Top 100 Inspirational Speakers

  • By Aaron Peterson
  •  Jun 02, 2023

What is an inspirational speaker? It can be a motivational speaker who motivates you to achieve your goals, gives you hope in a difficult time, helps you find the strength to overcome a challenge or try something new, or gives you hope when you’re down.

Inspirational speakers can be faith-based, but they don’t have to be. Some of the world’s greatest inspirational speakers have simply been people who were down on their luck in some way and use their stories to inspire others. Here are our top 100 inspirational speakers.

1. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a leading motivational speaker and author of six bestselling books on life coaching. He’s inspired presidents, professional athletes, musicians, and business professionals to achieve greatness while never forgetting to give back to others.

2. Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin comes from a place where his severe depression led to him dropping out of college. Desperate to feel that there was a purpose, he and some friends created what they called “the world’s greatest bucket list” and set off in an old RV. That bucket list brought them on incredible adventures from playing basketball with President Obama, reuniting a family after more than a decade apart, and making sure a young girl receives the bionic arm she needed. Through each of his journeys, he’s become an inspiration to himself and thousands of others.

3. Mel Robbins

With more than 60 million people having been helped by Mel Robbins, she’s a top inspirational speaker. She inspires people to feel fulfilled by building confidence and being effective in all they attempt. Her book, “The High 5 Habit,” builds on her inspirational messages and is a great topic for an inspirational speech.

4. Ed Mylett

One thing Ed Mylett learned as a child was that he was going to work for himself rather than work hard and let someone else profit from his work. His strong-minded nature helped him for a management consulting show business firm, the Ed Mylett Show, and become a peak performance expert. Book him to learn how you can achieve change in just three days.

5. Jade Simmons

It’s possible to become the best version of yourself with less of a struggle than you might first imagine. Jade Simmons was named a “Best Keynote Speaker” three years running, and she uses her love of music to connect with her audience. For an experience that’s as entertaining as it is inspirational, you won’t find a better speaker.

6. Bill Walton

Bill Walton is in the Basketball Hall of Fame and was named one of the “75 Greatest Players in NBA History.” He’s a fantastic and engaging inspirational speaker who shares a message of doing your best and not beating yourself up if you struggle along the way. He draws on his own experiences with a lifelong stutter and more than three dozen surgeries that affected his sports career, yet he never let it get him down.

7. Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton is the author of “The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose,” all important messages for an audience looking to be inspired. He’s able to talk openly to his audience about depression, past trauma, the loss of a friend to suicide, and his time in the NFL. Through it all, he continued to break through the challenges and found the Christian-based non-profit, RehabTime. Learn more about being your best by arranging to have Trent talk to your organization.

8. Molly Bloom

For an inspirational story, look no further than Molly Bloom, the inspiration behind the award-winning movie based on her memoir “Molly’s Game.” She went from being a young teen with scoliosis to a professional skier heading to the Olympics, but that wasn’t it for her. She left skiing and applied to law school. It was at that time that she established one of the biggest private poker games in the world, where stakes were in the millions and featured players like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.

9. Devon Harris

After being told no over and over, Devon Harris created his mantra of “Yes, I can.” He was told he’d never escape Jamaica’s ghettos, but he insisted he would. He was told he’d never be a military leader, but he was determined to show people that he most certainly could. When he and his fellow team of Jamaican bobsledders were told they would never make it to the Winter Olympics, they were inspired to show people just how wrong they were. His determination is the reason he’s a top inspirational speaker.

10. Mariana Atencio

“What Makes You Special?” That’s the viral TEDx Talk that put Mariana Atencio on our list of top inspirational speakers. She escaped Venezuela for the U.S. where she would become MSNBC’s only Latina correspondent within 10 years of her immigration. She’s a motivational speaker who has given keynotes at the United Nations, World Health Organization, and so many other large companies and organizations.

11. Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Sanjiv Chopra inspires people to pursue a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, and meditation He believes that self-care and personal wellness are essential as “you only have one body…for this life and will serve you as well as you choose to honor it.” His inspirational self-care keynotes include “An Invitation to Good Health and Lasting Happiness” and “Live Better, Live Longer” to name just a few.

12. Ryan Shazier

During a college game, Ryan Shazier suffered a severe spinal cord injury while tackling a player. After undergoing spinal stabilization surgery, he learned he only had a 20% chance of walking again. His journey has been inspirational as he went from using a wheelchair, to walking with two canes, to walking with one cane, and dancing at his wedding. He’s remained positive, focused, and determined throughout his experience and shares his message of determination and mental strength in his talks.

13. Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

She’s the founder of VAI Consulting & Training, LLC, an agency that helps people master the “Zero to Breakthrough” mindset that helps women and men achieve their dreams. Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour has accomplished many firsts in her life including being the first Black female combat pilot. Book the “Gutsy Confidence Mentor” for your event.

14. Nastia Liukin

After winning five medals, including Gold, at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Nastia Liukin retired from gymnastics at the age of 22 and became an NBC commentator. She’s an inspiration and host of “The Muse Collective,” sharing entrepreneurs’ stories of failure and triumph. She also uses her talents as a motivational speaker and influencer.

15. James Lawrence

James Lawrence, aka “The Iron Cowboy,” has completed 101 consecutive Ironman-length triathlons. He gained his nickname by completing 50 triathlons in all 50 states in the span of 50 days. He shares his memorable stories of endurance, mental strength, and determination with audiences of all sizes.

16. Bethany Hamilton

Even if you don’t recognize the name, Bethany Hamilton, you’ve likely heard her story. When she was 13, she was attacked by a shark while surfing and lost her arm. This could have ended her developing surfing career, but her passion and determination had her back in the water within a month. Within two years, she won her first title. The movie and autobiography “Soul Surfer” share her story. Today, she works with the Beautifully Flawed Foundation, a charity that encourages amputees to make the most of challenges, and is one of our sought-after motivational speakers.

17. Jia Jiang

Do you fear hearing others tell you “No?” Jia Jiang is the owner of Rejection Therapy, an organization that inspires people to push past that fear and achieve their dreams. He’s also the author of “Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection.” He understands fear as he walked away from a corporate job to become an entrepreneur, where he was rejected and had to learn and grow through it.

18. Ron Garan

Ron Garan has spent 178 days in space and completed 2,842 orbits of Earth. He’s also gone to the bottom of the ocean and spent more than two weeks in the world’s only undersea research lab. He built on these experiences to help found Manna Energy Limited, an organization that’s focused on making the world a safer, cleaner place. He’s an inspiring environmental speaker.

19. Connor Fields

After a devastating crash during the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Connor Fields almost died. He’s rebounded to become an emotional speaker on being true to yourself, learning from your mistakes, and being your best at work, in life, and in your relationships.

20. Michelle Poler

Hello Fears is Michelle Poler’s social movement, one that strives to get people out of their comfort zones and into all they’ve wanted to achieve. She’s known for her “100 Days Without Fear” project that’s designed to get people to push their limits and explore their full potential once they can push past the initial fears that are holding them back.

21. Terrell Owens

For 15 years, Terrell Owens was an inspirational NFL wide receiver boasting 153 touchdowns, 1,078 receptions, and 15,934 years during that lengthy career, even playing the end of his 2006 season with a severe tendon injury rather than undergoing season-ending surgery. He’s a legend in the NFL and beyond as he’s the creator of the “What TO Do” campaign that inspires youth around the world to remain motivated. He’s also an inspiration through his work with the Alzheimer’s Association.

22. Carly Patterson

Carly Patterson became the second woman in the U.S. to win an All-Around Gold Medal in the Olympics. After the Olympics, she discovered she had several bulging discs and was told if she wanted to be able to walk later in life, she had to stop competing. She wasn’t about to let it stop her. After she retired from sports, she entered entertainment where she was in movies and became a pop singer. She inspires her audience by sharing her tales of hard work, fearlessness, dedication, and resiliency.

23. Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie Kern Lima went from bagging groceries and waitressing to becoming an award-winning TV news anchor. But she worried about her image as she had sensitive skin and struggled to find products that worked for her. Instead, she developed her own cosmetic line and sold it on QVC. IT Cosmetics became the largest cosmetic brand in QVC’s history. It’s her goal to inspire others to overcome self-doubt, ignore rejection, and never give up.

24. Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller holds seven Olympic medals, and she is the only female athlete to be inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame two times. She holds 49 national and 59 international competition medals. With all of these accomplishments, she’s even more inspirational for the company she founded. After being diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer, she founded a company to make women put their health first. Book her to talk about the Gold Medal Mindset framework as a means to being positive, resilient, dedicated, and a team player.

25. Kenyon Salo

Audiences rave over Kenyon Salo and call him the best speaker they’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. He specializes in motivational talks on team building, sales, leadership, and customer service.

