Top 100 Sales Summit & Sales Speakers

  • By Brendan Egan
  •  Aug 23, 2022

Top sales professionals can tell you there’s more to sales than meeting quotas. Consumers need to build a relationship and trust you. You must be likable, but you also need to know when to back away and when to stick around. It’s essential that you quickly read your audience because not everyone will respond in the same way to a traditional sales pitch.

Myers-Briggs Company found that about two out of every five people are introverts. While an extrovert can make decisions quickly, an introvert needs time to assess and reflect. They think before acting. Research is everything to an introvert, while an extrovert is more likely to go with gut feelings and snap judgments. Does your sales team consider this when talking to potential clients or crafting a sales pitch? Not everyone does, and it’s what makes these top 100 sales speakers stand out and be experts in their field.

1. Daymond John

Daymond John is an award-winning entrepreneur, and his road to success started in his mom’s home. He’s come a long way from taking out a $100,000 mortgage on that home to building FUBU, a lifestyle brand with more than $6 billion in sales. His insight into building unforgettable brands has made him a Shark Tank favorite for more than a dozen years.

2. John C. Maxwell

Inc. Magazine named John C. Maxwell as 2014’s "Leadership and Management Expert." He’s an ordained minister and a skilled speaker who’s as comfortable in front of a Fortune 500 company as he is in front of the NFL. He’s written dozens of books and holds a place in’s "10th Anniversary Hall of Fame" as several of his books have sold more than a million copies each.

3. Chad Foster

Chad Foster lost his eyesight while in college, but that didn’t keep him from graduating from Harvard Business School. Over the years, he’s landed more than $45 billion in contracts within the technology sector. He’s also the author of Blind Ambition: How to Go From Victim to Visionary and the subject of an Atlanta Opera production based on his story.

4. Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie Kern Lima’s experience in business started in grocery stores and then a Denny’s. Sensitive skin led to her mission to come up with cosmetics that didn’t do more harm than help. This was the launching point for her success as an entrepreneur as she co-founded a cosmetic company from her living room. It became such a successful venture that she sold it to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion and became the first female CEO of any L’Oreal brand.

5. Josh Linkner

As the founder and CEO of five companies. Josh Linkner has a wealth of experience in sales. In addition to founding companies like ePrize (now HelloWorld) and Detroit Venture Partners, he’s invested in or mentored more than 100 startups. Josh is the chairman and co-founder of Platypus Labs, a bestselling author, and a United States Presidential Champion of Change recipient.

6. Jeff Bloomfield

Jeff Bloomfield was the first in his family to become a college graduate and entered the field of Biotechnology, where he found great success leading the launches of several genetic cancer therapies. His knowledge of neuroscience and B2B sales helped him use the science to teach others how to build trust to excel at leadership, sales, and marketing. He’s also the bestselling author of NeuroSelling, a guide to “selling with the brain.”

7. Kevin O’Leary

Most people know the name Kevin O’Leary from the hit show Shark Tank. He co-founded SoftKey Software Products and acquired several companies over the years, including Broderbund and The Learning Company, the latter of which would become his company’s new name. In 1999, he sold The Learning Company to Mattel, making him a multi-millionaire.

8. Amy Volas

Amy Volas is the co-founder of Thursday Night Sales, a virtual happy hour for sales professionals, and the creator of Avenue Talent Partners. She’s been named one of the “Most Dynamic Women in Sales” by Sales Hacker. Her specialties lie in customer service and executive sales.

9. Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross’s book Predictable Revenue has been named “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley” and provides insight into the sales system used by companies like Salesforce to earn billions. He’s on the board of VisualizeROI (SaaS) and is a board member and sales advisor for Nuvini (SaaS).

10. Bart Berkey

Not only is sales one of Bart Berkey’s strengths, but he also recruited for Ritz-Carlton and is known for establishing the chain’s customer service Gold Standard. As he interviewed hundreds of qualified candidates for positions, he realized that most of them didn’t know the keys to being a stand-out applicant. His expertise led to the bestselling book Most People Don’t. He’s been recognized as a “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing.”

11. Jeb Blount

He’s the founder and CEO of Sales Gravy. He’s also the author of more than a dozen books on sales. He’s one of the nation’s leaders in customer experience, leadership, prospecting, and sales. His keynote speeches help companies boost sales and improve their sales team as quickly as possible.

