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The Top 100 Health & Wellness Speakers

  • By Brendan Egan
  •  Jul 04, 2022

Over 5% of the world’s economic output is made up of the wellness economy. The top three areas of the wellness economy are personal care/beauty, nutrition and weight loss, and physical activity. It’s a booming market that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

People want to be their best mentally, emotionally, and physically. Happiness and satisfaction boost productivity and social relationships. The pandemic impacted emotional and physical health, but the top health and wellness speakers can help your students, employees, and listeners find their way to realizing they’re not alone and making lasting, beneficial changes for the future.

1. Sheryl Ziegler

She’s the author of Mommy Burnout: How to Reclaim Your Life and Raise Healthier Children in the Process . That book has drawn her high praise from not only parents but also companies looking to improve their employees’ mental health. She specializes in workplace and caregiver burnout, stress prevention, and stress management.

2. Terrell Owens

Where does one begin with Terrell Owens' 15-year career? He’s a six-time NFL Pro-Bowl player. He’s an actor and humanitarian. He’s also a model, fitness expert, and amazing motivational speaker. He can share stories of powering through to achieve goals. One of those stories involves the year he played a season with an injury that required surgery, getting 13 regular season touchdowns with that injury. He also goes hand-in-hand with his game-winning touchdown named “The Catch II,” or when he topped the 50-year-old record for single game receptions. His accomplishments are great and expand into a partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association to #ENDALZ in his grandmother’s memory.

3. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty co-founded Sama Tea. He’s the Chief Purpose Officer at Calm, and is a former monk. He’s also the host of the health and wellness podcast “On Purpose.” He was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2017. He won the Streamys Best Health & Wellness Creator of the Year for two years running. With a following of more than 50 million, he’s a speaker your audience will learn from and walk away feeling uplifted.

4. Sophie Jaffe

She’s a certified raw food chef, Yoga teacher, and founder of the wellness brand Philosophie. Sophie Jaffe’s presentations and talks showcase her expertise surrounding the use of nourishing superfoods for total well-being.

5. Marc Forgione

At the age of 16, Iron Chef Marc Forgione started his culinary career at his dad’s (also an acclaimed chef) American restaurant. By the age of 31, he became the youngest The Next Iron Chef winner and earned acclaim as Rising Chef of the Year. He was also one of the seven Iron

Chef America talents from 2009 to 2013. In addition to owning Restaurant Marc Forgione and Peasant, he’s also the co-owner of Khe-Yo, a Laotian restaurant in Tribeca. The Iron Chef also has a heart of gold and donates his time as the Chef Ambassador to Chefs for Kids Cancer, City Harvests, and Feeding America, as well as raising money for several charities.

6. Ed Mylett

The Ed Mylett Show is a management consulting firm specializing in show business and peak performance. From a young age, he had the drive and motivation to build his own path and become a success. He’s succeeded in his goals and built an industry healing others achieve their dreams.

7. Tim Grover

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are very recognizable names. Tim Grover, the CEO of ATTACK Athletics, helped them achieve all that they accomplished in their sport. He specializes in the science and art of physical and mental dominance. He’s an expert at achieving excellence and has talked to audiences around the world to learn how to be the best by following his three principles: mental strength, relentless drive, and result-driven performance.

8. Chef Andre Rush

He’s prepared special dinners and banquets at the White House. He’s a master ice carver, sugar sculptor, and pastry chef. Chef Andre Rush is also a combat veteran with 23 years in the U. S. Army. Cooking is part of his passion, but he also advocates for military service and suicide prevention, the USO, the VFW, and the American Legion. He’s spoken to audiences around the world about healthy lifestyles for all generations.

9. Jake Olson

Jake Olson was college football history’s first fully blind player. He amazed crowds when his long snap got the USC Trojans the extra point against Western Michigan. He’d lost the eyesight in his left eye when he was a baby, and the same rare cancer took his other eye at the age of 12. His motivational story about overcoming his health issues and founding a nonprofit to support cancer research and visually-impaired children is one that your audience will love.

10. Lindsey Harrod

Lindsey Harrod, founder of Lindsey Harrod Fitness, is a fitness expert. Her work as a HIIT and Pilates instructor led to her creating fitness programs that cater to all fitness levels and helps women gain strength and confidence in workouts that accommodate different needs.