26. Rob Paylor

In the middle of a Collegiate Rugby National Championship, Rob Paylor suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left him unable to move from the neck down. He was told he would never walk or have use of his hands again. He wasn’t willing to accept that and fought to walk again. In his inspirational speeches and presentations, he talks about the paralysis you experience, whether it’s crippling anxiety, lack of self-confidence, or emotional damage.

27. Matthew Luhn

For 20 years, Matthew Luhn worked at Pixar Animation Studios on projects including Cars, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Ratatouille, Toy Story (and 2 and 3), and UP. As an inspirational speaker, it’s his skill with storytelling and seeing projects through from start to finish by never giving up.

28. Janice Bryant Howroyd

Founder of the ActOne Group, Janice Bryant Howroyd was the first African American woman to establish a multi-billion-dollar company. She’s achieved so much in her life, and her experiences make for amazing keynotes. JBH grew up in a segregated educational system, but she didn’t let racism stop her from several firsts. She’s an appointee to Barack Obama’s Presidential Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, a Black Enterprise “2022 Women of the Year” winner, and the first BET Honors “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

29. Austin Hatch

Here’s an inspirational speaker who your audience will find mesmerizing. In 2003, Austin Hatch and his family were flying to Indiana when the plane crashed and burst into flames. Austin’s dad tossed Austin to safety, but Austin’s siblings and mother didn’t survive. In time, his father met someone else and they formed a new family with Austin being taken in as one of her own. In 2011, Austin was offered a full scholarship to the University of Michigan. Nine days later, Austin, his second mom, and his dad were flying to Michigan when the plane crashed. Only Austin survived, though barely, and had to learn how to walk, talk, and function on his own.

30. Alan Stein Jr

Alan Stein, Jr. is a successful basketball performance coach who spent 15 years working with professional athletes like Stephen Curry. He believes that “success is not an accident” and shares simple, practical tips to help you achieve everything you’ve wanted to do.

31. Dr. Natalie Stavas

Dr. Natalie Stavas works as the Program Director for Child Protection Pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego. Her work has her helping abused and vulnerable children and decreasing youth violence. What makes her a popular motivational speaker? During the 2013 Boston Marathon, she was nearing the finish line when the bombs went off. She left the race to go tend to the bomb victims. Her actions led to her being honored by President Barack Obama and The Boston Globe named her the “2013 Bostonian of the Year.”

32. Rod Carew

Rod Carew is an MLB Hall of Famer with many awards to his name. He’s overcome many obstacles. He was a victim of child abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father and escaped to New York where he dreamed of playing baseball but couldn’t make it to the high school team. Yet, he persevered and ended up being a multi-award-winning player for the Minnesota Twins and California Angels. His talk about his connection to his heart donor will have your audience in tears.

33. Mick Ebeling

Fortune Magazine calls him one of the “Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders.” He’s a Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year award winner, and founder and CEO of Not Impossible, a social innovation lab and production company where the goal is to “commit and then figure it out.” Book him to talk to your audience about how to inspire others by first reaching out to one person.

34. Shayla Rivera

People call her a “Renaissance Woman.” She’s a former NASA rocket scientist who went on to become an international speaker and corporate trainer specializing in stress management. Her inspirational keynotes are filled with humor as she believes the best way to inspire is by getting people to laugh.

35. Valorie Burton

Valorie Burton is the CEO of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute and a firm believer in the power of positive thought. She specializes in personal development and applied positive psychology. To live a happy, successful life, start by learning how to overcome setbacks and adapt to change, lessons she shares in her conversations and keynotes.

36. Ruben Gonzalez

Stop making excuses. That’s the message Ruben Gonzalez shares. He wasn’t an exceptional athlete and was usually the last kid chosen to a team in gym class. Yet, he went on to try and fail at luge at the age of 21. Four years later, he’d overcome his challenges and made it to the Winter Olympics in Calgary. He became the oldest person to compete internationally in luge when he turned 55. He believes there are no valid excuses and that tackling your challenges head-on is the key to success.

37. Nikki Stone

Two years before the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, Nikki Stone suffered a serious injury that threatened to end her career in aerial skiing. She refused to give up and became the first Olympic Champion in inverted aerial skiing. She travels the world sharing her strategies for success. She’s so persuasive and engaging that she was named the International Speaker of the Year by the American Speakers Bureau.

38. Hunter Pence

His motivational speeches to his teammates before an MLB game have done exactly what he intended and inspired his team to try their hardest. Hunter Pence loves talking about the power of positivity to achieve all you want.