12. Deborah Metts

With more than 10 years of experience in marketing and luxury retail branding, Deborah Metts is a skilled speaker in SaaS, SaaS operations, scalability, and start-up management. She’s worked with brands ranging from Bloomingdales to Nicole Miller. In addition to her work in luxury retail, she’s also a professor of graduate studies, teaching Fashion Merchandising and Technology at LIM College.

13. Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman has talked about digital leadership around the world. He’s been ranked #2 as the “Most Likable Author in the World,” coming just after J.K. Rowling. His company created the popular video Social Media Revolution, and Equalman Studios produced projects for companies like Cartier, Disney, and IBM.

14. Sarah Greer

Go back to her college days and you’ll discover that Sarah Greer’s sales career started then. She worked part-time in sales and became a President’s Club-level sales rep and then sales manager. She has more than 20 years of experience and is a Master Trainer and Coach. She’s mentored and trained many sales representatives and managers in this time, teaching them all about making sense of their goals and seeking the “lightbulb moments.”

15. Jessica Stokes

Jessica Stokes entered sales after a four-year military career. Her role in outbound sales brought her into the “Million Dollar Club,” and a lasting career in sales leadership. She’s mentored new and veteran sales professionals and has spent more than a decade teaching sales teams.

16. Sarah Gibson Tuttle

Sarah Gibson Tuttle moved from a position as an Equity Sales Trader at JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley to founding her own company. She’s the founder and CEO of Olive & June, a company that offers salon-quality nail supplies for DIY manis. She’s on Inc.’s 2021 Female Founders 100 list.

17. Fredrik Eklund

Sales come naturally to Fredrik Eklund, as he’s NYC’s “Top Luxury Broker,” has average sales of $540 million, and sold 28 Manhattan buildings in one year. The graduate of Stockholm School of Economics worked in investment banking in several European cities and founded a high-end real estate brokerage in Scandinavia. He’s also founded Elliman here on the East Coast, wrote The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone, and stars in BRAVO’s Million Dollar Listing New York.

18. Joseph Michelli

Joseph Michelli excels at establishing stellar customer experiences by developing positive, happy workplaces. This is what drives sales and creates a positive, unforgettable brand. He’s used his expertise to write books like Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way and The Zappos Experience: 5 Principles to Inspire, Engage, and WOW.

19. Christopher Walton

With more than 25 years in retail and retail technology, Christopher Walton is an expert in omnichannel retailing. He’s the founder and co-CEO of Omni Talk and was once vice president of Target’s "Store of the Future" project and vice president of "Merchandising for the Home Furnishings" at

20. Gina Trimarco

Her path to her role as a Master Trainer in Improvised Intelligence™ started with Gina Trimarco’s training at Second City and Players Workshop of Second City. Tapping into more than 25 years in marketing and sales, business operations, and people management, Gina uses her improv skills to help others learn how to excel. She’s the founder of Carolina Improv Company and Pivot10 Results, a leadership and sales training firm.

21. Marcus Sheridan

Forbes named Marcus Sheridan “One of the 20 Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss,” and the New York Times calls him a “Web Marketing Guru.” He owns IMPACT, a highly-successful digital sales and marketing agency, and he’s the author of the marketing guide, They Ask, You Answer.

22. Brent Gleeson

After years as a member of Seal Team Five, Brent Gleeson attended the University of San Diego where he earned his MBA. He co-founded Internet Marketing, Inc., and is the founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership. His expertise in assembling businesses led to Entrepreneur Magazine and Brand Diego awards.

23. Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos has faced homelessness, abuse, abduction, and human trafficking. She used those experiences to become a psychotherapist and transformation executive coach. She’s the founder of Positive Breakthroughs and earned a place on 2020’s "Top 10 Female Speakers" list. She’s won multiple awards, including the "Golden Gavel Award," The Women’s World Leadership Congress’s "Super Achievement Award," and HR Asia Summit’s "People’s Choice of Excellence Award."

