Top 100 Team Building Speakers

  • By Brendan Egan
  •  Nov 02, 2022

What are the key elements of a strong team? Not every manager or executive team knows exactly what to focus on. Some of the key points in a strong team are to be aware of each other’s feelings. If a member of a team doesn’t feel valued or safe when sharing ideas, there’s a problem. Teams also need dependable members.

If your meetings lack structure and members go off on unnecessary tangents, it wastes time and frustrates team members. To make sure all of this happens, you need strong leaders. The top 100 team-building speakers can share insights and tips for developing strong leaders and effective teams.

1. Erica Dhawan

One of the keys to team building is building trust and feeling safe. Erica Dhawan is the author of “Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance,” which is a great tool for building strong teams when meetings are often held online on platforms like Zoom or Skype. She’s recognized around the world as a teamwork and collaboration expert.

2. Jim Harbaugh

No one understands the importance of building a strong team more than University of Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh. He’s one of a handful of coaches to win more than ten games in their first two seasons. He and Fielding Yost are the only two coaches in history (so far) to win back-to-back ten-win seasons during their first two seasons at the University of Michigan. He’s an exceptional coach with a lot of experience in building a strong, successful team.

3. Amy Trask

Amy Trask spent close to three decades working with the Oakland Raiders, including her role as CEO from 1997 to 2013. She has years of experience building an NFL team and breaking through the glass ceiling becoming the NFL’s first female front-office executive.

4. Udonis Haslem

Udonis Haslem is the captain of the Miami Heat and 2017 Heat Teammate of the Year. He has 18 years of experience in the NBA and is the longest-tenured member of the Heat’s franchise. He’s excelled as a team leader, but he also has plenty of leadership experience off the court, too. He’s the owner of four Subway franchises and two Auntie Anne’s Pretzels locations.

5. Jessica Kriegel

Jessica Kriegel’s role as a global consultant had her working with leaders to transform their business culture. She left that management solutions provider to become the Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners. She excels at helping national, global, and Fortune 100 companies create workplace cultures that grow strong teams. Through her Culture Equation strategy, she’s helped business leaders get the most from their teams by building a strong culture for optimal performance.

6. Josh Linkner

As a business owner, Josh Linkner has built several successful companies, including ePrize, and hired close to 10,000 employees in that time. He’s mentored more than 100 start-ups. His skills in team building have helped shape his current role as co-founder and chairman of Platypus Labs, a training and consulting firm.

7. Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson’s role as CEO of Disruption Advisors is to help find the right talent. She works with executives and company leaders around the world to find talent and grow that talent to help drive company growth. She’s an expert in growth leadership and has been named the “#1 Talent Coach.”

8. Daymond John

Part of building a strong team involves paying attention to changing trends in the workplace. It’s something Daymond John, one of Real Leaders Magazine’s “2022’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World.” He’s well-known for his expertise in entrepreneurship and brand building thanks to 13 seasons on ABC’s Shark Tank. He also owns his own marketing firm The Shark Group further cementing himself in a position to help others grow.

9. Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher’s NBA career has exceeded 18 seasons, during which he won five NBA championships. He’s been a member of several successful teams and retired from playing to become a head coach and then general manager where he focused on building strong, winning teams.

10. Chris Mullin

Over the years, Chris Mullin has played professional basketball for 16 seasons, giving him some of the experience he’d take to his role as a member of the 1992 U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball Team. As a Dream Team member, team building and teamwork were essential components to winning two gold medals.

11. Jay Shetty

He is the founder of Jay Shetty Certification School, an educational institution providing certification programs in life coaching for individuals and organizations. He’s created numerous corporate training programs for companies like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. More than two million students around the world have attended his online courses focusing on finding purpose and maintaining calm and peace in any situation.

12. Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn is the author of “Teambuilt: Making Teamwork Work” and “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Positive Difference.” He’s a certified speaking professional and a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. His video series on team building ranked second for “Bestselling Educational Video Series.” His team-building speeches and educational videos have helped companies like Costco, RE/MAX, and ServiceMaster build strong, effective teams.

13. Eric Termuende

He’s helped many companies build resilient teams that are ready for the future of work and innovation. Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW of Work and author of “Rethink Work.” He’s the creator of a one-degree shift methodology that’s designed to remove team friction, build trust, and build a culture focused on experimentation. He’s written two books on building and retaining teams and leading remote teams.