39. Percy “Master P” Miller

Percy “Master P” Miller is a philanthropist and founder of Team Hope Foundation, an organization that serves senior citizens and at-risk youth. He’s also a music mogul, entertainer, and founder of No Limit Records. Have him talk to your organization about his belief that true success comes from ownership.

40. Steve Rizzo

When he was a teen, Steve Rizzo’s guidance counselor told him he wasn’t smart enough for college. He was dubbed “Least Likely to Succeed.” He’s shown them, and even himself, by becoming a high school English teacher at that same high school and becoming a guidance counselor. He’d go on to become a stand-up comedian, but it’s his work as a Speakers Hall of Fame speaker and books “Motivate THIS” and “Get Your SHIFT Together” that put him on our list.

41. Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a music industry veteran specializing in building a stronger brand by reimaging yourself. He’s talked to audiences about how a failure can turn into your biggest success or how you can try new things to become a better you.

42. Ryan Campbell

Resilience is a key trait to a successful, happy life, and it’s one that Ryan Campbell truly believes is the best way to achieve your goals. He was the first teen to fly solo around the world, breaking a Guinness World Record in the process. At the age of 20, he wrote a book about his experiences, but within two years, a plane crash would leave him unable to walk. Never one to give up, he was walking again within 18 months and back up in the air. Book him to discuss how to accept adversity rather than let it stop you from doing things that make you happy.

43. Christine Hassler

She’s a Millennial determined to break through the stereotypes that people apply to those in her age group. Christine Hassler is the co-founder of Elementum Coaching Institute, an organization that provides certifications in life coaching. She’s spoken to well over 100,000 people at colleges, corporations, and major events.

44. Dr. Magie Cook

Dr. Magie Cook is the CEO and founder of Maggie’s All-Natural Fresh Salsas & Dips. This is notable as she turned it into a multi-million-dollar business that distributes to Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Whole Foods, among others. This is an achievement for a woman who grew up with close to 70 other orphans in a Mexican orphanage. She came to the U.S. on a basketball scholarship and became homeless after graduation. One of her friends entered Magie’s salsa into a contest, winning her the $800 needed to start her salsa business and change her life.

45. Sebastian Terry

Ask yourself, “Am I happy?” That’s what brought Sebastian Terry to his work as an inspirational speaker. After his friend died in his 20s, Sebastian realized he wasn’t happy and created a list of 100 things he believed would make him happy. During his talks, he shares how he used this list to change his life and become a successful motivational speaker, bestselling author, and reality show host.

46. David Ortiz

Big Papi is a well-loved former Boston Red Sox player with 10 All-Star appearances, 7 Silver Slugger Awards, 3 World Series Championships, 2 Hank Aaron awards, and a Roberto Clemente award to his name. His career with the MLB may have ended in a deserved retirement, but he’s the founder of the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, where he supports children. He’s come a long way from his childhood in the Dominican Republic to his journey to becoming a U.S. citizen in 2008.

47. Alvin Law

What do you most wish to achieve? Alvin Law encourages audiences not to think about their current limitations but to instead think about what they most want to achieve. He was born without arms due to Thalidomide, and he could have spent time wondering how to live in a world when you are missing both limbs. Instead, his family taught him how to use his feet as hands and be whatever he dreamed of becoming. He’s the founder of the global “Attitude Revolution,” a mission to find inspiration from within, stop playing the victim, and change your negative outlooks into positive ones.

48. Jose Hernandez

Born to a Mexican migrant farming family, Jose Hernandez didn’t even speak English until he was 12, yet he kept dreaming of going to space. He went on to get his degree in electrical engineering. After helping develop the first full-field digital mammography imaging system, he submitted his astronaut application and landed a position as a NASA engineer. Throughout his career, he’s never failed to push through any barriers and champion for himself. He’s an exceptional speaker with a lot of stories to tell.

49. Najwa Zebian

The legendary phoenix is a bird that rises from the ashes. Najwa Zebian uses her experiences with abuse, discrimination, and displacement as a young Lebanese refugee to encourage others to create their safe haven and rise from the ashes. She uses her experiences as a survivor of abuse to teach others that they can reclaim who they are and achieve greatness.

50. Jesse LeBeau

You may have seen Jesse LeBeau in the movie “Thunderstruck” or the Emmy-nominated TV show “This Just In.” Before any of this, he lived on a remote Alaskan island where his short stature made him feel invisible. He always felt that he had to prove himself to others, especially when it came to his desire to play basketball. He overcame his uncertainty and became one of the leading names in streetball. He’s currently the star of “The LeBeau Show,” a series where he travels the world to see how his determination has helped troubled teens around the nation.

