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The Top 100 Business Speakers

  • By Brendan Egan
  •  Jul 04, 2022

Audiences have a lot to learn from the top business speakers . These are the leaders in their fields. They’ve built successful businesses, and many have experienced failures, figured out where they went wrong, and can help others learn from those mistakes. They’ve turned their educations and experiences into thriving companies that benefit workers and the towns and cities where these companies make their home.

Hire an expert to talk to your employees, stakeholders, or students about building businesses from the ground up. From establishing strong teams to helping others reach their potential, these top 100 business speakers have a lot to share.

1. Daymond John

Not only have you seen him on Shark Tank, but Daymond John is also the founder and CEO of FUBU, a young men’s apparel company that he founded in his mom’s home and turned into a billion-dollar business. He developed his entrepreneurial skills as a child handing out flyers for a couple of dollars an hour and progressing to waiting tables as a teen. He engages his audience through personal stories and business experiences, all the while imparting his listeners with vital lessons about determination.

2. Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary is a cunning businessman with a lot of experience in business development, venture capitalism, and politics. His career started in the 1970s when he interned for Nabisco. He started Softkey in 1986 with his two partners in a basement and eventually let Mattel acquire it for $4.2 billion. He dabbled in many other businesses, including O’Leary Ventures, a private venture capital investment company. He’s appeared on both Canada’sDragon Den and the American take on it, the Emmy-winning Shark Tank.

3. Shama Hyder

She’s made the “Top 30 Under 30” lists for Businessweek, Forbes, and Inc. She’s also been named one of LinkedIn’s “Top 10 Voices in Marketing” for four consecutive years. Shama Hyder is the founder and CEO of Zen Media, a PR and marketing company for B2B companies. She’s also a best-selling author of books such as The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Audiences around the world love her friendly, approachable style.

4. Patrick Schwarzenegger

When you hire Patrick Schwarzenegger to speak to your audience, you’re not just getting the son of actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Patrick holds a degree from USC Marshall School of Business. He’s an actor and model, but he’s also a shrewd pizza franchise owner and co-founder of #Project360, a fashion and apparel company that donates a percentage of its profits to local charities.

5. Arlene Dickinson

Fans of Canada’s Dragons’ Den will recognize Arlene Dickinson. She’s only stepped away for three of the seasons of this long-running reality show where inventors pitch their business ideas and products to a panel of investors. Arlene is the general partner of District Ventures Capital and has several accolades to her name, including PROFIT Magazine’s Top 100 Women Business Owners, Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100, and the Pinnacle Award for Excellence.

6. Josh Linkner

In the past couple of decades, Josh Linkner has written for Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and several others. He was the CEO and managing partner of the venture capital firm Detroit Venture Partners alongside Magic Johnson. He founded ePrize. But he left all of that to focus on his writing and speaking career. He’s the author of best-selling books like Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity and The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation . He was awarded a Champion of Change from President Obama. He’s even a jazz guitarist in his spare time. He’s a well-rounded speaker with plenty to share about overcoming challenges.

7. Janice Bryant Howroyd

Listening to Janice Bryant Howroyd’s story on how she got to where she is delights audiences. She was one of the first Black students to attend a formerly-segregated high school in her hometown. After receiving her English degree at North Carolina A&T State University, she moved to Los Angeles to work at Billboard magazine, where she got to meet celebrities and executives. With limited savings, she opened her own business, ACTOne Group. ActOne Group, Inc. specializes in employment, procurement solutions, and workforce management for Fortune 500 companies. She’s a philanthropist and was appointed by President Obama to the President’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

8. Frits Van Paasschen

His best-selling novel The Disruptors’ Feast is just one reason you may recognize his name. Frits Van Paasschen is a former Coors Brewing Company CEO. He’s also been the CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. With more than three decades of experience in the corporate world, he’s an expert in changes that businesses face, whether it’s climate change, business disruptions, or a rapidly-changing digital world.

9. Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar wrote a very meaningful management guide Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down . He gained this insight while the CEO of HCL Technologies, a company that saw 6x growth during his tenure and gained praise for being a top employer. He made Fortune Magazine’s “Executive Dream Team,” Forbes “48 Heroes of Philanthropy List 2016,” and was named to the Thinkers 50 List.

10. Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie Kern Lima is the founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics, a company that she created after living paycheck to paycheck as a waitress. Her talks share her experiences doubting she could do it but trying anyway, starting her company in her home, and becoming the owner of a billion-dollar company, something she wrote about in her book Believe It: How to Go From Underestimated to Unstoppable.