11. Katie Yovin

With foundations ranging from cheer to gymnastics, Katie Yovin used her expertise to become a Certified Personal Trainer. She’s dedicated to athletics and fitness and uses her enthusiasm to get others excited about changing their lives by reaching their health and fitness goals.

12. Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson hosts and created The Model Health Show podcast. He’s an expert in fitness and nutrition and helps clients lose weight, improve their fitness levels, and overcome chronic health issues. He entered this career path when he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at the age of 20. After being told to wear a brace, take medications, and lower stress on the back, he changed his diet, developed an exercise routine, and studied information related to the health and human body. It changed his life, and he uses his experience to help others.

13. Miki Ash

She’s painted murals around the globe, and that led her to Yoga, a wellness program that changed her life. Through Yoga and meditation, she learned to love herself and now teaches Yoga to others. In 2020, she launched The How, a wellness app full of her practices, lessons, and tips designed to help others heal their minds and bodies.

14. Katie Ferarro

As the mom of seven, Katie Ferraro has first-hand experience with her Baby-Led Weaning podcast and digital community. She’s a registered dietitian who helps families with the 100 First Foods approach to a baby’s switch to solid foods.

15. Tom Rath

Tom Rath’s best-selling How Full Is Your Bucket? is one of several books that are used in classrooms all over the globe to show how work can benefit your health. During his time at Gallup, he helped improve employee engagement and well-being. He’s a noted leadership consulting expert and is the partner and investor in a series of startups.

16. Dr. Nayan Patel

Not only is he a pharmacist to the stars, he’s also a wellness expert who studied glutathione, a master antioxidant for over a decade before writing The Glutathione Revolution: Fight Disease, Slow Aging & Increase Energy . His expertise brings him around the world where he teaches practitioners about anti-aging and nutrition therapists that help slow the damaging effects of aging.

17. Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is currently a free agent after a long career in the NFL. He was drafted by the Jaguars in 2012 and moved to the Broncos from 2013 to 2018. After a year with the Raiders, he became a free agent who most recently worked out with the Bears. He volunteers with local law enforcement and within his community as often as he can and founded the Williams-Marshall Cares Leadership Program to mentor children.

18. Dara Torres

One of her current passions is being able to mentor young women. At 41, Dara Torres became the oldest swimmer to earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team. She’s a 12-time Olympic medalist, celebrity swimmer for Swim Across America, a charity that raises funds for cancer research, and she is the Chief Wellness and Lifestyle Officer for CaniBrands, a health and wellness company.

19. Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is one of the nation’s most popular female keynote speakers and books quickly. She’s the author of The High 5 Habit that helps you change your life through one small, positive act. As a keynote speaker, she shares her tools with the audience and gives them all they need to become a leader and vital part of a company.

20. Shawna Robins

After graduating with a BA in Journalism, Shawna Robins became a TV reporter and went into PR before establishing her own health and wellness company. Kaia Health and Wellness uses Shawna’s training in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, personal experience with cancer, and board certification in health and wellness to share her program Irresistibly Healthy, for women who want to enact lifestyle changes.

21. Serena Poon

Serena Poon is a nutritionist and celebrity chef. After both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer in a two-year span, she gained degrees from Le Cordon Bleu and UC Berkeley to set her on a new career path helping build healthy lifestyles. Her culinary skills embrace healing and wellness using “Culinary Alchemy,” a mix of healing intuition, nutrition, and foods.

22. Dean Stott

He’s known as “The Frogman.” He’s a former Special Forces soldier and set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time cycling the Pan-American Highway that doubled as a way to raise money for mental health awareness. Dean Stott is also a powerful motivational speaker relating his story of a devastating parachuting accident that ended his military career. His talks offer the insight and advice needed to help listeners power through their own challenges, even when that means embracing failure.

23. Randy Hetrick

Randy Hetrick’s the inventor of the TRX Suspension Trainer, and its popularity came about in a surprising way. His short deployment ended up taking longer than expected, so he used the jiu jitsu belt he’d accidentally packed and gathered nylon webbing to create a suspension system he could use to workout. His fellow SEALs were intrigued and asked how he made it. Soon, the TRX Suspension Trainer was born. He’s developed his portable training system into one of the nation’s hottest fitness tools. He’s a motivational speaker who engages his audience and goes to show that even the simplest of ideas can lead to tremendous benefits.