51. Dr. David Fajgenbaum

Here’s an inspirational speaker from the field of medicine who will delight small and large audiences. Dr. David Fajgenbaum died several times while in medical school. He learned he had Castleman disease. While he could have given up, he formed the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network and got to work learning everything he could. He came across a potential treatment that not only saved his life but also helped others. He’s an inspiration.

52. Devon Still

Former NFL player Devon Still shares his story on strengthening your mental defenses to develop a winning mindset. He came back onto the field after several career-ending injuries, but it’s his daughter’s diagnosis with childhood cancer that makes him one of our best inspirational speakers. When Leah was diagnosed, he joined her in a “Beat Up Cancer” campaign. Ask him to talk about his “6 Plays to Become More Resilient.”

53. Nancy Lieberman

She’s known as “Lady Magic” and is known around the world as one of the best motivational speakers there is. She’s a Basketball Hall of Famer and two-time Olympian who became the country’s first female Big 3 head coach. She’s come a long way from her childhood in Harlem. Her powerful speeches talk about how she believes that self-assessments, what she calls gut-checks, along the way to realize your purpose in your life.

54. Tim Grover

Tim Grover’s family was heavily into fitness and sports, so it’s not surprising he went for a degree in kinesiology and became a personal trainer. He’s the CEO of ATTACK Athletics, Inc. and has a customized approach to helping others, including Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade, achieve the highest possible levels of success and continue to improve even after reaching the top. He wants to help all audiences become “Unstoppable.”

55. Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez

At the age of 15, Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez’s parents were ripped from her and deported to Mexico. She made the painful decision to remain in the U.S. on her own and complete her education. She graduated at the top of her class and gained a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and she landed a job as a Corporate and Investment Banking Analyst for Wells Fargo. Her inspirational TED Talk on the immigrant experience has topped a million views.

56. Dave Dravecky

Dave Dravecky will never forget his opening-day victory as the San Francisco Giants pitcher turning into a dark time when he was diagnosed with cancer and had to have half the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm removed. He was told, “Short of a miracle, you’ll never pitch again.” He proved doctors wrong and was back to pitching just one year later. Five days later, a pitch split his arm in two. That still didn’t stop him from being an inspiration. Even after his amputation, he keeps going by traveling the world sharing his message of finding hope in tragedy and staying encouraged. He wants his audience to leave knowing how to find true value in themselves.

57. Jake Olson

He was not even a year old when cancer took his left eye. Twelve years later, Jake Olson lost his right eye to the same disease. Permanent blindness led to many challenges, and he never let them stop him from achieving his goal of becoming the first completely blind football player in college football history. He’s continued to show that a disability never has to stop you from a full, engaged life. He won an adaptive golf championship, co-founded Engage, and travels the country as a motivational speaker.

58. Simon Keith

At 21, Simon Keith underwent a heart transplant in the middle of his college soccer career. He went on to play professionally, a journey chronicled in “A Change of Heart.” Decades later, he’s one of the longest-living organ transplant recipients in the world, but his heart and kidneys began to fail in 2018, and he underwent heart and kidney transplants again, which was amazing as the odds of getting one organ are already so low. Book him to talk about his success as an entrepreneur and his drive to keep overcoming the challenges that have been thrown his way.

59. Chris Singleton

Before traveling as an inspirational and motivational speaker on topics like forgiveness and resiliency, Chris Singleton was a minor league baseball player drafted by the Chicago Cubs. What led to his transition away from professional baseball? His mother was one of the victims of the mass shooting at the Emanuel Church in South Carolina. He’s a prolific speaker who has talked to students, sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies.

60. JJ Birden

After getting a track and field scholarship from the University of Oregon, JJ Birden earned a walk-on spot on the college’s football team. He met a lot of negativity, injuries, and a less-than-stellar performance. He wasn’t about to give up. Determination is his strength, and he shares how that stubborn streak and resiliency lead to him becoming an NFL draft pick, yet four teams rejected him, and he still didn’t let it get him down, he fought to become an NFL player. He’s a passionate keynote speaker who shares the lessons he’s learned and insight from his bestseller “When Opportunity Knocks: 8 Surefire Ways to Take Advantage.”

61. Eric O’Neill

Do you need an inspirational speaker on trust-building and forging strong relationships, whether it be in personal life or the business world? Eric O’Neill is a perfect choice. He played a key role in forming a strong relationship with Robert Hanssen, the 25-year veteran of the FBI who became a notorious spy. He had to step out of his comfort zone and trust in himself rather than let the self-doubt win.