11. Ram Charan

Rethinking Competitive Advantage: New Rules for the Digital Age is Ram Charan’s guide to finding the best workers and leadership styles in today’s world. He’s been a business consultant and speaker for more than 40 years, helping companies ranging from Bank of America to Toyota. He’s helped workers advance their skills and become exceptional CEOs. He specializes in developing talent, growing a business, and improving revenues in a very digital world.

12. Susan Ershler

Susan Ershler’s keynote speeches share her specific business methodology Project, Prepare, Persevere. It helps businesses develop the tools they need to grow revenue and strong leadership. Business isn’t the only thing she can talk to the audience about. She tackled the Seven Summits (the highest mountain on every continent), in addition to leading sales in some of the largest companies in the U.S.

13. Charlene Li

Business disruption can make a promising business fail, but if they’re armed with the right tools, they can use disruption to their advantage and thrive. Charlene Li is a disruptive leadership expert who can help organizations look closely at those disruptions and learn how to use them to grow. She’s the author of several books, including The New Rules of Disruption and The Engaged Leader.

14. Chad Foster

Chad Foster is an executive, motivational speaker around the world, and author. He’s also blind, and he uses his blindness to show others that nothing has to slow you down. After losing his sight in his early 20s, Chad became the first blind graduate from Harvard Business School. He went on to create the world’s first customer relationship software for the visually impaired at Red Hat, the largest open-source software company in the world.

15. Amy Volas

SaaS (Software as a Service) startups are Amy Volas’ specialty. She’s the co-founder of Thursday Night Sales and established Avenue Talent Partners to help startups identify and grow their biggest assets – customer success leaders and executive sales teams. Let her help your management and telent learn how to bring success to their jobs and life.

16. Cassandra Worthy

Cassandra Worthy was early into her career when she reached a breaking point and was ready to quit. Realizing she’d be another woman to leave a STEM career, she did something different. She Used that stress and frustration to change the situation. That created her new goal of helping companies use change to grow and improve their company’s culture, making them a great place to work and empower their employees. It also led to her book and motivational program Change Enthusiasm.

17. Ed Mylett

He’s the author of The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success . As a child, Ed Mylett realized that having to work for a living is inevitable, but if it has to happen, he’d make sure he worked for himself and not for someone else. He uses the strategy he created to coach others to achieve their dreams, whether those dreams are to gain wealth, be happier, or improve personal and business relationships.

18. Whitney Johnson

She’s been named one of the world’s best ten business thinkers by Thinkers50. Whitney Johnson is the CEO of Disruption Advisors, and she coaches business executives, teams, and leaders to assess their growth journey, figure out how to grow faster, and use that growth to achieve full potential using The S Curve Platform. Her speeches delve into this trademarked platform to help companies grow and thrive.

19. Heather Monahan

Her best-selling book Confidence Creator and podcast Creating Confidence both wow readers and listeners. Heather Monahan broke through barriers and became one of a small number of women to gain a spot in the “C-suite,” thanks to her role as chief revenue officer in Media. She’s also the founder of Boss in Heels and won a Glass Ceiling Award. Her TedX talk on Rethinking Relationships showed exactly why she’s such a powerful speaker. She goes over her path from being an average student to a chief revenue officer. Audiences can relate to her and that’s why they love her.

20. Chris Voss

Chris Voss is the founder and CEO of The Black Swan Group Ltd. His path to this company is quite amazing as he was an FBI negotiator, specializing in hostage negotiation and international kidnapping. He’s skilled in the art of negotiation and has a lot of pertinent information to help businesses negotiate even the toughest challenge.

21. Tan Le

Emotiv is a software company specializing in EEG headsets and EEG brain-computer interfaces for medical research. Tan Le and Dr. Geoff Mackellar founded the company in 2011, and one of the key goals for Tan Le was to make this beneficial technology affordable to all. Her vision helped shape Emotive into an award-winning company with researchers and developers in more than 100 countries. Forbes featured her on 2011’s “50 Names You Need to Know,” and National Geographic named her an “Emerging Explorer” in 2013. Her book The NeuroGeneration: The New Era in Brain Enhancement That is Revolutionizing How We Think, Work, and Heal helps shape one of her strongest messages that technology and science are essential to growing as a person and in business.

22. Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey discovered his love for public speaking as a teen and hasn’t slowed down. He started his career in hospitality, working for the Disney Institute, before founding Brilliance Institute, Inc. and Simon T. Bailey International. He’s an acclaimed keynote speaker, speaking to audiences at IBM, T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest, and Toyota. He’s also given a TEDx talk and his Goalcast video that’s had more than 121,000 views.