24. Nick Webb

He’s the founding CEO of the management consulting firm LeaderLogic, LLC. He’s also the author of several books, includingThe Innovation Playbook, What Customers Crave, and The Digital Innovation Playbook. Nick Webb is a master in customer experience, enterprise strategy, innovation, and patient experience. He’s also an expert healthcare advisor with a documentary film, The Healthcare Cure, and the book The Healthcare Mandate.

25. Rich Bracken

Rich Bracken has more than 20 years in business leadership and employee engagement. He’s an award-winning salesperson with additional expertise as a client service expert and marketer. He’s the founder of RB Consulting and has coached many celebrities, business leaders, and organizations in personal branding, achieving goals, and effective presentations.

26. Galit Ventura-Rozen

Galit Venture-Rozen used her experience as a commercial real estate broker to found Commercial Professionals and write The Successful Woman’s Mindset. She created Empowering University to offer corporate training programs, workshops, and retreats, as well as professional speaking training. She co-founded the movement The Everyday Woman and built a community of more than 10,000 professionals to help them build their clientele and gain visibility.

27. Alan Stein Jr.

He’s coached some of the world’s most popular athletes, including Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry. Alan Stein, Jr. brings his experiences as a basketball performance coach to help others establish effective leadership practices, improve their organization’s performance, and create winning routines and mindsets.

28. Christina Qi

After being passed over for a Wall Street internship, Christina Qi took $1,000 in savings and launched a successful hedge fund from her dorm room. Domeyard LP traded up to $7.1 billion per day, landing her front and center as an expert in high-frequency trading. She’s on Forbes “30 Under 30” list and sits on several boards and committees, including the Board of Directors of The Financial Executives Alliance.

29. Ryan Estis

For over two decades, Ryan Estis has been a top-performing sales pro and business leader. He specializes in boosting sales effectiveness, change leadership, and preparing for the future of work. He’s also the former chief strategy officer for McCann Worldgroup’s advertising agency.

30. Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova is the author of GROWTH IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices That Will Make or Break Your Business , and she’s the chief growth evangelist at Salesforce. She’s on Thinkers50’s list of “The World’s Top Management Thinkers.” Top Sales Magazine ranks her What’s Next! With Tiffani Bova, a “top sales podcast.” She’s spoken around the world to hundreds of thousands of people about business model innovation and sales transformation.

31. Susanna Gray-Jones

Susanna Gray-Jones’ first job after graduating from Cambridge University was to sell ad space on websites. She’s worked her way to being a Sales Gravy Master Trainer and is passionate about helping sales professionals achieve their goals. She brings more than 14 years of experience in sales to her speeches and training programs.

32. Arvid Ali

Since retiring at the young age of 26, Arvid Alie has created history’s biggest business and meditation training non-profit. He’s also the CEO of Hiring Strategy Group. Before all of this, he was the youngest person to ever be admitted into Brown University’s grad program. He was also the global managing director for Olympian Shaun White, global head of talent at Alto, and the president of one of Jordan Belfort’s corporations.

33. Courtney Spritzer

Socialfly is a social-first digital and influence marketing agency and Courtney Spritzer is the co-founder and CEO. She’s also the co-founder of Entreprentista Media, a platform for female entrepreneurs and business leaders, and is the inventor of DigiCards, communication tools for video calls. She received the SmartCEO Brava Award and appears on Inc’s “2021 Female Founders 100 List.”

34. Margaux Avedisian

The Wall Street Journal calls her “The Queen of Bitcoin.” Margaux Avedisian relaunched Tradehill, the first American Bitcoin, and helped found Alphapoint and Monetago, too. During the ICO boom, she was the executive vice president at Transform Group, a blockchain PR firm. She’s also the co-founder and CEO of the online shopping platform Beyond the Runway. In addition to her skills in sales and marketing, she’s also a stand-up comedian.

35. Dan Seewald

In the past, Dan Seewald was the head of the World Wide Innovation group at Pfizer and helped create the Dare to Try™ program. He moved on to become the co-founder of LiviWell, a women’s health and wellness start-up, and is the CEO of Deliberate Innovation. Dan is a certified Creative Problem Solving facilitator, Design Thinking Coach, and CPA.