62. Rudy Ruettiger

Rudy Ruettiger was one of 14 children born to an oil refinery worker. He grew from a life of discouragement to one of success when he achieved his dream of playing in a Notre Dame game. He only played for 27 seconds, but it was an inspiring 27 seconds that led to the blockbuster movie “Rudy.” He talks to audiences about his “Yes, I Can!” mantra and how you never let limitations stop you from trying.

63. Eddie Pinero

Book Eddie Pinero to share his message of “Anything is possible.” He talks to audiences about believing in yourself and working towards your dreams. He’s a speaker and producer and is well-known for his TEDx talk “Running in the Rain” and how it pushed him out of his comfort zone.

64. Ronald McDonald

Yes. He is Ronald McDonald from that famous restaurant family. He’s known around the world for those famous Golden Arches where you can get burgers, fries, and so much more. He was on President George W. Bush’s Business Advisory Council for six years and was involved in franchising other big restaurants like LongHorn Steakhouse. His business acumen also led to the “Heat & Serve” concept. He’s an inspiration in the food service industry.

65. Alison Canavan

USA Today calls Alison Canavan one of the “Top 8 Transformational Coaches in the U.S.” She’s the author of “Minding Mum – It’s Time to Take Care of You,” a topic dear to her heart as she was a top model who experienced addiction, anxiety, and depression. She used those experiences and the feelings she experienced after becoming a mom to become a motivational speaker on health and wellness.

66. Dion Leonard

Bad habits led to Dion Leonard reaching a point where his diet, excessive drinking, and chain smoking were killing him. He was hiding the pain of an abusive childhood behind his bad habits, and that led the successful corporate leader and entrepreneur to realize he needed to change. He started running and learned running gave him the power to overcome everything. His memoir “Finding Gobi” is a great topic for any inspirational talk on finding your passions and using them to improve your life.

67. Jen Bricker-Bauer

Jen Bricker-Bauer was born without legs, but her adoptive family had one firm rule that changed her life. That rule was “Never say can’t.” As she got older, she was fascinated by gymnastics and Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu. That was her inspiration to become a power tumbler and win a state championship, and more surprisingly, she ended up learning that Dominique was her biological sister. Arrange to have Jen talk to your group about how “Everything is Possible.”

68. Montee Ball

Montee Ball can talk a lot about his success as an athlete. He’s the only player in history to score a touchdown in three consecutive Rose Bowls and set the NCAA record for career touchdowns. He entered the NFL and did well until an injury put him on injured reserve and struggled to land a roster spot the next season. Alcoholism and depression would impact his career and lead to him being an Outreach Specialist for Wisconsin Voices of Recovery. He’s an excellent choice for an inspirational speaker on addiction and mental health.

69. Antonio Neves

Do you feel like you, your team, or your organization is just going through the motions to see something through to completion? If you’re looking to break out of a routine and live a purposeful, fulfilling life, Antonio Neves is the speaker to book and learn how to “Find the Edge.”

70. Chad Foster

As a motivational speaker, Chad Foster shares his story of being the first blind executive to graduate from Harvard’s Business School’s Program for Leadership Development. He shares what he feels are important criteria for his success: ambition, determination, and resilience, and is happy to share more from his book “Blind Ambition: How to Go From Victim to Visionary.

71. Mike Massimino

He’s a former NASA astronaut and Columbia University professor of mechanical engineering. You’ve seen him on “The Big Bang Theory,” Science Channel’s “The Planets,” and National Geographic Channel’s “One Strange Rock.” He’s a recognizable figure in the world of space and science and that makes him a popular inspirational speaker. He specializes in overcoming challenges, personal growth, and developing the courage you need to tackle something new.

72. Jamie MoCrazy

From a young age, Jamie MoCrazy was on the slopes. By 18, she’d won several Junior World Championships and headed to Utah to train to be a professional slopestyle and halfpipe skier. A few years later, she was setting her sights on the Olympics when a bad landing led to a traumatic brain injury. She couldn’t even walk up the stairs or ride a bike anymore. She and her sister established MoCrazy Strong, Inc. nonprofit organization. She customizes speaking engagements and can talk about overcoming adversity, becoming empowered, and embracing positivity.

73. Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley is one of the most popular TED speakers, specializing in redefining leadership. His empowering talks teach people the tools they need to make a difference, take pride in all they do, and become happier in the process.