24. Danny Crates

Danny Crates lost an arm in a car accident in the 1990s. He didn’t let that slow him down, he went on to become a medal-winning athlete in the Paralympic Games, Eastern Championships, and World Championships. He’s retired from athletics now, but that hasn’t slowed him down. He was in 2015’s Celebrity MasterChef and appears regularly on TV and as a motivational speaker.

25. Fallon Taylor

Back in 2014, Fallon Taylor took a horse she’d personally trained and was named the 2014 WPRA Barrel Racing World Champion. They’d win again in 2018. She started competing at the age of 13, but everyone thought her career was over in 2009 when she was in an accident that fractured her C-2 vertebrae and left her paralyzed for several days. She had to learn both how to walk and ride a horse. Her story is one that will mesmerize and empower the audience to overcome their challenges, no matter how big.

26. Michelle Bernstein

You may recognize Michelle Bernstein from Chopped, Top Chef, and Good Morning America. She’s a James Beard Foundation award-winner for Best Chef: South. She also owns several restaurants and a catering company. It’s her passion for healthy, delicious foods that led to her bringing a chapter of Common Threads to South Florida to teach underprivileged children about healthy eating and cooking skills.

27. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson is the only three-time winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Competition. He’s played for many NBA teams in his career, including the Bulls, Celtics, and Knicks. He hosted Pod Crashers and has a clothing line. He’s an entertaining speaker on health and wellness and brings fun to any talk.

28. Merril Hoge

After eight seasons with the NFL’s Bears and Steelers, Merril Hoge went on to become an ESPN football analyst. What makes him a popular health and wellness speaker is his experience with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and determination to use the power of the mind to heal the body.

29. Chad Johnson

He played for several NFL teams, but he’s also a professional bull rider, soccer player, an actor, and was the 100th competitor to be eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. No matter what he faces, Chad Johnson tries his hardest and never lets doubt keep him from trying something new. He even did a nude cover in a PETA ad campaign, supporting his vegan lifestyle. His talks embrace his accomplishments.

30. Victoria Garrick

Positive body-image and self-love are two of Victoria Garrick’s popular topics. She’s a former athlete who dealt with depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder. She’s the founder and CEO of The Hidden Opponent, a mental health non-profit. Her talks offer the encouragement and openness that’s needed when talking about mental health.

31. Ashley Whillans

Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time & Live a Happier Life is Ashley Whillans book about gaining back wasted time to invest in activities that help you stay happy and healthy. Do you or your employees often say there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Ashley’s talks are designed for you!

32. Kerri Strug

During the 1996 Summer Olympics, Kerri Strug’s performance on the vault landed a gold medal for the U.S. team. Her first attempt led to a fall that caused serious injuries to her ankle. In her second attempt, despite having tendon damage and a sprained ankle, she managed to clinch the gold for her team. Since then, she’s talked to many groups about her experiences and supports several charities, including ING’s Run for Something Better, a program that helps children get off to a healthy start.

33. Courtney Rich

Courtney Rich is a popular cake artist, chef, and baker with a large Instagram following and blog Cake by Courtney. She’s appeared on several shows, including The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Today Show. Her presentations and talks appeal to all ages, and her hands-on classes are even better.

34. Rafael Grossman

Dr. Rafael Grossman is a full-time practicing surgeon who embraces technology in his practice. He was the first surgeon to use Google Glass during a live surgery. He fully believes that technology and AI will improve the world of healthcare for doctors and their patients by making surgeries and medical treatments more efficient, thus lowering costs.

35. Deebo Samuel

He’s been with the San Francisco 49ers since 2019. Deebo Samuel holds the record for the most rushing touchdowns in one season by a wide receiver. Throughout his career, he’s been plagued by injuries to his hamstring, knee, groin, and knee, but he hasn’t let that keep him from playing. His determination and grit make him a fantastic motivational speaker.

36. Brandon Guyer

Brandon Guyer is a firm believer that players are set up to win if they’ve prepared their mind and body for the competition. He played in the MLB for seven years before retiring in 2019. Today, he’s an NESTA Certified Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, and Certified Mental Performance Mastery Coach. He used this training and education to create the Fully Equipped Athlete.