14. Dean Stott

Everything about Dean Stott’s career has required exceptional team-building and leadership skills. He’s the creator and star of “SAS Who Dares Wins,” a TV show where everyday people sign up for intense military training. He’s worked for years in private security and with the British Special Forces where he and his team participated in rescues during military coups, kidnappings, and evacuations.

15. Kathy Delaney Smith

She has one of the longest coaching careers in history with more than 40 seasons leading Harvard’s Crimson. She’s the winningest head coach in Ivy League history. She’s built teams that have led to her 617 career and 360 Ivy League wins.

16. Rudy Ruettiger

It was surprising for Rudy Ruettiger, the third of 14 children, even attended the University of Notre Dame, but also to end up one of the university’s biggest celebrities. Not only did he get the chance to attend, but he got to play for the Fighting Irish. It’s a story presented in the blockbuster movie “Rudy.” His participation in making the winning play (the only game he played in college football) on that team has become a well-known story in college football history.

17. Jim Knight

For 20 years, Jim Knight led Hard Rock International’s global training programs. The goals of these programs were to show how to provide exceptional service and build strong leadership and teams. His strengths in building positive workplace culture, as shown in his book “Leadership That Rocks: Take Your Brand’s Culture to Eleven and Amp Up Results.”

18. Mike McCarthy

From 2006 to 2018, Mike McCarthy was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers and led the team to a Super Bowl championship. He moved on to the Dallas Cowboys where he guided the team to 12-5 in 2021 and swept the NFC East in that time. In his long career as a head coach, he’s brought teams to the NFC championship, divisional, or wild card games ten times.

19. Tom Rath

Tom Rath’s expertise in team building and leadership focuses on ways to improve health and well-being. He’s the author of “Strengths Based Leadership” and “How Full Is Your Bucket?” He’s a popular speaker on topics like employee engagement, leadership consulting, and strengthening organizations.

20. Shabnam Mogharabi

She’s been building teams, start-ups, and organizations for close to two decades. Shabnam Mogharabi was general manager of SoulPancake, an entertainment company she founded with actor Rainn Wilson. As general manager, she helped grow the company’s followers and fans and made sure everyone followed the vision and mission. She also led teams at three live events, on four print publications, and on eight websites as editor-in-chief at Hanley Wood Business Media.

21. Mark Coopersmith

Mark Coopersmith is a Fortune 500 executive and entrepreneur with 30 years of building and improving start-ups and larger companies and organizations, including Sony. He boasts skills that help build strong teams that want to succeed and that help create strong leaders.

22. Ryan Day

Ryan Day is the first coach in 40 years of Ohio State’s history to become “Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year.” He gained this honor by building one of the university’s strongest teams ever. They won 13 consecutive games with an average of 36 points per game and won a Big Ten championship in 2019. In addition, he was named the “First-Year Coach of the Year” by the Football Writers Association of America.

23. Jason Redman

Jason Redman’s team-building expertise includes ten years as a Navy SEAL Officer. He led an assault team and was injured, but that hasn’t stopped him. He founded Wounded Wear in 2013 and in 2014 founded SOF Spoke, a company that guides organizations, sports teams, first responders, and businesses to build strong teams and leaders.

24. Frits Van Paaschen

Frits Van Paaschen has held executive roles at companies like Nike, Disney’s Consumer Products Division, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Coors Brewing Company for 30 years. He excels in helping businesses handle changing circumstances and use them to grow. He discusses his experiences and lessons learned with digital technology, business disruption, and global development in his book “The Disruptors’ Feast” and how companies should use these changes when team building.

25. Charlene Li

She’s the author of the bestselling book “Open Leadership,” a handy guide in helping business owners and leaders look at social technology and how it can help transform leadership plans. Charlene Li is also the author of “The Disruptive Mindset,” which provides insight into what makes some organizations fail while others rise to the top.

26. George Karl

George Karl had an amazing career as a professional basketball coach. He is one of nine NBA coaches to have led a team to more than 1,000 wins. During his seven seasons with the Seattle Supersonics, he led them to seven playoffs and the NBA finals in the 1995-1996 season. He went on to coach two other NBA teams. His determination to coach winning teams hasn’t slowed, even when he was battling cancer.

27. Brent Gleeson

Brent Gleeson is a former member of SEAL Team 5, through tours of both Africa and Iraq. He was honorably discharged in 2004 and co-founded Internet Marketing Inc and founded TakingPoint Leadership, a consultancy that specializes in workplace culture, leadership, and employee engagement. He helps businesses excel through team-building exercises and workshops.