74. Tara Renze

There is little that Tara Renze hasn’t done. She’s an emotional intelligence practitioner, thought leader, entrepreneur, influencer, wife, and mother with 20 years in leadership and social selling. She helps others find what they desire from life, envision having it, and know they deserve it, which helps them realize their potential.

75. George Karl

After beating cancer many times, George Karl is one of the most inspiring people you’ll come across. Cancer could have slowed him down, but he didn’t let it. He kept coaching his NBA teams and encouraging them to do their best. He’s one of only nine NBA coaches in history to have one 1,000 NBA games.

76. Victoria Cramer

Victoria Cramer is a three-time breast cancer survivor. She hasn’t let that stop her from being a fun, practical inspirational speaker who uses humor and personal stories to capture her audience’s attention. Reserve her for your function and learn more about the lessons she shares in her book “Living Life Loudly-How Will You Face Your Speed Bump?”

77. Melissa Stockwell

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Melissa Stockwell was deployed to Baghdad as a U.S. Army Second Lieutenant. Three weeks later, a roadside bomb went off and led to a partial leg amputation that became infected several times. That’s one of her firsts. She’s the first female to lose a limb in active combat. She was also the first Iraqi War Veteran to qualify for the Paralympics. She’s a three-time World Champion, ESPY Award nominee, and two-time USAT Paratriathlete of the Year. Her stories of endurance and grit capture her audience’s attention.

78. Michele Rigby Assad

Talk about amazing stories that hold you on the edge of your seat. Michele Rigby Assad was an undercover CIA agent serving throughout the Middle East. Often, she’d ask herself if the job was worth the risk. She shares her experiences, fears, and challenges she overcame in her book “Breaking Cover.” She talks to audiences about how the unexpected can be the best thing that’s happened to you, that flexibility is important, and that your frame of mind is powerful.

79. Darren McBurnett

Whether you’re a corporation looking for a motivational speaker or have a support group looking for a speaker to help with personal growth, Darren McBurnett is a great choice. He’s an award-winning photographer and former Navy SEAL who created the book “Uncommon Grit,” a photography book detailing the journey of a Navy SEAL. Arrange to have him talk about how life is your journey for you to embrace.

80. Chris Moon

Chris Moon is a keynote speaker specializing in growth and personal or team performance. He’s spent more than 20 years running change leadership programs in the public, private, and educational sectors. In the military, he was blown up by a landmine and miraculously survived. He shares those experiences to inspire others to live life on their terms.

81. Jeremy Bloom

Book Jeremy Bloom for inspirational talks for your business, class, or organization. He’s the founder of Wish of a Lifetime Charity, an organization that grants bucket list wishes to senior citizens. His inspirational talks have included topics like learning from failure and finding the motivators you need to achieve your goals.

82. Kendall Burton

Born with a cleft lip and palate, Kendall Burton underwent 17 corrective surgeries before her 18 th birthday. She suffered an acute ischemic stroke at 18, but she was determined to get back onto the field. She transferred schools several times before landing at the University of Georgia where she achieved her dream of playing in a Women’s College World Series. She travels the nation sharing her story of being resilient in the most challenging of times.

83. Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in hopes of becoming the oldest Olympic medal winner of all time. A hamstring injury kept him from achieving his goal. He retired in 2022 and talks about not letting age keep you from trying. Book him for a custom experience.

84. Jared S. Blank

In 2018, Jared S. Blank tackled the World Marathon Challenge to raise awareness for the International Dyslexia Foundation. It’s a foundation that means a lot to him as he was diagnosed with dyslexia and sensory processing disorder at the age of five. In that challenge, he ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. He ended up raising $50,000. He uses his life experiences to inspire others to use dyslexia as a superpower and not a limitation.

85. Victor Antonio

He grew up in a rough part of Chicago, but that never stopped Victor Antonio from achieving his dreams. He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He became a top sales executive at Force, Inc., and worked his way up the ladder to become the CEO. He’s a top motivational speaker on influence and persuasion.

86. Liza Pavlakos

She’s the definition of living through a lot and coming back stronger. Liza Pavlakos was a victim of abuse, homelessness, abduction, and human trafficking. She could have given up, but she rose stronger and became one of the “Top 10 Female Speakers in the World, 2020.” She founded Positive Breakthroughs, an organization focused on improving mental health. Her talks cover self-validation, self-love, self-worth, and resiliency.