37. Eric “The Trainer” Fleishman

Many celebrities turn to Eric “The Trainer” Fleishman to help them improve their health and fitness. He’s helped actors and musicians like Ethan Suplee and Michelle Branch improve muscle strength and level up their fitness routines. He’s also worked with the LAPD, CHIP, and SWAT. He frequently appears in Muscle & Fitness, both in print and videos, and knows how to encourage people to embrace fitness.

38. Katie Austin

You may know Katie Austin’s mom, Denise Austin. What you may not know is that Katie’s followed in her mom’s footsteps and has a successful fitness program that’s devoted to having a positive body image and learning to love yourself. She’s a certified fitness trainer, model, and health coach who blends both exercise routines and a healthy diet.

39. Mike O’Hearn

Mike O’Hearn helps people “become a Titan” through exercise and diet. He’s a firm believer that crash diets and fads are not sustainable. Instead, he teaches people to develop a sustainable nutrition plan that is easy to follow and maintain while also being tasty and appealing.

40. Rudy Reyes

Rudy Reyes was born at Richards-Gebaur Air Base during the Vietnam War. When his parents divorced, he bounced around from one family member to the next with his brothers until their grandparents took them in. At the age of seven, he and his brothers ended up in the Omaha Home for Boys, where he remained until he was old enough to become emancipated and apply for custody of his brothers. After raising them, he enlisted and stayed in the Marines for many years before founding Force Blue, a Veteran non-profit helping rebuild reefs and save turtles, and becoming a personal trainer for those interested in Adventure Training and Martial Arts.

41. Gunnar Peterson

Based out of Beverly Hills, Gunnar Peterson was the Director of Strength and Endurance for the Lakers. He went on to become a talented personal trainer to athletes, celebrities, and everyday people. He brings close to three decades of experience, humor, and endless energy to his talks, making him a favorite health and wellness speaker.

42. Timothy O’Donnell

Timothy O’Donnell is a long-course triathlete with more than 22 wins in major worldwide events, including the 2009 ITU Long Distance World Champion title and two IRONMAN Pro Champion. He’s also former Navy and serves as an ambassador of triathlons for several organizations. Look for him and his wife Rinny Carfrae on YouTube’s Tim & Rinny Show.

43. Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae

Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae is an Australian triathlete and IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion. She and her husband, Timothy O’Donnell, host the Tim & Rinny Show on YouTube. She also supports the World Bicycle Relief, an organization dedicated to helping people in rural communities around the world have durable bicycles to help them get to school, work, and health clinics.

44. Demarcus Ware

“Driven to Win.” When you book Demarcus Ware as your speaker, he shares his experience developing a winning mentality, as he used during his career in the NFL and time in the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. He’s even gone on to challenge himself in other ways, such as competing in Dancing With the Stars. No matter what he’s doing, he gives it his all and empowers the audience to do the same.

45. Joe Yoon

JoeTherapy is a health and wellness practice designed to help people enhance their mobility through simple stretches. Joe Yoon, the owner of JoeTherapy, has appeared in AARP, Massage Magazine, Yoga Journal, and many other publications. He’s also the author of Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way. If you think about how easy it would be to encourage your employees to get up, stretch for just nine minutes, and feel better, it’s a chance you can’t pass up.

46. Kien Vuu

In his talks, Dr. Kien Vuu urges people to realize that they have the power to take control of their health. It all comes down to what he calls your “Thrive State. Instead of working harder to reach your best physical and mental state, you use science and regenerative medicine. Hire Dr. Vuu to help your team learn to handle stress, eat foods that fuel their bodies, and feel their best.

47. Jane Wenning

Jane Wenning holds a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. She’s a Certified Medical Technologist with more than 20 years of experience helping others improve their health. Her wellness plan focuses on four pillars: Emotional Energy, Movement, Nutrition, and Recovery. Her talks help people embrace the changes that are needed to become happier, healthier, and stronger.

48. Steve Weatherford

Before leaving the NFL, Steve Weatherford was a punter for the Chiefs, Giants, Jaguars, Jets, and Saints. Today, he’s a health and wellness speaker and business owner. He created the 30-Day Metabolic Reset program and founded WeatherfordFit, a health supplement company.