28. Billy Donovan

He became the head coach for the Chicago Bulls in 2020. Before that, Billy Donovan coached the Oklahoma City Thunder. While coach of the Thunder, the team made the playoffs every season. He was also the head coach of the University of Florida’s Gators and led them to two national championships and more tournaments and championships than the university's past coaches combined.

29. Nancy Lieberman

She’s the first-ever BIG3 head coach and second female NBA assistant coach. Nancy Leiberman grew up playing basketball in Harlem and worked her way up to two Olympic appearances and a place in the Basketball Hall of Fame. She’s able to share her own stories playing team sports and establishing a stellar record as a coach.

30. Cy Wakeman

Business leaders call her the “secret weapon to restoring sanity to the workplace.” Cy Wakeman has 25+ years of experience in improving leadership and holding themselves accountable, which helps with team building. She helps managers and executives learn to get rid of workplace drama to create productive, positive team environments.

31. Darnell Nurse

His father played in the CFL, his mother was a college basketball player, and his uncle is an NFL quarterback, so sports came naturally to Darnell Nurse. He played for the Canadian National Team in the IHF World Championships. He plays for the Oilers and signed an eight-year contract extension in 2021 continuing his experience in teamwork. He’s excited to be part of strong teams and loves to talk about team building and winning cultures.

32. Dr. Yvonne Cagle

Dr. Yvonne Cagle has received many commendations and awards over the years. Her experience as a member of the NASA Working Group makes her an expert in team building and teamwork. She’s also been part of a strong team during her time in the military and as a consulting professor for the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University.

33. Ichak Adizes

Dr. Ichak Adizes is the founder and CEO of the Adizes Institute, which specializes in change management and leadership skills. He’s also the developer of an Organizational Therapy and Development certification program. He’s helped government agencies, companies, and non-profits manage change without experiencing conflict.

34. Raj Sheth

Raj Sheth grew his first B2B software company from being a start-up to having a team of 60 workers and 3,000 customers. He used his experience growing Recruiterbox to write a book on hiring the right team members. After that, he acquired FlyData and redid the software to turn around and sell it at a 300% profit. His experience in taking struggling companies and growing them into a success always focuses on team building and strategic planning.

35. Angela Ruggiero

Being part of a winning Olympic team shaped Angela Ruggiero’s experience in teamwork. She also gained a lot of experience by being the first female non-goalie to play on a professional men’s hockey team. Additionally, she gained experience on teams by serving as an executive board member for both the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee.

36. Ian Siegel

Ian Siegel has held several leadership roles for companies like ZipRecruiter,,, and CitySearch. He’s also been part of product and technology teams at, Pictage, and Viva Group Inc. He knows some of the best ways to hire the right staff for your team without experiencing difficulty while vetting each applicant.

37. Rod Carew

Rod Carew has been on several winning teams, including the Minnesota Twins where he won Rookie of the Year, and the California Angels. He was also in 18 All-Star Games playing with a select group of professional baseball players from various teams.

38. Steve Sax

Steve Sax played professional baseball for 18 years, during which he won the NL Rookie of the Year and helped his team secure two World Series. He’s continued to excel in teamwork as part of the Fox Sports’ “Prime Time” show and then as VP of Investments for the Royal Bank of Canada.

39. Penny Hardaway

After years of playing in the NBA, Penny Hardaway uses his experiences playing on professional teams. He’s the head coach for the University of Memphis Tigers. In his first year as a coach, he led his team to the National Invitation Tournament.

40. Dr. Liz Wilson

Dr. Liz Wilson is an expert in behavior and organizational culture. It’s her goal to help teams focus on “The 8 Specific Needs of All People” and make sure everyone feels included and appreciated, leading to the world’s first software that helps people make real-time inclusive decisions, called Include.

41. Jake Olson

As a child, Jake Olson lost one eye to cancer. Twelve years later, he lost his other eye. Despite losing his vision, he became the first completely blind player in the history of college football. Being part of a college football team, especially when blind, requires exceptional teamwork. He’s gone beyond football to win golf championships and to co-found Engage, a start-up that digitizes the process of booking speakers for events. All of this requires him to be an expert in team building and leadership skills.

42. Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza is part of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball team. Her role as ESPN’s first MLB game analyst requires her to be part of a team, and she uses her experiences as an Olympic and college softball player to help with team building and working as a team player.