36. Victor Antonio

Victor Antonia was the president of global sales and marketing for a $420 million company before becoming CEO of a tech company. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and MBA and worked as a top sales executive, too, giving him some of the expertise he used to build, where there are dozens of online sales training courses. His role as a vice president in a Fortune 500 company landed his position on the President’s Advisory Council for “Excellence in Sales and Management.”

37. Jeremiah Wilson

More than 20 years ago, Jeremiah Wilson invented The Maculon, a call recording device. He used technology for call tracking and speech recognition to found Convirza, an Amazon Web Services Global Start-Up Challenge winner. He’s also the founder and CEO of Listenforce. He’s raised more than $25 million in venture capital funding and has developed a customer base of more than 50,000.

38. Brendan Egan

Brendan Egan is an award-winning technology and marketing expert. Los Angeles Business Journal calls his digital marketing agency “The Most Influential Marketing Agency,” and Brendan’s been featured in many publications, including Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. He’s also the co-founder and CMO/CTO of Engage.

39. Matt Dixon

His book The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation was an Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Matt Dixon is one of the world’s experts in sales and customer experience, and he’s a founding partner at DCM Insights, a consultancy that uses frameworks involving research and data to attract, retain, and grow a strong client base.

40. Chase Dimond

Chase Dimond is a partner at the eCommerce marketing agency Structured. He runs the email team and they’ve helped clients send out more than a billion emails leading to more than $100 million in revenue generated from email sales. Some of the clients they’ve helped include The Chive, Original Grain, and Poo-Pourri.

41. Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn is one of the world’s leadership experts, and he’s given sales and marketing presentations around the world and in every U.S. state. He’s written several books, including The Fred Factor, a guide to becoming extraordinary using memorable lessons from a friendly mailman.

42. Stephanie Cartin

She’s the founder of Socialfly, a social-first digital and influencer agency. Stephanie Cartin walked away from a career in the corporate world to take this step, and it proved to be a great success. Since then, she’s also co-founded Markid, an online marketplace for parents to sell gently-used baby and children items, and Entreprenista Media, a platform for female founders. All of her experience has led her to receive the SmartCEO Brava Award and the Stevie Awards for “Women Run Workplace of the Year.”

43. Nicole Leinbach

She’s the founder and publisher of RetailMinded, a popular resource for the retail world. Nicole Leinbach also wrote Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business and co-founder of The Independent Retailer Conference. Women’s Wear Daily named her as one of “The Most Inspiring 25 Women in Retail” in 2022.

44. Mike Saunders

Mike Saunders is an expert in social media and digital sales strategies. He has helped create and launch many start-ups around the world and developed strategies that lead to tremendous growth. He’s on the “Top Global Digital Marketing Experts & Influencers You Should Be Following” list and was awarded special honors at the New Generations Awards.

45. Sharmi Albrechtsen

Sharmi Albrechtsen is the founder of SmartGurlz, a robotics company specializing in products that help girls learn valuable coding skills. The dolls and robots work with an app that allows them to code the coding robots and dolls. Since founding the company, she’s sold more than 30,000 products and secured a Shark Tank deal with Daymond John. She’s on Inc.’s "2021 Female Founders 100" list.

46. Matthew Pollard

He’s been called ‘The Real Deal” by Forbes and has helped more than 3,500 businesses achieve or exceed their goals. Matthew Pollard is the founder and CEO of Rapid Growth, LLC., and he’s the bestselling author of The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone. It’s his goal to help everyone reach their maximum return on investment.

47. Jeff Blackman

Learn all about the Referrals: Your Road to Results program that was created by Jeff Blackman by having him talk to your company or organization. His system helped one client get $230 million in referrals in just under two years. He’s the head of Blackman & Associates, a business-growth firm based in the Chicago area.

48. Joel Comm

Joel Comm started building online businesses in 1995. He’s amassed a lot of experience in creating and selling websites, licensing content, creating online videos and mobile apps, social media marketing, blogging, podcasting, and affiliate marketing. He created The Next Internet Millionaire and built a #1 iPhone app that’s one of the most talked-about novelty apps in history as it had been purchased more than 100,000 times in just two weeks.

49. Adam Mendler

Adam Mendler is the CEO of The Veloz Group and the host of Thirty Minute Mentors. He’s a UCLA professor of grad-level leadership courses. He uses his experience building and leading businesses to help businesses, non-profits, and other organizations learn valuable skills.

50. Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo founded her women’s sexual tech products in 2017 intending to make sexual health products a little more equitable for women. Her flagship product, Osé, won an innovation award in robotics, but the award was quickly pulled as the CTA felt the product was “obscene.” She became an advocate for women’s sexual health and has grown her company into one that had $13 million in sales in just the first two years.

51. Joel Manby

He stepped into a role as the president, director, and CEO of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment at a time when sales and profits were tanking. He used his experience in business transformation to improve the company’s culture, boost employee engagement, and improve the customer experience. Joel Manby wrote the book Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders to share his insights.

52. Kathy Varol

Kathy Varol helped craft Adidas’ Diversity & Inclusion program and the Global Purpose strategy to help establish the company’s positive impact. She developed The Brand Purpose Model, a four-step process for brand building, and has helped many other companies, such as Microsoft and MillerCoors, build their brand to drive sales.

53. Jay Baer

He’s helped brands like Allstate, IBM, and Nike with marketing and business growth with his firm Convince & Convert, a business strategy consulting firm. Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker specializing in customer experience and marketing innovation.

54. Catherine Brown

Her book How Good Humans Sell: The Proven Path to B2B Sales Success is just one of the achievements Catherine Brown’s had in her more than a 25-year long career. She specializes in B2B sales, launching her first sales consulting firm back in 2003. She’s also the leader of ExtraBold Sales and uses the psychology behind why people buy, which helps understand what it takes to land a successful sale.

55. Nicolas Vandenberghe

Nicolas Vandenberghe started his sales career in high school. He hit the streets of Paris selling newspapers. After getting his MBA at Stanford GSB, he led a $2 billion telecom firm’s sales division and started and sold three tech companies with $11 million in revenues. He’s the CEO of his fourth company, a SaaS called Chili Piper that helps sales professionals develop higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity and uses a scheduling and productivity platform that’s used by more than 300 companies.

56. Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez is the first person to compete in four different decades of the Winter Olympics – (1988 Calgary, 1992 Albertville, 2002 Salt Lake City, and 2010 Vancouver). He’s the author ofHow to Get Where You Want to Be and The Courage to Succeed. His skills in mental fortitude, a successful attitude, and facing challenges head-on makes him a popular sales speaker.

57. Brad Adams

His customized Sales Onboarding Program and Sales Playbooks have helped so many companies improve and sustain their sales and company productivity. Brad Adams brings more than 20 years of experience in building, coaching, and leading high-performance sales teams.

58. Arishma Singh

Arishma Singh is the founder of Thrive With EFT, a company that helps high-performing business professionals achieve and sustain success without ignoring their well-being. Her book The Respected Salesperson comes out later in 2022. She’s helped people in start-ups and corporations like American Express, Experian, Google Australia, and Nielsen Media.

59. Matt Booth

After growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Matt Booth attended the University of Wisconsin and then the University of Dubuque where he received a Master’s in Communication. He’s also a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association. He’s the author of Be Yourself…Improve Yourself and excels in using humor to engage his audience.

60. Connie Podesta

She’s an expert in “Game-Changing Results.” Connie Podesta excels in human behaviors and is a sales and leadership expert with more than 32 years of experience in keynote speaking with Connie Podesta Presents.

61. Dion Leonard

At 250 pounds, Dion Leonard was a heavy smoker and drank too much, all to hide from past abuses. His experience in sales and marketing in FMCG and Wine & Spirits found him true success, but he still wasn’t happy. He took up running and realized that was what would give him the power to overcome obstacles. He competed in a 155-mile race across the Gobi Desert, leading to his bestselling memoir, Finding Gobi.

62. Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson is the author of the bestselling book Know What You’re FOR, and it’s a guide that is being used by many businesses to find success. He’s worked for the Atlanta Braves, Chick-Fil-A, and many others. One of his biggest successes came with his work at North Point Ministries, where he helped launch the online ministry North Point Online.

63. Alden Mills

After a doctor told him his asthma would keep him from playing sports, Alden Mills developed a mindset where he would prove that doctor wrong. He became an Olympic Festival gold medalist, champion rower, and captain of U.S. Naval Academy freshman and varsity teams. He founded Perfect Fitness, a consumer fitness products company that created "The Perfect Pushup." His company saw more than $95 million in sales during the first three years and has more than 40 patents.