49. Sanita Deck

Some athletes start out in pro sports and then retire and become personal trainers. Sanita Deck did the opposite. She was a fitness trainer who gained popularity through a series of workouts and passion for flag football. That led to her position as the first woman to sign a contract with the Women’s Football League Association. She’s the host of Queen of Abs Fitness and has appeared on several TV shows, including Blind Date.

50. Shawne Merriman

Shawne Merriman was in the NFL from 2005 to 2012 before retiring in 2013. Since then, he’s appeared on several WWE programs, launched his own MMA promotion, Lights Out Xtreme Fighting, and has appeared on HBO’s Entourage and MTV Exposed.

51. Nil Zacharias

Eat for the Planet is both a book and podcast by Nil Zacharias, an expert on food systems change. He’s also the founder and CEO of Plantega, a start-up that makes plant-based foods more accessible by creating restaurant-in-store locations for stores to boost revenues within their existing deli areas.

52. Benjamin Watson

Starting in high school, Benjamin Watson’s athletic talents were apparent and led to a spot on Duke University’s football team. He went on to become an NCAA All-American before becoming a first-round NFL draft pick for the Patriots where he stayed for six years. His passion for football remains, but he’s equally invested in the foundation he and his wife established. One More is a non-profit providing opportunities and education to those in need.

53. Bonnie Blair

She’s an Olympic gold medalist in speed skating in both the 1992 and 1994 Olympics. After retiring from the sport in 1995, she moved to a new career as a motivational speaker and served as an ambassador to Right to Play, a non-profit organization that helps empower children affected by disease, poverty, and war.

54. Dr. Yvonna Cagle

Dr. Yvonna Cagle is a certified Senior Aviation Medical Examiner with the FAA, but her career with the U.S. Air Force brought her into NASA where she was a medical doctor until she was chosen for astronaut training in 1996. Her medical, military, and NASA experiences shape her talks and make her a dynamic speaker that audiences love to listen to.

55. Ryan Leaf

His story is one that draws listeners in and holds them entranced through the entire talk as many can relate to his problems. Ryan Leaf is a former NFL quarterback whose career came to an end due to his behaviors and poor work ethic. After leaving the NFL, his addiction to drugs led to a seven-year sentence. After completing his time and a rehab program, he’s now an ambassador for a group of sober living homes located around the country. He also founded Focus Intensity Foundation, a group that raises money to offer scholarships for people who cannot afford mental health and rehabilitation treatments.

56. Dr. Armando Gonzales

Dr. Armando Gonzales is the founder of Cheatcode, a non-profit designed to make mental health services more accessible and affordable to underserved communities. Dr. Mondo is also a mental health coach to athletes, musicians, and artists, helping professional players, Olympians, and many others unlock full potential while overcoming mental health struggles.

57. Jimmy Spencer

From childhood, Jimmy Spencer experienced extreme anxiety that manifested through dizziness, panic attacks, claustrophobia, and other physical symptoms that were limiting his day-to-day life. He’s found treatments that help, and now this sports media exec travels the country sharing his experience with anxiety and panic disorder. He’s the co-founder of Cheatcode Foundation.

58. Emily Nelson

Along with her partner Amber Zenith, Emily Nelson founded High Fitness, a program that blends aerobics and modern fitness techniques into fun, inclusive workouts that people love. The pair got started without a background in business or business loans. They turned what they felt was missing from the health and fitness industry and turned it into a thriving business. Emily Nelson’s talks engage women who want to better themselves without having to rely on the same old, same old.

59. Jake Plummer

Jake Plummer spent ten years in the NFL where he broke John Elway’s franchise records and helped the 1998 Cardinals win their first playoff game since 1947. After retiring from the NFL, he became a co-founder of ReadyList Sports, a web-based playbook with programs that teaches youth, high school, and pro/college football players.

60. Ivy Watts

As a former All-American, Ivy Watts hid a secret. As put-together as people felt she looked, she was dealing with anxiety, depression, and low self-worth. She finally got the help she needed and is now a Mental Health First Aid Certified public speaker who empowers others with mental health issues to speak up and learn to love themselves.

61. Jennifer Burdis

She’s the author of The Fitness Ninja Mindset and strives to help her clients “Be Their Best.” Jennifer Burdis is a personal trainer who works with individuals or small groups. She’s a two-time American Ninja Warrior and is a certified trainer and nutrition coach.