43. Sydney Finkelstein

Sydney Finkelstein is the author of “How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent,” which the chairman of LinkedIn refers to as the “leadership guide for the Networked Age.” He’s a Fellow of the Academy of Management and is a business consultant and speaker to companies around the world.

44. Kara Lawson

Team building is important to any coach, and Kara Lawson’s role as head coach for the Duke Blue Devils showcases her team-building skills. Before that, she was the assistant coach of the Boston Celtics, further cementing her expertise in building and leading teams.

45. Tan Le

She’s the founder and CEO of EMOTIV, a neuroinformatics company that strives to improve understanding of the brain to help everyone from consumers to researchers. While she builds strong teams and hones her leadership skills as the CEO, she builds on them through her roles as a social activist, public speaker, and global leader.

46. Ben Morton

Ben Morton was a captain in the British Army, where he learned two valuable lessons. He believes leadership is both a great responsibility and a great privilege, and those lessons help people understand what building and leading teams is all about. He’s spent more than a decade helping people in leadership roles take teams from being good to being great by creating positive workplace cultures.

47. Robert O'Neill

Robert O’Neill was part of three SEAL teams, including eight years with SEAL Team Six. He’s been decorated 53 times, including two Silver Stars for “gallantry in action against the enemy,” four Bronze for “valor to denote heroism against the enemy,” and several others. He was part of Operation Red Wings, adding to his experience in team building and teamwork.

48. Scout Bassett

She’s part of Team USA as a Paralympic sprinter and long jumper. She’s seen great success in Para Athletics, where she won gold, and as a 2x World Championship bronze medalist. Scout Bassett’s success is not just due to her determination and grit, she also knows she has to work with others to reach her goals.

49. Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy is an award-winning leadership expert. He helps audiences and organizations build strong leadership skills and employee engagement. Mark also helps companies find ways to prevent burnout. He’s consistently named one of the world’s “Top 30 Leadership Gurus” and his team-building and leadership expertise has been showcased on Forbes, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

50. Darien Rencher

Despite two knee surgeries as a teen, Darien Rencher powered on to become a 2x national champion and 5x ACC champion with Clemson University. He’s a team player on the field and also off the field as an organizer with a peaceful social injustice protest group. He’s also the creator of the “We Want to Play” movement that helped rescue college football during the start of the pandemic.

51. Lonnie Mayne

Lonnie Mayne is the founder and CEO of Red Shoes Living, a firm that teaches the framework and best practices that can help in both your personal and professional life. He’s an expert at helping others gain strong leadership, teamwork, and workplace culture skills that help with success and make you stand out among your competition.

52. Samantha Karlin

She’s helped clients ranging from Amazon to Verizon with diversity and inclusion training, female leadership, and team building. Samantha Karlin is the CEO of Empower Global, where some of her most requested presentations and keynotes cover topics like "Inclusive Leadership," "Real Allyship," and "Vulnerability, Empathy, and Connection in the Virtual World," the latter of which is a fantastic team-building talk when workers are scattered around the country and working from home.

53. Stephen Drum

Stephen Drum’s expertise as a leadership and performance consultant and speaking comes from 27 years of team-building and leadership in the military. He retired from the Navy SEAL program where he served around the globe, including combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

54. James Franklin

James Franklin is Penn State University’s football coach, and he’s held that position since 2014. Before that, he was the head coach at Vanderbilt. He’s had more than a decade of experience in team building and leadership. During that time, he’s won several “Coach of the Year” awards and a 2016 Woody Hayes Trophy. He led Penn State to Big Ten Championship and Big Ten East Division wins in 2016.

55. Marques Ogden

He’s the author of “Sleepless Nights: The Success Cycle” and a business coach and consultant. Marques Ogden played professional football, but retired and built his own construction company. That company ended up bankrupt, but he used that experience to evaluate where he went wrong and uses those lessons to help businesses like Amazon and Intel build strong leaders and teams.

56. Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo was a digital media strategist at Google, where he guided executives to embrace the changes of the digital age. His role required expertise in team building and strong leadership skills. He’s continued to work in the tech industry leading start-ups like HubSpot and NextView Ventures.