23. David Horsager

Author David Horsager is considered “The Most Relevant Keynote of the Decade.” His talks engage listeners for one big reason. He knows that he has just eight seconds to capture his audience’s attention, so he sets out to do just that. He’s spoken around the world to audiences like FedEx, government agencies, and MIT. He’s the CEO of the Trust Edge Leadership Institute and wrote the best-selling novel. The Trust Edge. He knows that the best way to build a lasting business relationship is by gaining trust, and it’s that insight that makes him such an exceptional speaker.

24. Mick Ebeling

He’s a producer and filmmaker. He tells stories and strives for innovation. Mick Ebeling is also one of the best storytellers you’ll find and the founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs. Not Impossible Labs is an amazing organization where you share an issue you want to solve and team up to find ways to solve that problem. The bottom line is that nothing is impossible. Through the Not Impossible Labs, issues like food insecurity and ensuring vaccines are available to everyone.

25. Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan is the founder and CEO of Karrikins Group, a global consulting firm. He and his firm have offered insight and advice to some of the world’s biggest businesses, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Wells Fargo. By using disruption to bring about beneficial change and finding purposes, companies are able to transform and grow.

26. Erik Qualman

He’s the best-selling author of Digital Leadership. He’s also a motivational speaker who’s given talks in more than four dozen countries to well over 50 million people. His presentation style stands out as it’s visual and engaging. Erik Qualman is the founder and CEO of Equalman Studios, an animations and films studio that’s worked with companies like Chase, IBM, and Oreo.

27. Amy Trask

With a strong message to send on success being all about teamwork and strong leadership, Amy Trask is one of the nation’s most popular speakers. She interned for the Los Angeles Raiders while in law school. After passing the State Bar of California, she entered the world of law, but circled back to the Raiders where she became their Chief Executive Officer. She stayed with the team until her retirement in 2013. She fills her time as a sports analyst for CBS and was part of the all-women’s sports talk show We Need to Talk.

28. Juliet Funt

She shares her tips for business success through personal stories and the tools she uses in her book A Minute to Think. It’s all about finding time to think when your day is filled with time-consuming tasks. Juliet Funt’s tips help workers find ways to be more efficient and effective to establish a reasonable workflow that doesn’t lead to stress and burnout.

29. Tahl Raz

He’s a best-selling author with expertise in business, social science, and technology. In his book Never Split the Difference, Tahl Raz showcases the negotiation tactics used by the FBI. He also wrote the popular business guide Never Eat Alone, based on an article he wrote about networking.

30. Annie Duke

Her nickname is “The Duchess of Poker.” She was the executive VP and co-founder of the Epic Poker League, won a World Series of Poker gold bracelet, and has written several books on poker and decision making. She and actor Don Cheadle teamed up and created Ante Up for Africa, a non-profit that raises money for African charities.

31. Harry Broadman

Harry Broadman is on Johns Hopkins University’s faculty and he’s the partner and Chair of Emerging Markets at BRG LLC. He’s worked in the White House as a trade negotiator for WTO, NAFTA, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, and on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. He’s an excellent keynote speaker, especially if your business wants to learn more about mitigating risk and predict what the competition will do next.

32. Dr. Ashley Whillans

She holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and is a faculty member at Harvard Business School. Dr. Ashley Whillans has been named a “Rising Star of Behavioral Science.” Her book Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time & Live a Happier Life is one of Globe and Mail’s “Top 10 Business Books.” She’s a great choice for business talks and presentations on workplace wellness.

33. Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan, VG for short, gained his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1976 and then his DBA from the same school two years later. After that, he became a professor and also was the first Chief Innovation Consultant for General Electric. He’s written more than a dozen books, including The Three Box Solution: A Strategy For Leading Innovation. His expertise in innovation and business strategy makes him an excellent business speaker.

34. Natalie Nixon

She’s lived in five countries and brings those experiences, along with her very creative nature, to all of her keynote speeches. Natalie Nixon has been called the “personal trainer for your creativity muscle.” She’s one of RealLeader’s “Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World.” Her book The Creativity Leap: Unleashing Curiosity is an award-winning guide into embracing your creative nature and can spark beneficial conversations for your company or organization.