64. Susie Carder

Susie Carder is a profit coach and self-made millionaire. She took her first salon and health spa and turned it into a huge success. Susie went on to found and sell three other businesses, one of which sold for eight figures. When she was seriously injured in a car accident, she was surprised to find that months later, her businesses were still thriving. The sales and marketing system she built enabled her staff to continue growing sales and managing the business. She’s the author of Power Your Profits: How to Take Your Business From $10,000 to $10 Million and shares her successful techniques as a leading sales speaker.

65. Michael Hyatt

He’s the founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership development company that’s grown more than 60% yearly in several years. Michael Hyatt’s firm helped a $250 million publishing company reach tremendous growth. He’s also the author of several bestselling books including Your Best Year Ever.

66. Ron Kaufman

Positive customer experiences help brands succeed, and that’s something Ron Kaufman specializes in. He’s helped organizations, their leaders and teams, and many companies learn how to take care of their customers in order to excel. He won GlobalGuru’s “#1 Customer Service Guru,” and it ranked Uplifting Service as the world’s “#1 Customer Service Development Program.” He’s the author of Uplifting Service! The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet .

67. Darren Prince

Darren Price founded a mail order company at the young age of 14. By 20, he sold his company and became an expert in private autograph signings for sports and celebrity memorabilia. His clientele includes names like Muhammad Ali, Hulk Hogan, Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, and many others. He founded the multi-million Prince Marketing Group in 1995 and represents celebrities and athletes in book and movie deals, endorsements, appearances, and licensing.

68. Ssanyu Lukoma

She was just 13 when she founded the nonprofit Brown Kids Read, an organization dedicated to getting children, especially children of color, to read. Ssanyu Lukoma founded The Brown Reads Bookshelf, wrote Suubi’s Sunny Smile, and hosts The Book Junkie podcast.

69. Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon is known for his “infotainment” style of branding, marketing, and sales. His expertise in entertainment and hospitality has helped him guide associations and organizations around the world. He’s the co-founder of Gordon Creative, a consultancy for branding and communications, and is the CMO of Gallagher Bassett, a global risk and claims management service.

70. Ronald Frost

He’s the author of Getting UnStuck: 9 Keys to Creating More Prosperity, Joy, and Fulfillment and the founder of Positive Momentum Coaching. Ronald Frost has worked around the world as a sales trainer, coach, and business consultant. In his past, he was a sales coach and trainer for Alliance Franchise Brands, area director for Toastmasters International, and CEO of SignMart, LLC.

71. Gary Coxe

Gary Coxe was born and raised in Jamaica, where his dad owned a coffee farm. When his parents divorced, he came to the U.S. with his mother, and it’s here that he saw people struggling as they lived from paycheck to paycheck, helping him strive to be a financial success. He launched his first business at the age of 11 and his second when he was just 15. By the age of 17, he owned a jewelry store and was making $100,000 a year, but he couldn’t ignore his passion to teach others. When a series of tragic events changed his trajectory, he rose from the ashes and learned how to rebuild himself. He shares those lessons with audiences around the world.

72. Bill Morris

Bill Morris holds an MBA in International Business and worked for Exxon before becoming the International Controller for Kidder Peabody, a Wall Street Investment Bank. He went on to work for Shearson Lehman Brothers. Over the years, he’s worked with financial groups around the world. He was hired as the CFO of Media Arts in 2000 and was promoted to EVP within six months. He shares his financial expertise with audiences and as an adjunct professor at the Paul Merage School of Business at UCI.

73. Charles Mann

Charles Mann was an NFL defensive end for the 49ers and the Redskins through the 1980s and 1990s. After retiring from professional sports, he co-founded the Good Samaritan Foundation, a group that helps today’s youth gain the resources and training needed to become a success. He’s also the founder and CEO of Charles Mann Enterprises and Charles Mann Ventures, both of which specialize in branding, sales, and marketing.

74. Mark Jewell

He’s the CEO of #thrivetoday, a life coaching firm for the corporate world. Mark Jewell and his team have helped many clients thrive rather than just survive, leading to his book Survival is Dead. He’s a co-founder of The Great Unlearning Project, a program that shows sometimes forgetting information you’ve learned can lead to greater success.