87. Dr. Thom Mayer

At a time when people were struggling with watching family and friends become seriously ill with a new virus and experiencing a new normal, Dr. Thom Mayer, NFL Players Association’s Medical Director, sat down and established NFL COVID guidelines that ensured a full 2020 season was played. He also implemented much-needed concussion guidelines. He’s been called “gasp-worthy” and is an inspiration when it comes to combining safety for players and people.

88. Darius Baxter

Darius Baxter is the founder of the GOODZone, an organization that provides opportunities to hundreds of families living in public housing in Washington, D.C. What brought him here? His mother raised him by herself, his father was murdered, and he experienced homelessness. He set off on a path to get his family out of poverty and then help others do the same. He’s an inspiration who is on Forbes’ “2021 30 Under 30 List” and is one of the nation’s brightest motivators.

89. Eric LeGrand

Eric LeGrand made a tackle during a Rutgers game and became paralyzed. During his recovery, he said, “It’s not even whether you keep breathing, it’s whether you keep breathing how you want to breathe.” He wanted to get back out on the field, so his never-say-never attitude found him regaining movement in his shoulders and feeling sensations throughout the rest of his body. He’s a powerful speaker on never giving up.

90. James ‘Jamie’ Lassner

Inspirational speakers come from all walks of life and Jamie Lassner’s story will resonate with many audience members. He was a first responder/EMT on the scene on September 11th. The injuries he received left him needing half a dozen surgeries and counseling for severe PTSD. He travels the nation sharing his motivational story with students, church groups, corporations, and law enforcement agencies.

91. Arvid Ali

You might recognize the name “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Arvid Ali was Jordan Belfort’s president. He retired at the age of 26 to create the largest non-profit designed to provide free business and meditation training to people around the world. He’s an expert speaker on inspiration and motivation, especially as they relate to entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

92. Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox is the first and only armless pilot in the world. She’s given inspirational talks around the world during the past two decades, talking to audiences as large as 40,000. She was born without arms and learned how to use her feet instead, but she always wondered “Why me?” and she realized those thought patterns can limit you from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted.

93. Ira Blumenthal

“The true measure of a man is how many lives he can jam into one lifetime.” That’s Ira Blumenthal’s favorite quotation and one he shares with audiences. He’s the author of “Your Best is Next,” a topic that’s dear to his heart as he’s been a football and lacrosse coach, business executive, talk show host, university professor, philanthropist, and many other roles over the years.

94. Radha Agrawal

Daybreaker is a morning dance, music, and wellness movement that spans five continents and has drawn close to 500,000 people into its community. Its co-founder Radha Agrawal spent three months touring with Oprah and WW where Radha’s motivational experience sold out every time. Book her for an inspirational moment practicing joy and learning about Daybreaker’s Eight Virtues of Joy Movement Method.

95. Boris Cherniak

Boris Chemiak is a comedian whose inspirational talks and presentations use humor to drive the interactive message home. He’s a specialist in self-improvement that reduces stress, establishes a positive mindset, and embraces and lands the opportunities you want.

96. Joseph Herscher

When he was just five years old, Joseph Herscher created the Lolly Machine. His passion for contraptions was reintroduced in his 20s and drew viral attention when he built a contraption that took three minutes before ending in an egg being smashed by a hammer. As his contraptions became more complex, he became a humorous inspirational speaker and leader of workshops with children. He’s even been seen on Sesame Street and can talk to any age group.

97. Pease Brothers

The trio of Pease Brothers includes Kyle, who was born with cerebral palsy, Brent, and Evan. While Brent and Evan were active and enjoyed a range of sports, they didn’t want that to impact Kyle. They found ways to include him. When Brent completed an IRONMAN, Kyle wondered if someone in a wheelchair could also do IRONMAN. The brothers made sure it happened. They founded The Kyle Pease Foundation to empower athletes with disabilities to compete and achieve everything they imagine. Let the Pease Brothers share their stories of never giving up or letting a disability hold you back.

98. James Beck

Beck Balance Wellness Workshops are motivational workshops led by James Beck. He’s a Structural Integration Therapist and relationship-building expert who uses his childhood experiences of abuse leading to PTSD and anxiety to help others. Through his lessons, your audience can learn how to mend, grow, and maintain healthy relationships.

99. Deborah Berebichez

Deborah Berebichez is the first Mexican female graduate from Stanford University. She uses her Ph.D. in physics as a co-host for “Outrageous Acts of Science.” She’s a big name in the world of science and is an American Association for the Advancement of Science If/Then Ambassador. She’s a great inspirational speaker, especially for attracting students to STEM jobs and degree programs.