35. Brent Gleeson

Brent Gleeson is a former Navy SEAL and the founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership. His best-selling book Embrace the Suck demonstrates how you can take negative, difficult situations and uses them to succeed in ways you never imagined. He’s an award-winning entrepreneur who specializes in business leadership and team building. He uses his experiences and lessons from his days as a SEAL to teach others how to excel.

36. Tom Rath

How do your employees really achieve happiness? The solution could involve helping others be their best. Tom Rath is the author of Life’s Great Question: Discover How You Contribute to the World. He also wrote StrengthsFinder 2.0: How Full Is Your Bucket? He’s spoken to audiences about being engaged employees, discovering your organization’s strengths, and focusing on well-being in order to grow.

37. Alyssa Petersel

Alyssa Petersel is a licensed social worker and founder/CEO of MyWellBeing. MyWellBeing helps people find supportive therapists or coaches while also helping those providers build their business. She also wrote a best-selling book Somehow I Am Different: Narratives of Searching and Belonging in Jewish Budapest .

38. David Meltzer

David Meltzer is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, a company he founded with NFL's Warren Moon. He's gained a lot of experience in the businessworld, starting with his days as a CEO of the world's first smartphone company, the PC-E Phone. Not only is he a fantastic keynote, but he's also an award-winning humanitarian who brings a lot to his talks.

39. Jeff DeGraff

The Innovation Code is one of Jeff DeGraff's most popular business books, but he has several others to his name that are all essential tools for any business. He's an advisor to many of today's Fortune 500 companies, and he's an exceptional keynote speaker and the man who went from working for Dominos as a young adult to helping the company gain success throughout the world.

40. Jade Simmons

In 2019, 2020, and 2021, Jade Simmons was named "One of the Best Keynote Speakers" of each of those years. People rave over her keynote speeches and call them mesmerizing performances rather than just talks. She's not just a speaker, but she's also a talented musician, so her audiences enjoy a show while learning many new things about changing themselves and the world around them.

41. Robert Richman

Robert Richman is the co-founder of Zappos Insights, a subsidiary of Zappos that helps educate its students into providing Zappos' famous customer service and company culture. His talent for building and maintaining an amazing company culture is one reason why he's one of the hottest business speakers around.

42. Dr. Travis Bradberry

It's very likely that you've heard of Travis Bradberry's best-selling business books The Personality Code and The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook. Both are used in many business courses and companies looking to improve team building and company culture. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical and Industrial-Organized Psychology and specializes in helping people embrace AI to become the leaders of the future.

43. Melissa Agnes

She's the founder of The Crisis Institute. Melissa Agnes's strengths lie in helping companies turn a crisis into a positive. She shows you how to grow by using whatever the problem is to gain trust and confidence in your company. She's a popular keynote speaker with audiences around the world, but she also has a six-month Crisis Ready Coaching Program that allows business professionals to learn everything they need to turn a negative into a winning situation.

44. Alan Stein Jr

He's helped professional sports players, including Steph Curry and Kobe Bryant, improve their performance, and Alan Stein, Jr. uses those same tips and techniques to help professionals excel in the working world. He's able to talk to audiences in person or virtually, whichever works best.

45. Jay Shetty

Think Like a Monk is Jay Shetty's popular self-help book that shows you how to change your mindset and achieve all you want. You can use his advice to find success in a business, become a better business leader, find the right work-life balance, or discover the tools you need to change your workplace's culture.

46. John Coyle

John Coyle is an Olympic medalist, business strategy consultant, and head of innovation for a Fortune 500 company. Companies hire him for engaging business talks about innovation, resiliency, and design thinking. He shares his stories of being an athlete and business leader to engage and empower his audience.

47. Sydney Finkelstein

He's the author of Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent and he teaches at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business. He can show your organization how to lead a business the same way you'd lead a classroom, through face-to-face meetings, lessons, and knowing how to find and grow the right talent.

48. Todd Hewlin

TCG Advisors’ co-founder, Todd Hewlin, is an expert in digitization and business model innovation. His written articles for Harvard Business Review, Wired, and several other big publications. Todd is in high demand and has been a keynote speaker for companies ranging from Cisco to Salesforce.

49. Brad Yasar

Brad Yasar’s specialties include crypto, decentralization, and making the most of technology in your business. He’s the CEO of EQUFI and Beyond Enterprizes, a company that offers advisory services, leadership, and support to blockchain projects. Brad’s mentored or invested in hundreds of businesses and organizations and is happy to support young entrepreneurs.