57. Alan Stein Jr

He’s a specialist in organizational performance, effective leadership, team building and collaboration, and winning routines. Alan Stein Jr. gained this insight and expertise as a basketball performance coach working with several NBA players, including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

58. Christina Qi

Christina Qi’s career started in her dorm room. After failing to land a Wall Street internship, she started exploring high-frequency trading through a company she started in her dorm room. Domeyard would get a lot of media attention and lead to her becoming an industry voice and sharing her insights into growing from failure. Along the way, she’s worked with many, many teams, including the Board of Trustees for MIT and the Board of Directors for The Financial Executives Alliance Hedge Fund Group.

59. Tommy Spaulding

Tommy Spaulding owns a firm that specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and training. He’s the author of “It’s Not Just Who You Know: Transform Your Life and Your Organization by Turning Colleagues and Contacts Into Lasting, Genuine Relationships.” His skills in team building date back to his role as the youngest president and CEO of the organization Up With People and as the founder of Leader’s Challenge, a high school civic and leadership program.

60. Siya Kolisi

He’s the captain of South Africa’s national team and is a player in the South African rugby union. Siya Kolisi became the first black captain of the South African Springboks and led them to a Rugby World Cup. Siya Kolisi is one of New African’s “Most Influential Africans” and is a BBC “Sports Star of the Year,” both due to his expertise both as an individual and as part of a strong team.

61. Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore takes her knowledge of emotional intelligence, positive psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to help business leaders build strong teams. She does this by showing how to improve communication and group dynamics to ensure success.

62. Libby Gill

She worked as an assistant for Embassy Communications, a company founded by Norman Lear. That was a stepping stone to Libby Gill's role with Sony’s worldwide television group, which she left to work for Turner Broadcasting and Universal. After 15 years in the industry, she left to form her own executive coaching and leadership consulting firm. For 22 years, she’d helped business professionals develop and lead teams through all of the successes and challenges they face.

63. Brigadier General Roger Machut

His expertise in team building and leadership spans decades. Brigadier General Roger Machut served in Camp Pendleton and climbed to leadership roles as a platoon commander, executive officer, commanding officer, and lieutenant colonel. In that role, he commanded the 6th Engineer Support Battalion during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He received a promotion to brigadier general in 2010 and held that position until his retirement in 2015.

64. Robert Richman

The company culture at Zappos led to the creation of Zappos Insights, a company that Robert Richman helped establish using skills he gained with the lessons he learned as a Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program graduate. He led that small website to its current position as a multi-million-dollar business with more than 25,000 students each year. Zappos Insights teaches leadership and team-building skills that help develop a positive company culture.

65. Devon Harris

If you know the story of the Jamaican bobsleigh team, you know that team worked well together, even though some felt they’d never succeed. Devon Harris was part of that team. Before reaching that point, he’d commanded a troop of more than 120 soldiers at Sandhurst, always sticking to his motto of “Yes, I can!” He’s an expert in team building and achieving what you want, even when many challenges stand in your way.

66. Chester Elton

Chester Elton’s research takes a close look at the qualities that high-performance teams possess. For more than 20 years, he’s excelled in helping business professionals create winning visions, strategies, and values in order to build strong teams and handle change with ease. In 2021, Global Gurus named him one of the “World’s Top Leadership Experts.”

67. Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim is a bestselling author and corporate culture expert. She’s the CEO of Delivering Happiness, a company she started with the late CEO of Zappos. Through Delivering Happiness, she helps business professionals and executives build positive cultures for a more sustainable approach to establishing strong and happy leaders and teams within an organization.

68. Dr. Tim Elmore

He is the founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, a non-profit that helps identify and train leaders. Dr. Tim Elmore is also the founder of Tim Elmore, Inc. and talks to businesses and organizations about team building and leadership development.

69. Amber Vanderburg

Hire Amber Vanderburg to help develop high-performing teams by making sure your company focuses on positive culture, training development, and organizational design. Her workshops and team development training programs focus on having fun, boosting efficiency, and being effective team members.

70. Amy Volas

Amy Volas is the founder of Better Together. She built upon her passion for sales and created a start-up, Avenue Talent Partners, to help others grow their SaaS start-ups. Her strengths focus on building strong customer service and executive teams to ensure they’re doing everything possible to grow the business and impress clientele.

71. Bert Oliva

Bert Oliva is a corporate trainer specializing in management communications and team building. He’s been helping workers and business professionals for more than 26 years helping them use practical advice and techniques to better communicate, find fulfillment in all they do, and improve morale.