62. Lisa Saygun

She has more than 22 years of experience as a coach and success specialist in MIND, BODY, FOOD, and LIFE FITNESS. Her goal is to help people transform their relationship with food to fuel the mind and body. She’s been an expert in health and wellness since the 1990s and delivers speeches that invigorate and motivate.

63. Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes played for UCLA for four years and was drafted during the second round of the 2002 NBA Draft. He had a 14-year career playing for teams that included the 76ers, Clippers, Knicks, Lakers, Magic, and Suns. His final season in basketball led to the 2017 Warriors getting a title.

64. Barb Stegemann

After her best friend was severely injured while fighting to liberate Afghanistan's women and girls, Barb Stegemann stepped in to help realize his vision of helping empower women in these war-torn countries. The company 7 Virtues makes vegan-friendly perfumes by sourcing essential oils and natural ingredients from these countries, allowing farmers to move away from the opium industry and make money growing items like roses and orange blossoms. Sephora awarded 7 Virtues with the Clean & Planet Positive seal of approval. She landed a deal on Canada’s Dragons’ Den and is named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

65. Owen McKibbin

Owen McKibbin is the developer of Zone Progression Training and The Rack Workout. He’s a former pro beach volleyball player and has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health more than a dozen times.

66. Robert Owens

When you hire Robert Owens to talk to your group or organization, you’re getting a man who has been called “The Fittest and Mentally Toughest 66-Year-Old in the World.” He was an original Ironman Triathlete and Air Force Special Ops Pararescueman. His work as a university athletic chaplain has taken him around the world to speak to and coach business leaders.

67. Robert Forster

He’s the founder of Forster Physical Therapy and PHASE IV Scientific Health Performance Center. Los Angeles Magazine named his physical therapy practice “The Best in LA,” and Competitor Magazine put it on the list of “The Best Place to Go for a Sports Injury.” Robert Forster’s career found him helping athletes at nine Olympic games and during the Los Angeles Marathon. He’s an expert in weight management, Olympic training, and concussion management.

68. Wendy Borlabi

Wendy Borlabi, aka Dr. B., is the High-Performance Coach for the Chicago Bulls. She’s also the founder of Borlabi Consulting, a sports psychology practice that specializes in performance psychology, and Wisdom Knot, a non-profit that guides youth who are interested in sports careers.

69. Kevin Briggs

He’s “The Guardian of the Golden Gate.” Kevin Briggs advocates for International Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. As a California Highway Patrol sergeant, he spent a lot of time on the Golden Gate Bridge, a location where many people who’d given up would go to jump off the bridge and end their lives. His patience and compassion helped save more than 200 people.

70. Cassius Marsh

Cassius Marsh went from playing professional injury to reinventing himself after a knee injury put him on the injured reserve list. He’s an active player of Magic: The Gathering and used that passion to co-found Cash Cards Limited, a store selling hobby products and trading card games. Book him for Magic: The Gathering tournaments or lessons as a great way to ease stress and help your workers bond.

71. Montee Ball

He was running back for the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. But, fans didn’t always know that Montee Ball was also battling alcoholism and binge drinking. After he was arrested, he was released by the Patriots. He used this moment and the birth of his son to change his life. His memoir Nowhere to Run talks about his struggles with addiction and his climb from rock bottom.

72. Marc Milstein

Marc Milstein holds a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from UCLA. He strives to help audiences achieve happiness, health, and productivity by analyzing information collected through research. His talks are engaging and entertaining, plus the audience learns powerful tools to help them succeed.

73. John Naber

He’s won five Olympic medals and broke six world records in swimming. John has broadcasted on all major networks and was a past-president of the US Olympians and Paralympians Association and the current chairman of three Olympic-related non-profits. You won’t find a more skilled speaker. He’s talked to more than 1,000 audiences over four decades on topics ranging from pursuing victory to performing like a gold medalist. Hire John Naber for your next talk if you need someone to inspire and help your team achieve to be the best.

74. Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones grew up with five siblings, all raised by their single mom. She moved from school to school, but in each new school, she excelled with her classes and in track. Her skills with 60- and 100-meter hurdles landed her the Gatorade Midwest Athlete of the Year. Her athletic prowess didn’t end with track. She competed in the 2014 Winter Games in bobsleds. She’s appeared on Dancing With the Stars and Celebrity Big Brother, so her audiences recognize her and find her extremely relatable.