50. Zach Piester

He’s the co-founder and Chief Development Officer at Intrepid, a global hiring company that specializes in remote working. He’s also an in-demand speaker who’s talked about emerging technology in global businesses. His talks cover a lot of range and can discuss remote working just as easily as he can discuss FinTech.

51. David Avrin

One of David Avrin’s biggest talking points is that a business needs to adapt to changing customers. Times are changing and customers have shifted goals. To be competitive, your business needs to also shift priorities to ensure you’re still reaching consumers. He’s a high-energy speaker who knows how to grab the audience’s attention and provide important messages that they’re not likely to forget. He’s the author ofWhy Customers Leave (And How to Win Them Back) and It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You!

52. Allison Feaster

She’s played professional basketball, so teamwork is just one of her many strengths. She’s the VP of Player Development and Organizational Growth for the Boston Celtics. Her talks of team building and team work include many personal stories and lessons that she learned along the way, which helps her message resonate with her listeners.

53. Aaron Ross

From lead generation to business consulting, Aaron Ross specializes in these areas of growing and maintaining a business and SaaS. He’s written several business books, including From Impossible to Inevitable and Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine With the $100 Million Best Practices of . As he has spoken to organizations around the world, he knows how to target his speeches to match the audience’s preferences and needs.

54. Sam Silverstein

Sam Silverstein is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame and founded The Accountability Institute. He’s helped business leaders improve productivity and engagement. He’s also owned distribution and manufacturing companies and sold one to a Fortune 500 company, He’s the author of I Am Accountable: Ten Choices That Create Deeper Meaning in Your Life, Your Organization, and Your World .

55. Colette Carlson

Colette Carlson is a CPAE Hall of Fame motivational speaker with expertise in human behavior. She brings more than two decades of experience helping others change their behaviors in order to bring about the change they need to become a success. Her talks are full of humor, and she’s a Certified Speaking Professional with the International Federation of Professional Speakers. She’s one of the best speakers you’ll find on topics like business leadership, driving sales, and managing stress.

56. Laura Dixon

Laura Dixon is the founder of Long Game Ventures. Her organization helps businesses who are sports-oriented build lasting relationships within the sports industry. She’s also the co-founder and President of Pro Sports Assembly, a national association for professional sports business leaders. She’s one of the best business advisors in the industry, and an exceptional business speaker.

57. Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin’s story is one that resonates with the audience. He was an exceptional student and made his dream Canadian rugby team, and that’s when his mental health impacted his life. Dealing with extreme anxiety, he dropped out of college and stopped attending rugby practices. He became a prisoner in his parents’ house. He had to reset his life, and in the process developed a thriving organization, The Buried Life, that traveled around the nation helping others achieve items on their bucket lists. Through his experiences, he’s become a popular keynote speaker to businesses around the world.

58. Nir Bashan

He’s the author of The Creator Mindset, a book that’s been called one of the “Top 100 Nonfiction Books of All Time.” He’s spoken about improving customer service, boosting sales, and increasing revenues in the process to companies like Microsoft, JetBlue, and Suzuki. Nir Bashan has also helped celebrities like Woody Harrelson build lasting, memorable careers through his mastery of using your creative nature to succeed.

59. Barb Stegemann

Barb Stegemann is one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She founded 7 Virtues after her friend was injured at war. Her company’s goal is to ethically source vegan-friendly oils and natural ingredients from countries that are rebuilding after wars. The Clean & Planet Positive seal of approval was awarded by Sephora. Barb is an exceptional speaker who blends concern for the planet with just enough humor to thoroughly engage her listeners.

60. Todd Buchholz

Under President George W. Bush, Todd Buchholz was the director of economic policy. Successful Meetings magazine named him “One of the Top 21 Speakers of the 21st Century. What you may not know, however, is that he’s also a Broadway show co-producer. He saw promise in Jersey Boys and backed it. It proved to be the huge success he believed it to be. Hire him to talk at your next business event and enjoy lively, rewarding conversations about business success.

61. Andrew Busch

Andrew Busch can talk on everything from improving your ROI to finding future growth opportunities. His talks get rave reviews from companies like Hitachi, Phoenix Business Journal, and Western Bankers. He shares his experiences as the U.S. government’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer. Before that position, he founded Bering Productions, a boutique financial research firm.

62. Eric Termuende

With hundreds of talks given to audiences around the world, Eric Termuende is one of the most prolific business speakers you’ll find. His expertise in building trust, workplace engagement, and team building are key to any speech or presentation. It’s something he discusses in his book Rethink Work: Finding & Keeping the Right Talent. He can help businesses who are struggling to find qualified workers learn how to build a culture that entices and keeps workers.