72. Jeremy Bloom

He’s the co-founder and CEO of Integrate, a marketing tech company. He’s a professional athlete with experience on teams in the Olympics, the NFL, and at the University of Colorado. Jeremy Bloom completed a business entrepreneur program while in the NFL and uses his business expertise to found a non-profit, Wish of a Lifetime, that grants the elderly their lifelong wishes. All of this has helped him hone his leadership and team player skills.

73. Matt Booth

Matt Booth is a Certified Speaking Professional who specializes in interactive, fun programs in business leadership and growth. He knows about teamwork from his days working on his family’s farm. Today, he talks to organizations around the world about his experiences working with others to make sure work gets done efficiently and effectively.

74. Paul Epstein

He’s known as the “Go-To Fixer” for the NBA and NFL. Paul Epstein’s specialty in getting come-from-behind wins makes him a fantastic choice for team leadership workshops and talks. He can help organizations see that working together while sharing talents and interests creates a complete team that helps reach and exceed goals.

75. Adrian Gostick

Adrian Gostick is the founder of and the author of “Leading With Gratitude” and “All In.” He’s also a regular contributor to leadership strategy for Forbes. Through his company and during presentations and workshops, Adrian helps businesses and organizations develop high-performing teams while managing change and obstacles.

76. Reynold N. Hoover

Reynold N. Hoover is a retired Deputy Commander of U.S. Northern Command. He is the current Principal of RNHoover Consulting LLC and helps organizations with security. While team building and leadership have been important in his current career, they were also key components in his work with the U.S. Northern Command. He excels in team building, leadership, and logistics.

77. Randy Hetrick

Randy Hetrick was a Navy SEAL officer for 14 years. During that time, he established a fitness trainer that he could carry with him for workouts during deployments. That helped shape some of his experience in team building, but he’s also focused on strong teams through his company TRX. It’s a company that Outside Magazine named to its “Best Places to Work” list.

78. The Pease Brothers

The Pease Brothers know a lot about teamwork. Kyle Pease was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child. His brothers weren’t about to have their brother always have to sit on the sidelines and found ways to include him in everything. They helped him get to the top of Bridal Veil Falls, ski down a mountain, and compete in Ironman World Championships.

79. Colette Carlson

Colette Carlson brings more than 20 years of expertise in personal and professional development to the table. She has a master’s degree in Human Behavior and helps business leaders and teams take a closer look at their actions and behaviors that can impact teamwork. She’ll help you better understand how to communicate and form connections that lead to successful teams.

80. Genein Letford

Genein Letford established the 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity framework to help leaders and organizations develop strong creative thinking skills focused on diversity and inclusion. She’s the founder and CCO of CAFFE Strategies, LLC, which helps coach and train C-suite executives and employees, roles that have led to her winning "2015 CA Charter Teacher of the Year" and "2019 LA Lakers Business Woman" recognitions.

81. Andrew Donofrio

Andrew Donofrio spent 25 years in law enforcement, many of which he was a lieutenant who created and expanded a Computer Crimes Unit with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. He retired and founded his own IT security auditing company. After selling that company, he realized he thrives on helping others build strong organizations and teams. He founded Andrew Donofrio, LLC, specializing in leadership coaching and professional development.

82. Sean Glaze

Sean Glaze built on his successful career coaching high school basketball to become an expert speaker on team building and team culture. He’s the author of “Rapid Teamwork” and “The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates.” He’s also the founder of Great Results Teambuilding, a company dedicated to helping others build strong, winning teams.

83. Ronald Frost

As the “Positive Momentum Coach,” Ronald Frost specializes in team building, communication skills development, personal development, and leadership training. He brings excitement and entertainment to his team-building workshops and talks and has talked to organizations around the world.

84. Sterling Hawkins

The #NoMatterWhat movement is designed to help business leaders get the results they want even in the toughest of circumstances. Sterling Hawkins has mentored several entrepreneurs and runs workshops helping business leaders and executives build strong teams in order to outshine the competition. Among the companies and organizations he’s helped are big names like Samsung, Synchrony Financial, and the United Nations.

85. Carlos Knox

Carlos Knox has a lot of experience in building and leading teams. He’s the interim head coach for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever. Before that, he was the assistant coach for the women’s basketball team at the University of Cincinnati and coached several international leagues and for the American Basketball Association.

86. Robert Owens

He’s gained his team-building expertise as an Air Force Special Ops Pararescueman and as an Ironman Triathlete. After his military career, he was a business consultant talking to businesses around the world, specializing in crisis coaching and handling pressure.