75. Tyrone Poole

For 14 years, Tyrone Poole had an amazing NFL career, winning two Super Bowl championships with the New England Patriots. This is an amazing achievement, but the Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation is dear to his heart. It’s based on three important pillars: Education, Fitness, and Humanitarianism. He travels the nation speaking to his audience and hosting Ultimate Success Life Skills Seminars for underserved youth. He also works with The Disability Channel to host world-wide virtual fundraising walks.

76. Jim Kalafat-Starr

Jim Kalafat-Starr always set his sights high. He moved from being an All-American college football player to an NFL pro. He competed in the Mr. Montana bodybuilding show. Despite a career-ending injury, he kept pushing forward. He starred as Laser in American Gladiator for all seven seasons. Taking all that he’d learned, he entered the corporate world two years before his 40th birthday and became an expert in health and fitness education. This launched his current career as one of the top health and wellness speakers in the nation.

77. Charlie Engle

Audiences connect with Charlie Engle as he has really pushed himself to his limits. The former addict became clean and sober in 1992, but he admits he still fights those demons. Instead, he conquers those urges by running. This led to his memoir Running Man. His motto is very simple but also straight to the point: “I’m an addict who runs & I’m a runner who writes.”

78. Emily Day

She’s won a gold medal in the 2009 NORCECA Circuit and silver in the 2011 Universiade for beach volleyball. That’s just a sampling of the awards this talented player has won. Emily Day speaks well about striving to be your best and working as a team.

79. Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin won a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics, and 2005 and 2017 100m World Championships. He’s a five-time Olympic medalist who ranks in the top five all-time fastest 100 meters races. He even attempted to become the oldest Olympic medal winner in the 2020 Summer Olympics. His endurance and determination impress audiences.

80. Tyler Hamilton

You may recognize Tyler Hamilton’s name. He was once one of the world’s highest-ranking cyclists, often found riding side-by-side with Lance Armstrong. After being subpoenaed to testify about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in racing, he wrote a best-selling memoir titled The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-Ups, and Winning at All Costs .

81. Henry Balzani

Dr. Henry Balzani is a holistic health and nutrition coach and former pharmacist and OB-GYN. He’s active with the Bergen County Prevention Coalition. He specializes in substance abuse and talks to all ages about addiction and recovery.

82. April Ross

April Ross is an Olympic beach volleyball player. She entered the pro volleyball world in 2006 and has been one of the most loved players since. She’s energetic, competitive, and driven to success. Her friendly, engaging attitude makes her a desired speaker for health and wellness topics.

83. Nick Symmonds

This two-time Olympian competed in both 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. He’s still an active athlete working to claim the highest points in all 50 states, and he wants to tackle the 7 Summits (climbing the highest peak in all seven continents). In addition to climbing and running, he co-founded Run Gum in 2014. Rum Gum is a gum company that offers Calm Gum, Energy Gum, and Immunity Gum.

84. Baron Davis

During his long NBA career, Baron Davis played for five teams. He went on to earn two NBA All Stars in his 13-season career before leaving basketball to become a leader in the business world. He’s the founder of Baron Davis Enterprises, a company that oversees The Black Santa Company, BIG (Business Inside the Game), No Label, and Sports and Lifestyle in Culture.

85. Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller was inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame twice. As if that’s not amazing enough, she also holds seven Olympic medals and dozens of other national and international competition medals. After retiring from Olympic competition, she received degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship, which would prove helpful when she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer and created The Gold Medal Mindset, presenting it to audiences around the nation. Her program embraces setting goals, working as a team, creating a positive mindset, being resilient, and committing yourself to excellency.

86. Russ Yeager

He’s the Physique Transformation Expert and one of the world’s top fitness coaches. He went to school and became a CPA, but his passion was in helping others “Exercise Their Right to Be Awesome.” He owns two private training studios in Atlanta and wrote the book Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked. People who have heard him speak related just how motivating and positive he is.