63. Igor Mikhalev

Igor Mikhalev is the blockchain chapter senior manager at Boston Consulting Group. He brings more than 15 years of experience in corporate consulting, startups, and building a competitive advantage. Not only does he hold a Master’s in Business Administration and Economics to help guide his knowledge, he also has a Master’s in Software and Automated Systems Engineering, both from the University of Amsterdam.

64. Marcus Buckingham

He’s a best-selling author of StandOut and added many other highly-rated business books after that, including StandOut 2 and Nine Lies About Work. His talks generate many conversations in the workplace because they’re so memorable. He spent two years at the Gallup Organization and founded his own firm Coaching + Education. He uses personal stories and humor to deliver messages that aren’t forgotten.

65. Janine Driver

The message Janine Driver sends is to save time, and save your business money, but decoding verbal and nonverbal cues to determine who you can trust. By building confidence and taking control, you’re able to boost your organization’s credibility and trustworthiness. Janine developed her expertise through 16 years in law enforcement and now shares all she learned with her audience.

66. Chester Elton

American Express, Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Army, and Wendy’s are just a handful of the companies that rely on Chester Elton for sage business advice and guidance. Chester has helped leaders around the world learn how to best lead a multi-generational team, change the company culture, and become a leader in innovation. Not only is he a great business coach, but he also specializes in keynote speeches in building engagement, managing change, and establishing an all-in work culture.

67. Jeff Bloomfield

Jeff Bloomfield calls his style of business speaking, “edutainment.” He believes that you can educate your leaders and workers in entertaining ways. He’s a former marketing and sales executive, entrepreneur, farm worker, and even a cancer survivor. No matter what’s come his way, he’s worked hard to succeed, and his talks show that. He excels at helping others learn the best ways to communicate, build trust, and make positive changes using those lessons.

68. Annette Franz

Annette Franz is the founder and CEO of CX Journey, a firm that specializes in customer experience strategy. Her strengths lie in recognizing that a business will succeed when they “put the customer in customer experience.” She’s certified in Customer Experience Management. You can book her as your next keynote speaker or arrange to have her available for a small, personal “fireside chat.”

69. Jeff Henderson

His message is all about being “FOR” things. It’s what his best-selling book Know What You’re FOR is all about. As Jeff Henderson says, “It’s not about being the best in the world, it’s about being the best for the world.” He’s been called “One of 20 Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss” by Forbes, and his talks are certain to open your team’s eyes.

70. Mark Coopersmith

In Mark Coopersmith’s book, the F-word isn’t a bad word. It’s one that can help inspire and change your company. In The Other “F” Word, failure is the key to learning how to change and grow your business. He’s an entrepreneur and he’s worked for a Fortune 500 company. He has the experience and expertise you need to thrive.

71. Dan Seewald

Dan Seewald is the founder and CEO of Deliberate Innovation and co-founder of LiviWell, a women's health and wellness startup. He’s an engaging professional speaker, with experience as a TED Talk keynote speaker. He led the Dare to Try program for Pfizer’s World-Wide Innovation group. Certified as a Creative Problem-Solving Facilitator and Design Thinking Coach, he’s one of the best business speakers around.

72. Subir Chowdhury

Subir Chowdhury is a motivational speaker and best-selling author of The Ice Cream Maker: An Inspiring Tale About Making Quality the Key Ingredient in Everything You Do . Through his management consulting business, he’s helped Fortune 500 companies enhance performance and quality to save billions of dollars.

73. Michelle Stacy

Michelle Stacy brings three decades of experience improving employee engagement and leadership for companies like Gillette, Keurig, and Oral-B. She’s a firm believer that employees need to be able to relate to the executive team. Her business talks and events focus on how a company can foster growth through a positive business culture.

74. Sir John Hargrave

Sir John Hargrave specializes in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He’s known as a “money missionary,” sharing exactly why cryptocurrency is important. Sir John wrote the best-selling book Blockchain for Everyone: How I Learned the Secrets of the New Millionaire Class and uses his knowledge and user-friendly lessons to engage and inform the business world.

75. Tom Koulopoulos

He’s described as a visionary and futurist. Tom Koulopoulos is the author of Revealing the Invisible and Reimagining Healthcare. He’s the founder and CEO of The Delphi Group, an agency that specializes in business tech. When he talks to a small group or a large one, he’s able to connect on a personal level on topics ranging from the use of AI in everyday life to what a business can do to connect to Generation Z.

