki

Cherylanne is an expert on work-life balance, general well-being, and human potential. She started her career at Procter & Gamble, and is now the founder and leader of The Brilliant Balance Company. Through her company, Cherylanne, hosts in-depth coaching programs and created educational content, while also frequently accepting speaking engagements to corporate leaders and private clients. Her Brilliant Balance Podcast has thousands of listeners each week. Cherylanne holds an MBA from Emory and received her bachelors from Cornell. She is one of Cincinnati's 100 Wise Women, and a Forbes Under 40 Honoree.

  1. Arishma Singh

Arishma Singh is a Fiji-born Keynote Speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author who combines ancient Eastern wisdom and Western science to form powerful new ways of thinking. She is the founder of Thrive with EFT, which helps high-level performers reach the stratospheres of their respective domains. She has over 20 years of experience with companies such as Google, American Express, and Experian, helping with sales, psyche, and identity development. Arishma is also a woman’s advocate, and has a popular presentation titled “Realize the Wonder Woman Within: How to use your mind to redefine your true worth”.

  1. Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is an expert in human behavior and self-development. He has a background as a research scientist, which he then pivoted to founding The Demartini Institute, which is an organization that specializes in creating courses that teach financial empowerment, life fulfillment, and business success. Dr. Demartini was impressively awarded the IAOTP #1 Human Behavior Specialist of the Year 2020, and his charming personality and unique teachings have more than withstood the test of time. He has traveled to over 100 countries and delivered countless online seminars as he continues to inspire across the globe.

  1. Kendall Burton

Kendall Burton was born with a cleft lip and palate, which resulted in her having to go through 23 surgeries by the time she was 17. At age 18, she unfortunately suffered an acute ischemic stroke during her first semester in college, which set her back academically and athletically. As someone determined to succeed, Kendall transferred schools three times, and eventually landed at the University of Georgia, where she achieved her personal goal of playing in the Women’s College World Series for softball. Kendall is now a fitness instructor in Houston, TX, and she moonlights as a motivational speaker who has overcome adversity to get to where she is today.

  1. Daron K. Roberts

Daron K. Roberts is a Plan II graduate of the University of Texas and Harvard’s Kennedy School. He is the bestselling author of Call and Audible and A Kids Book about Empathy, and the former was selected by Amazon and Sports Illustrated as one of the “Best Sports Business Books of 2017.” Daron teaches at UT with a focus on preparing student-athletes for success on and off the field, and has had coaching stints at the Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cleveland Browns. His nonprofit 4th and 1 Inc. helps at-risk youth get SAT prep, athletic support, and mentorship, and his efforts have been recognized by ESPN, Bloomberg, and even The Presidential Leadership Foundation, in which he was one of the first Presidential leadership Scholars. Daron now serves on the board of the Coca-Cola Foundation and lives with his family in Austin, TX.

  1. Barb Stegemann

Barb Stegemann is a wildly successful Canadian entrepreneur in the specialty fragrance industry. After a dear friend was severely wounded in Afghanistan during military service, Barb began formulating her entrepreneurial vision. Her hit brand, The 7 Virtues, sources organic, fair-trade essential oils from war-ridden countries like Afghanistan, Haiti, and Rwanda, with the goal of supporting their economy and building stability for their people. Her first major breakthrough was her success on the popular CBC show Dragon’s Den, where she landed a venture capital deal as the first woman from Atlantic Canada to do so. Her hypo-allergenic fragrance collection has been featured in prominent media outlets such as Vogue, Elle Canada, Forbes, The Cut, CNN, CBC, and Bloomberg. Barb is passionate about using business to do good, and she is the star of the award-winning documentary Perfume War.

  1. Pamela Barnum

Pamela Barnum is a human psychology and body language expert, with experience as an undercover police officer and a federal prosecutor. She specializes in helping organizations build trust and foster healthy connections by improving negotiation and nonverbal communication skills. Her courtroom presence in the criminal justice system and her track record of fooling drug dealers has led her to be a subtle master of the nonverbal arts. Her TEDx talk, “What Drug Dealers Taught Me About Trust'', was viewed almost half a million times, and has led her to speaking arrangements across Canada, the US, and Australia.

  1. Samantha Karlin

Samantha Karlin is the CEO of Empower Global, where she gives trainings and keynotes on topics like diversity, women’s empowerment, happiness, and technology. She hosts a talk show on international relations titled “Samanthropolotics”, which gives commentary and updates on international relations, as well as insights from her times abroad at the US Embassy in Bosnia, Peru, and other locations. Some of her corporate clients include Amazon, Harvard University, Tufts University, Verizon, and Hiscox. She is also a TEDx speaker, and is currency working on a book about feminist leadership.

  1. Dr. Regine Muradian

Dr. Regine Muradian is a clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, children’s author, researcher, and speaker. She has lived around the world, and is fluent in Hebrew, French, Romanian, and English. Her specialty is anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, and she is a coveted expert who has been featured in Healthline, Huffington Post, Bloom TV, Daily Mail TV, and Good Day LA. Regine uses her psychology background to be a highly effective leadership coach, and seeks to improve the mental health and productivity of her clients no matter their age or occupation.

  1. Cameron Dobbs

Cameron Dobbs is a D1 Athlete, non-profit founder, and christ-follower who overcame adversity and found a calling in helping others. The Atlanta native received a full athletic scholarship to play volleyball at University of Miami Florida, where she was the team captain. She suffered three concussions, and her last one during her junior year became a career-ending injury, which was devastating for a future professional athlete. She soon became an advocate for injured athletes, and her natural charisma led her to speaking engagements, reporter gigs, guest interviewee roles, hosting ESPN programs, and the role of President for Miami’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She now returns to coach her former volleyball team, and is a well-known motivational speaker across the country.

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