75. Amy Wenslow

Amy Wenslow started as a goldsmith and jewelry designer. She’s turned that experience into a successful career in sales, marketing, business operations, and large-volume manufacturing. Since 2007, she’s been the CEO of the independent consulting firm Products to Profits.

76. Cory Procter

After being picked up by the Detroit Lions in 2005, Cory Procter’s career with the NFL began, and it would last until 2010 when he suffered a career-ending knee injury. He attempted to continue his career in sports, but his nephew was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014, just as his daughter was born, which set him on a new path. He established an investment company and travels the country teaching others about financial stability.

77. Mark Herschberg

He’s the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. Mark Herschberg has assisted many start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, and he helped create tools used to teach finance at Harvard Business School. He also teaches at MIT, where he helped create the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program.

78. Shane Brown

Shane Brown is the president and CEO of Virtual Marketing 360, an interactive B2B marketing agency that specializes in VR. He’s the executive producer on videos for Grammy award-winning artists like Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias, and Bon Iver, and those videos have had billions of views. His expertise in sales and marketing is immense, making him a great choice to speak to your sales team or organization.

79. Sean Fields

Lean manufacturing approaches are something Sean Fields is familiar with, even though they didn’t always fit the situation. He learned to apply the lean methods to challenging situations and make them work to improve. He’s a member of the BeeHiveFund, assisting companies with inventory, scheduling, and quality management systems.

80. Karen Morales

Many people have experienced this. You wake up and realize you want to change your life. That’s what happened with Karen Morales. She was an ad agency exec, facing challenges after being diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. She decided to transform her life and came up with a three-themed marketing plan that helps businesses boost their sales and performance.

81. Ira Blumenthal

The title of his book says it all – Your Best Is Next. Ira Blumenthal loves meaningful quotes, and one stands out with him. “The true measure of a man is by how many lives he can jam into one.” He’s used that to live a full, productive life as a public speaker, university professor, football coach, and business executive. He’s been the CMO of the food company Sara Lee and founded CO-OPPORTUNITIES, a consultancy that’s guided companies like American Airlines, Kroger, Tyson, and Walmart with branding, business development, change management, and strategic alliances.

82. Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart is the co-founder and CEO of Vezt, Inc., a music-driven platform where artists, labels, producers, publishers, and writers can monetize their music directly from the fans. He’s the former manager of the Stone Temple Pilots, helping lead them to more than $1 billion in gross revenues. He’s also the CEO of Steve Stewart Management and negotiates and secures contracts for recording artists.

83. Pedro Adao

Pedro Adao is known as “The Challenge Guy.” He’s the founder of 100x Academy and Crush It With Challenges. He’s an eight-figure entrepreneur who’s generated more than $100 million in revenue in just one year using specialized marketing techniques that anyone can put to work.

84. Rania Hoteit

She’s won many awards over the years including the 2019 Real Leaders “100 Top Impact Companies,” Corporate Vision’s “Best Automated Manufacturing Technology Company in the U.S.A.” in 2020, and San Francisco Awards “Best in Business Services and Manufacturing Technologies” in 2021. Rania Hoteit is the CEO and founder of ID4A Technologies, a company specializing in sustainable practices and reducing exploitation in the global labor force.

85. Darryll Stinson

Before a career-ending injury, Darryll Stinson was a defensive end at Central Michigan University, and that led him to attempt suicide. It was at the Henry Ford Hospital that he came to realize his life mattered, and he started to find himself. He is an executive pastor at Growth Ministries at Life Church International and the founder of His strength lies in helping others realize their dreams by discovering their true self.

86. Jason Collett

Jason Collett has created and sold small businesses while simultaneously holding leadership positions in the HR departments of several Fortune 500 companies. He excels in sales and marketing and is the co-owner and brewmaster at Rock Hill Brewing Company and president of Adaptivity Development, LLC, an agency that coaches business and professional development.

87. Jolynn Swafford

She’s taken a path of divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, addiction, and time in jail to reverse the path and create the life and business that she loves. Jolynn Swafford has overcome obstacles to achieve greatness and shares her insight with her audience. She holds a Master’s in business and is a Certified Motivational Coach (International Coaching Federation) and Certified NLP Practitioner.