76. Ian Khan

Ian Khan's biggest claim to fame is being an expert on the Metaverse. He's actually in charge of writing "The Operators Guide to the Metaverse," aka The Metaverse for Dummies, and he's developing the LinkedIn course on the Metaverse. His business expertise is a must for any business who wants to help their employees figure out what it takes to succeed in today's complex world with the Metaverse, Blockchain, AI, and other technologies that can seem confusing but don't have to.

77. Joel Manby

He’s worked at some of the nation’s largest businesses, including GM and Saab Automobile USA before becoming President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, a company that operates Dollywood, and then SeaWorld until 2018. Much of Joel Manby’s attention now is directed to his business talks, specifically his “Love Works” approach where he feels faith and love in the workplace drive empowerment, success, and healthy work relationships.

78. Cheryl Mobley

Cheryl Mobley is the founder and CEO of recalibrate, a company that leads executives and business owners to create a business environment that inspires growth and motivation. If employees love their jobs, they’ll want to do their best. In her talks, she shares her experiences as the president at a hospital that saw lowered operation costs, higher revenues, and improved employee retention.

79. Christina Qi

Databento is a popular on-demand market data platform helmed by CEO Christina Qi. Prior to her role here, she founded Domeyard LP. Domeyard LP was a company that saw more than $7 billion in trades in one day, a business that she started with no more than $1,000 in savings. She knows what she’s talking about when she talks to an audience about taking an idea, little to invest, and turning it into a moneymaker.

80. Marnie Schneider

Surrounded by sports and generosity, it’s probably not surprising that Marnie Schneider is on the board of directors for the Charlotte Ronald McDonald House and worked for NFL Films. Her grandfather founded the Ronald McDonald House and owned the Philadelphia Eagles. Her mom was the only, and first, female general manager of an NFL team. She and her mom, Susan Tose Spencer created and wrote the Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: GameDay in the USA children’s book series.

81. Daron K Roberts

Daron K. Roberts turned his internship with the Kansas City Chiefs into a full-time coaching gig. He’d heard “no” a lot as a young adult, but he never let that keep him from success. It’s that success that he shares in his business talks. He tells people to “Stay in the Deep End” if they want to achieve their dreams. His best-selling book, Call an Audible, is one of Sports Illustrated’s picks for “Top Business Books.” People who attend his speeches learn how to navigate life’s “Pivot Points” and use the tools he teaches to power through and forge their success.

82. George Gabor Burt

Attend one of George Gabor Burt’s talks and you’ll learn about “The Slingshot Framework.” This is the business speaker’s tried and true method for embracing creativity to create a new, innovative you. He can show you how to take those challenging pain points and turn them into your business’s strengths and re-imagine your market.

83. Adrian Gostick

He’s a best-selling author and founder of The Culture Works. He writes informative guides on leadership strategies for Forbes and he wrote several business books, including All In: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Believe and Drive Big Results . Adrian Gostick is a business speaker and advisor who gets rave reviews from many. In fact, he was named “A Top 10 Global Guru in Leadership and Organizational Culture.”

84. Adam Mendler

Adam Mendler is the co-founder and CEO of The Veloz Group and the creator and host of Thirty Minute Mentors, a podcast focusing on leadership skills. Leadership is his forte, and he’s shared his expertise in dozens of articles in publications like Forbes, HuffPost, Inc., and others. While he does specialize in leadership skills, he is also happy to talk about personal and professional development, mentorship, management techniques, and business success.

85. Margaux Avedisian

Margaux Avedisian co-founded the nation’s first Bitcoin exchange (Tradehill). She’s a standup comedian who brings a refreshing sense of honesty and humor to her talks. She is known as the Queen of Bitcoin, but she's also the co-founder and CEO of Beyond the Runway, a fashion tech startup. She can talk about everything from fashion merchandising to cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

86. Brian Parsley

He inspires his audience to “Think, Sell, and Lead.” He’s the Managing Partner of The Constance Group and is a professional business consultant with expertise in team building, leadership development, and corporate training. Brian Parsley is able to help your team learn the best ways to boost sales performance and establish strong loyalty with your customers in order to increase revenues.

87. Arvid Ali

Arvid Ali graduated UCLA at just 19 and became the youngest person to ever be accepted into Brown University’s Science & Technology graduate program. He retired at 26 after serving as the Global Managing Director at Shaun White, Global Head of Talent at Alto, and as founder and CEO of Hiring Strategy Group. He left his retirement to become the President of Straight Line Hiring, a company started by the real-life Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. His skill in growing companies and building revenues in record time leads to him being an unstoppable figure in the business world and one of the greatest business speakers you’ll find.