87. Janine Driver

Janine Driver is the founder and president of Body Language Institute. She’s had more than ten years of experience training teams in learning how to read body language to determine what’s true and what isn’t. She’s given talks and presentations on topics like finding and hiring the right employees, leading teams through problems and conflict, and reading what others are thinking through subtle expressions and actions.

88. Ian Beacraft

Ian Beacraft’s a brand-building pro, especially in the Metaverse and Web3, and is able to explain these technologies in simple-to-understand language. He entered the field of marketing in college and has risen to one of the top speakers on branding and team building for business success.

89. JM Ryerson

Using his Let’s Go Win process has helped JM Ryerson to build and hand over two companies knowing they were set up for success. He now speaks and advises business leaders to build their own strong teams and leadership structures for business success, including his Show Up As You methods to build stronger leaders, develop confidence, and spark ambition.

90. Justin Tuck

Justin Tuck’s experience in team building started in college football when he played for Notre Dame University. He was drafted by the Giants and played on the teams that won the 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl championships. He was a First-Team All-Pro and 2x Pro Bowler, giving him a wide range of experience in team building and being a team player.

91. Ross Tucker

Ross Tucker played in the NFL for seven years before a career-ending injury ended his career playing football. During his time with the Bills, Cowboys, Patriots, and Redskins, he found great success and was named to the 2003 “All-Joe” USA Today team. After retirement, he moved his focus to the media where he joins other experts as a game analyst, and he’s a team-building speaker with more than 100 appearances under his belt.

92. Carlos Piera Sierra

Sailing across the Atlantic brings the idea of teamwork to a whole new level. After accomplishing this goal with some close friends and family, Carlos Piera Sierra headed to India as a volunteer and HR consultant. He joined the Delivering Happiness team in 2011 and helped establish the Make Happy Work program.

93. David Burkus

David Burkus’s strength is in helping business leaders and teams perform better than they could ever imagine. He’s the bestselling author of several business leadership books and a former business school professor. He’s been named one of the world’s top business thought leaders and has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, and the Wall Street Journal.

94. Amber Gray

Amber Gray suffered a brain aneurysm and hemorrhagic stroke while playing for the University of Tennessee. In just one year, she was back playing college basketball and continued to play professionally for four seasons. Her experience in professional sports helped hone her team-building and leadership skills. She took those experiences and founded the WHERE2NEXT Foundation where she helps lead today’s youth, and she’s an assistant high school basketball coach, further cementing her experience in team building.

95. Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery is the owner of Montgomery Companies and an esteemed performance coach. He’s led several top-performing sales teams and coached executives, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and salespeople.

96. Kevin Kelley

No coach had led an Arkansas high school to 200 wins faster than Kevin Kelley. He holds the record of five championships in six years and led his high school teams to nine state championships in his 18-year career. Kevin’s a renowned head coach with plenty of experience to share about building strong, successful teams.

97. Mike Lee

Mike Lee’s expertise in team building draws on his experience beating withdrawal from antidepressants. He uses his personal experience in his experiences as a basketball coach and team leader. His experiences building teams and brands, establishing strong leadership, being resilient, and improving performance all make him a popular team-building speaker.

98. Patrick Surtain Sr.

Patrick Surtain Sr. played professional football for 11 seasons with the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs. In his career, he was a 2x All-Pro and 2x Pro Bowl selection. Following his NFL career, he became the head coach at the American Heritage School where team-building was a necessary component of his career.

99. Mike Sarraille

Talent War Group is a management consulting and executive search firm that specializes in providing businesses with leadership solutions and problem-solving capabilities. He’s the author of “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent.” His team-building skills extend well into his work as a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, Recon Marine, and Scout-Sniper where he completed ten combat deployments.

100. Alden Mills

Alden Mills’ leadership skills have been part of his teen and adult years, after a doctor told him he wouldn’t be able to play sports due to his health. He took that as a personal challenge and started rowing. He’s been a nationally-ranked rower, captain of freshman and varsity teams at the U.S. Naval Academy, and became a Navy SEAL where he was a 3x platoon commander. He’s also expanded on his team-building skills as the founder of Perfect Fitness.

A strong team can make a company, just as a weak team can ruin one. Team building isn’t a strength every manager or business owner excels at, and that’s okay. Admitting you don’t know everything shows strength. Build stronger teams that communicate well by booking one of our 100 team building speakers.