88. Nile Lundgren

With well over $100 million in sales and more than 10 years of experience in New York City real estate, Nile Lundgren is an expert in real estate sales and building lasting client relationships. He’s a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®) and teaches Customer Relationship Management at the City University of New York’s Baruch College.

89. Ryan Mundy

Ryan Mundy sits on the board of the National Alzheimer’s Association and the NFLPA. He’s an eight-year NFL veteran, playing for the Steelers, Giants, and Bears. Since retiring from the NFL, he’s received his MBA from the University of Miami, founded Alkeme Health, and works as a businessman and investor.

90. Sean Whalen

With more than 675 million views of his videos and social media posts, Sean Whalen’s reach is impressive. He was raised in a single-parent home and experienced everything from early success to depression. He’s the founder and CEO of Lions Not Sheep, a global movement that led him on a career path that includes strategic business coaching and social media marketing.

91. Chuck Garcia

Chuck Garcia is an executive coach, bestselling author, and professional speaker. He’s also a mountaineer who has scaled peaks like the Matterhorn and Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s a Wall Street veteran with more than 25 years of experience in business and communication. He’s also the host of the weekly talk radio show A Climb to the Top: Stories of Transformation.

92. Chris Carlisle

After almost a dozen years of teaching and coaching high school students, Chris Carlisle left the high school setting to coach college and NFL teams. He overcame a speech impediment and battled cancer along the way. Chris excels in professional and personal development, sharing his lessons and tips at colleges, financial institutions, real estate agencies, and major corporations.

93. Shawn Anthony

At the age of 14, Shawn Anthony became an entrepreneur by hosting events that would draw thousands. He built on those experiences, often coaching others along the way, to land leadership positions in the corporate world. He’s a mentor at The Now What Academy and hosts the School’s Over…Now What? Podcast. He’s a business coach who teaches people that life’s lessons don’t end after graduation.

94. Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon coaches organizations on the latest trends in advertising, branding, consumer behavior, marketing, and social media. His experience helps business owners and their employees get into the minds of the consumers to know exactly how to get them to buy. Among the businesses he’s coached are companies like eBay, H&M, and Progressive.

95. Ted Skidmore

He was the vice president and department head of research and insights at Walt Disney Studios. In his role with the Global Research and Insights Department in Studio Theatrical Marketing, Ted Skidmore oversaw the release of movies from DisneyNature, DreamWorks, LucasFilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. His experience in the entertainment world intrigues audiences and creates unforgettable lessons in sales and marketing.

96. Roy Castro

At 20, Roy Castro was in prison for drug dealing. After his release, he realized how unprepared he was for the working world and was ready to go back to the life that landed him in federal prison. Instead, he found the non-profit STRIVE and learned how to do what was needed for self-improvement so that he could land and keep a job. He started by cleaning out freezer trucks to become the CEO of D.M. Ice Cream Corporation, a business with $6 million in revenues, and graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program where he was valedictorian.

97. Steve Sapato

For 30 years, Steve Sapato has been a motivational speaker, relationship coach, and corporate trainer. He’s the author of The Twenty and Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success. As a sales speaker, he specializes in building business relationships, finding and achieving success, and developing strong management principles.

98. Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi was in high school when he started selling firewood. He progressed to a collision repair shop, and real estate deal before turning 21. That brought him to his multimillion-dollar real estate business. He’s the co-founder of and the author of several bestsellers, including Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity and The Underdog Advantage: Rewrite Your Future by Turning Your Disadvantages Into Your Superpowers .

99. Lester Morales

Lester Morales is the CEO of Next Impact, LLC. Before that, he was the CGO and executive vice president for Willis’ Human Capital Practice where he managed hundreds of employees in almost four dozen locations. He specializes in business development, business growth, HR, and small business ownership.

100. Cheryl Mobley

She’s the founder and CEO of reCalibrate, a company dedicated to “putting the simple back in business” to become the best. She offers valuable tips and guidance to help leaders build supportive and profitable businesses that support growth. One of her successes was to take a hospital and increase profits while decreasing operating costs, maintaining employee engagement, and retaining employees all at the same time.

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