88. Ryan Estis

Whether you need a keynote speaker or want a business speaker for a virtual event or conference, Ryan Estis is available to help. He was the Chief Strategy Officer for McCann Worldgroup before forming his own company. He’s a management consultant who’s helped companies like Adobe, Morgan Stanley, and Re/Max enact changes that make them strong industry leaders. Every keynote speech or presentation is shaped to offer the insight and tools to answer your questions and deliver the change you’re hoping to make.

89. Joseph Michelli

One of his first questions is whether you’re delivering a customer experience or a memorable customer experience. There’s a big difference. Joseph Michelli, the founder of The Michelli Experience, happily shares his expertise through keynote speeches and workshops. Not only is he a best-selling author of books like Stronger Through Adversity, but he’s also traveled the world sharing his personal stories and experiences in creating productive, happy workplaces.

90. Dan Gingiss

Every speech or talk Dan Gingiss gives is packed with personal experiences from all of his work helping Fortune 500 companies improve their business through strong marketing and customer service teams. He talks about “leaky buckets,” where businesses look at the customers coming in and forget to look at who is leaving through those “leaks.” If your team needs help with sales and marketing strategies, Dan is the person to turn to for guidance.

91. Ross Reiter

While he went undrafted in 2022, his talent was apparent and the New England Patriots signed Ross Reiter to be the team’s long snapper. He’s been called a “top long snapper in the All-Mountain West Conference.” What makes him an exceptional business speaker? While busy with school and college football, he took all that he knew about teamwork and leadership to start and become CEO of his own start-up.

92. Janice Perkins

The four-stage process that Janice Perkins and Capacity Communications uses is easy for business leaders and their teams to follow. These four steps – Empty, Examine, Expand, and Ex-celerate – help employees improve communication skills and unlock the potential to be great. Janice shares her “Go Deeper Coaching” program to help organizations recognize and overcome obstacles and become exceptional.

93. Susanna Gray-Jones

She’s a Master Sales Coach at Sales Gravy and co-hosts the podcast Women Your Mother Warned You About: Standing in Your Brand. She loves helping business professionals identify and realize their dreams. Hire Susanna Gray-Jones and watch your team bloom.

94. Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon has helped organizations around the world gain expertise in communications and customer service. His talks embrace a unique style known as “infotainment.” He’s an engaging, humorous speaker who can help you align your brand and improve communications in all aspects of your company.

95. Ethan Pierse

He’s the director at The CryptoAssets Institute and host of The Web3 Economy. Ethan Pierse is also the founding partner of Borderless Ventures. He has more than 20 years of expertise in digital marketing helping build strategies for companies that include BP, Coca-Cola, and HP. He’s just as happy speaking at conferences and corporate events as he is on TV and radio.

96. Jay Baer

Jay Baer has delivered powerful business talks at hundreds of virtual events. He’s also available to discuss how to optimize virtual events and best practices for companies who need a helping hand. He uses the techniques he wrote about in Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype and shows companies how to develop resources that people are willing to spend money on.

97. Brendan Egan

Brendan Egan is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Simple SEO Group, an online marketing firm that helps businesses build websites that rank well, improve sales, and provide a design and flow that draws and keeps clients. His expertise has helped dozens of companies rank at the top of search engines. Brendan is an award-winning digital marketer and entrepreneur who appeared in major publications includingBusiness Insider, Forbes, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. Brendan is also the co-founder and chief marketing and technology officer of Engage.

98. Ryan Mundy

Not only is he a former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion, but Ryan Munday is also a businessman, investor, and exceptional business speaker. He shares his best advice on working as a team to grow a business. He’s the founder and CEO of Alkeme Health, a digital health and wellness company.

99. Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown went viral on TikTok after using Gorilla Glue in place of hairspray and finding herself baffled on how she could get it out. She used this experience to build her own hair care line, Forever Hair, and found her Hair Growth Oil sold out within half a day. Her ability to take a bad situation and turn it into a success is one that inspires audiences.

100. Monica Stevenson

Her years of experience in consumer and luxury goods, both retail and wholesale, and expertise in finance and business operations all come to the forefront of Monica Stevenson’s talks. She excels at helping organizations learn how to leverage KPIs and current technology to grow revenues. Her business expertise is remarkable, but she’s also a great speaker on bringing diversity, equity, and equality into the workplace to make it an equitable, enjoyable place to work.

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