87. Amber Zenith

High Fitness was the creation of Amber Zenith and her partner, Emily Nelson, to fill a niche that was missing. They blended modern fitness programs and aerobics into a program that developed a giant following. They had no business background or web design skills, yet the two moms built an empire without even taking out a business loan. They funded their new business solely by teaching classes and investing that income into growing the business. Amber embraces the audience and shows them that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

88. Jaime Komer

Jaime Komer started the Human Athlete Collective as part of the Athlete Career Transition, a movement allowing Olympic, Paralympic and professional athletes to bring up difficult topics after transitioning away from sports. She’s skilled at helping former athletes discover themselves as they decide the next stage of their life to ensure their well-being is never ignored. She specializes in metaphysical energy, which seamlessly transitions into skills that also benefit business professionals who are looking to make changes in their lives.

89. Alden Mills

His goal is to help others be Unstoppable. Alden Mills is a Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and author whose motto is “To lead is to serve-and to serve is to care.” After doctors told him to play chess rather than sports due to his asthma, Alden became a gold medalist at the Olympic Festival and captain of the freshman and varsity teams at the U.S. Naval Academy. He’s also the founder of Perfect Fitness, a company that hit $95 million in sales in three years. His talks embrace his lifestyle of not letting others tell you what can achieve.

90. Kourtney Turner

Kourtney Turner packed up all she had, with a small amount of savings, and left Indiana for California. She worked hard and saved her money to achieve her goal of getting into UCLA. She’s a podcaster and co-founder of the Justin Turner Foundation, an organization that helps homeless veterans and their families.

91. Eric Bigger

He was one of the contestants in 2017’s The Bachelorette. Eric Bigger grew up in Baltimore and used his personal experiences to beat the odds and change his life. He holds a B.Sc. in Entrepreneurship from Hampton University. He travels the country as a motivational speaker advocating for mental health and holding honest, beneficial conversations.

92. Charity Morgan

Charity Morgan is the author of Unbelievably Vegan, a vegan cookbook with more than 100 plant-based recipes. She holds a degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and rose to fame after appearing in The Game Changers, James Cameron’s documentary on plant-based eating. Have her speak to your audience about the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits that come from a “Plegan” diet.

93. Caprice Coleman

He was bullied for being the smallest in his class, but his interest in professional wrestling developed at a young age and led to his entry into the wrestling world as “The Ageless One.” Caprice Coleman started to preach in his early teens and balances his wrestling career with his work as an associate and youth pastor. He’s an expert motivational speaker in talent development, religion, and fitness.

94. Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson is the owner of Jennifer Watson Leadership. She’s a skilled speaker on building an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE and coach in leadership development, wellness, and learning how to enhance and build your identity. She brings more than 20 years of expertise in coaching and has shared her knowledge in TEDx talks and on NBC, podcasts, and radio.

95. Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo broke through barrier with her self-named company that designs and sells products designed for sexual health. She’s been named to Inc.’s Top 100 Female Founders of 2021 list. She holds more than ten patents for her award-winning technology. She’s a powerful speaker and engages audiences in topics like empowerment, integrity, and respect being building-blocks to a team’s success.

96. Mike Sarraille

He’s the founder and CEO of Talent War Group, a management consulting and executive search firm. He’s served on the board of directors for VETTED Foundation, a program to help veterans transition into executive-level positions. He’s also the co-author of The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent. Mike Sarraille is a popular keynote speaker specializing in talks on talent acquisition and management and leadership development.

97. Minna Lee

Minna Lee has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and her Corgi, Benny, adds thousands of more followers to that count. She’s a social media influencer and content creator spreading the message about mental health, conscious living, and wellness. She’s an expert in topics like stress management, diversity, equality, and inclusion, and mental health awareness.

98. Missy Chase Lapine

As the author of the best-selling cookbook The Sneaky Chef, Melissa Chase Lapine helped change the ways families approached meal and snack preparation. Getting picky eaters to embrace vegetables seemed a masterful feat on its own, but she’s also a corporate wellness expert and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that engages her audience. She’s an exceptional speaker with hundreds of appearances on radio and television, including several appearances on The Today Show.

99. Jared S. Blank

Jared’s one of the few to run the World Marathon Challenge where he ran seven marathons on seven continents in just seven days. He did this to raise awareness for the International Dyslexia Foundation. Diagnosed with Dyslexia and Sensory Processing Disorder when he was five, Jared defied the odds and got two Masters degrees from USC. His story about using Dyslexia as a superpower is inspiring.

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